Caudron PV 200, Claudio Luchina, 1/72 Scratchbuild


With very simple lines that somehow resemble a Renault 4 family car (see: The Caudron firm developed an amphibian prototype as a two-place, twin-float, cute all-metal touring amphibian in pusher configuration, using an inverted Renault 4 cylinder inline power plant. A few mods were made to the prototype during its life, most noticeable on the engine enclosure, according to photographic evidence. Both positions could pilot the plane, but usually one member of the crew was in charge of making the omelettes while the other took care of the croissants. The Plane was named Caudron P.V. 200, and that could mean “Palos Verdes”, “Provenance Villipendie” or perhaps more likely the initials of its designer, Pierre de Viscaya.

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