King's Cup - 1930

  • Wills, Philip Aubrey

      Mr Philip Aubrey Wills CBE


     photo: 1928, aged 21


    mini - philip wills2

    In 1939, setting the British gliding height record of 14,200ft


    b. 1907; he went to Harrow.

    a 'warehouseman' from London; pioneering, record-setting and record-breaking glider pilot at Dunstable.

    President of the British Gliding Association; Chairman of the Royal Aero Club;

    Director of Operations in the Air Transport Auxiliary during WWII -


    later General Manager of BOAC.

    d. January 1978 aged 70.


  • Wilson, Charles Benjamin

      Capt Charles Benjamin Wilson MC


     1915, when a Lieutenant in the 10th Royal Hussars, aged 30


     1930, aged 45


    born in Manchester; listed 'racing, travelling and yachting' as his recreations; High Sherriff of Norfolk in 1942; died 1957


  • Woodhouse, John Whitaker

      Sqn-Ldr (later Wing-Cdr) John Whitaker Woodhouse

      1930, aged 42



    from Devon; pre-WWI, a well-known car and motor-cycle racer. A member of No. 4 Squadron in WWI, he was the first pilot to land a spy successfully behind the German lines, and was also lost over the North Sea for several hours after having attacked and driven off a Zeppelin.

    In 1931, he was in command of No. 207 (Bombing) Squadron at Bircham Newton.


  • Youell, Alan Bruce Hamilton

      Mr Alan Bruce Hamilton Youell



    One of the original 16 pilots of Imperial Airways in 1924

    b. 10 Feb 1900 in Portsea Island, Hants.

    RAeC certificate 4909 (1917).

    Awarded Master Pilot's Certificate

    March 1926: "Like the Swallow.—Captain B. Yulle, the Imperial Airways pilot, set a record on Thursday when he flew from London to Amsterdam, a distance of 267 miles, in 100 minutes.

    "October 13, 1947 – A helicopter flies in Switzerland for the first time. It is the Bell 47B G-AKCX of the Irvin-Bell Helicopters Sales presented near the Allmend in Zürich-Wollishofen by the British pilot Alan Bruce Hamilton 'Jimmy' Youell."

    With Imperial Airways pre-war and Railway Air Services post-war.

    d. 19 April 1961 'in or near Addis Ababa, Ethiopia'


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