A Fleeting Peace

Golden-Age Aviation in the British Empire

 The detailed 'Golden Years of Aviation' registers are now held here: www.airhistory.org.uk/gw


The ones here will contain some additional information relating to the rest of this site - in other words, it will tell you which races they flew in, pioneering flights, etc.

(Registers cover the years 1919 to 1939, unless otherwise stated)



G-AU / VH-A / VH-U registrations



G-CA registrations


CF-A registrations


CF-B to CF-T registrations



SU-A registrations


Great Britain

G-EA registrations

(Apr 1919 - Sept 1921)

G-EB registrations

(Jan 1922 - Jul 1928)    

G-AA registrations

(Jul 1928 - Jun 1930)  

G-AB registrations

(May 1930 - Aug 1932)

G-AC registrations

(Nov 1932 - Oct 1934)

G-AD registrations

(Mar 1935 - Dec 1935)

G-AE registrations

(Feb 1936 - Jul 1937)

G-AF registrations

(Jul 1937 - Jun 1938)


G-I / VT-A registrations  
New Zealand
G-NZ / ZK- registrations  
South Africa 
G-UA / ZS- registrations  


(Bermuda, Borneo, Ceylon, Hong Kong, Jamaica, Kenya, Malawi/Nyasaland, Malaysia, Newfoundland, Nigeria, Northern Rhodesia, Singapore, Southern Rhodesia, Trinidad)

VO- / VP- / VR- registrations     



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