Comper Swift, Carmel J. Attard, 1/48 LDM Injection kit


Wings of Peace Racers Contest winner! Comper Swift by LDM (Lawrence Designs and Models) The popular single seat touring and racing aircraft was designed in 1929 by Nicholas Cooper. Forty-one Swifts were built by Comper Aircraft Company Ltd., before the company’s collapse in 1936. The ‘Black Magic’ G-ABUS was powered by 90hp Pabjoy radial engine and could attain a speed of 145mph. Swifts were frequently raced and no fewer than eight Swifts took part in the 1932 Kings Cup Air Race. G-ABUS survived the war and carried on the racing tradition attaining 3rd place in 1949 Kings Cup. G-ABUS is still in existence, owned by John Pothecary. This is a No3 model in a series of cast metal aircraft models in 1/48 scale comprising of 22 parts mainly white metal and a steel wire rod for pitot tubes, etc. A single clear acetate windshield also included. A decal sheet is provided to depict the type that participated in the Kinds Cup. I have been 4 times to Shuttleworth Trust, UK since 1968 and I have seen the Comper Swift in flight, and more recently in 2004 I took a number of close up pictures and noted that the control links and pitot tubes were of different diameter than the tail skid for which the steel rod issued was to be used for all the parts. I used different steel wire for the control links and pitot tubes on the kit. Additional detail parts and careful paintwork were added to the Pabjoy radial.

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