Brown B-2 "Miss Los Angeles", Mauricio Nogueira, 1/6 Scratchbuild


Brown Special – Miss Los Angeles (1934)
from Aero Digest, April, 1935:
Lawrence W. Brown Aircraft Company, Los Angeles, California
One place open low-wing monoplane. Menasco C6S engine, inverted in-line, 300 horsepower at 2800 revolutions per minute for racing purposes.

Span 19 feet 3 inches. Length overall 19 feet 10 inches. Wing area 60 square feet.
Power loading 4.33 pounds per horsepower. Wing loading 21.65 pounds per square foot.
Empty weight 882 pounds. Useful load 417 pounds. Gross weight 1299 pounds.
Fuel capacity 30 gallons. Oil capacity 4 gallons.
Maximum speed 270 miles per hour. Landing speed 50-60 m.p.h.
Fuselage: fabric covered; welded steel tubing with spruce fairing; semi-enclosed cockpit with small windshield and streamlined head rest running into the fin; oil cooler mounted along belly of plane consisting of three parallel aluminum tubes extending from engine compartment to the rear of the pilot’s seat; oil tank mounted behind the pilot.
Wing: fabric covered; spars solid spruce; ribs spruce and basswood; steel tube and wire drag bracing; leading edge reinforced with false ribs and two-ply fabric covering; ailerons controlled by torque tubes passing through the torque tubes controlling the flaps; flaps of the full trailing edge type have solid spruce spars and spruce and basswood ribs. Rigid landing gear equipped with Goodyear air wheels which absorb landing shocks; consists of two side Vees, the apieces of which form the anchorage of the lower wing-bracing wires and interconnected by a single streamline wire. Front of fuselage streamlined with bullet-nose spinner which covers the entire propeller hub; the engine is cowled with a smooth venturi slot arrangement which provides cooling with minimum drag. Fafnir bearings on all controls.
Instruments: air speed indicator, tachometer, oil temperature gauge, oil pressure gauge, cylinder head temperature indicator, altimeter. Also see data in August, 1934, AERO DIGEST.

The model

The entire model was built of wood (to the frames of the fuselage and wing ribs, I used plywood  and cedar sticks to form the body of the plane) and the wings and part of the fuselage were covered with fabric (Coverite fabric).
I used the plans (1:6 scale) from Cleveland Model & Supply to build it and I collected many photos from the web to serve as reference and used some materials sent by group members as well.

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