King's Cup - 1922

All Aviators who took part in the 1922 King's Cup Race

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  • Perry, Herbert Howard

      Capt Herbert Howard Perry

      1915, when a Sergeant in the RFC, aged 23

      1922, aged 30


    h h perry in 1922   1922

    b. Birmingham 3 Jul 1892

    RFC in WWI; cross-channel pilot for Handley Page Transport 1920-22; test pilot for ADC Transport 1922-27. Joined Imperial Airways in 1927


    Feb 1928: "A FLYING RECORD. Captain H. Perry, an Imperial Airways pilot, piloted a seven-ton Handley-Page Napier air liner, with a full load of passengers and freight, from London to Brussels on Saturday in 85 minutes flying time, a record for this type of machine."

    Address in 1932: 'Sinaia', Cosdach Ave, Wallington, Surrey

    A member of the Court of the Guild of Airline Pilots and Navigators in the 30s; awarded Master Pilot's Certificate in 1935


  • Piercey, M W

      Mr M W Piercey


    photo: 1922

     G-EBJJ Beardmore Wee Bee [0122-0182]© The Royal Aero Club


    Later (1924) to fly the Beardmore 'Wee Bee' in the Lympne light aircraft trials; although he suffered engine failure only 2 miles from the finish, he won the £2,000 prize for a speed run.


  • Raynham, Frederick Philips

      Mr Frederick Philips Raynham

      1920, aged 27

     Fred Raynham [0011-0050]

    © The Royal Aero Club [0011-0050]

    Fred Raynham [0357-0137]

    © The Royal Aero Club [0357-0137]

    Fred Raynham [0738-0152]

    © The Royal Aero Club [0738-0152]

    Fred Raynham [0906-0042]

    © The Royal Aero Club [0906-0042]

    Fred Raynham [0908-0175]

    © The Royal Aero Club [0908-0175]


    'Fred', originally from Suffolk; the first man to recover from a spin, (although he didn't know how he had done it); test pilot for Hawkers; died 1954 in the USA and is buried in Colorado Springs. Survived a lot of crashes.


  • Tennant, John Edward

    Col John Edward Tennant DSO, MC

      1914, when a Lieutenant in the Scots Guards, aged 24


     From Urquhart, Scotland.

    Wrote 'In the clouds above Baghdad' in 1920 (which you can read online).

    Killed in WWII: 7th August 1941, when a Group Captain (pilot) RAFVR; buried Innes House, Moray.

  • Turner, Charles Cyril

      Mr Charles Cyril Turner





    in 1922, 'Flight'


    RAEC certificate No 70. i.e. very early aviator, and journalist; wrote 'the struggle for the air 1914-18', 'the old flying days' in 1927, and other books; died 1952

  • Uwins, Cyril Frank

      Mr Cyril Frank 'Papa' Uwins OBE


    1916, when a 2nd Lieutenant, London Regiment, aged 20


    in 1954, elected vice-President of the Society of British Aircraft Manufacturers


    The "rather withdrawn", chief test pilot for Bristol Aircraft, and their Assistant Managing Director after 1947; President of SBAC in 1956; died 1972

    was, in fact, "very good at high-flying" and broke the world's height record by climbing to 43,976ft in 1932



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