Westland-Hill Pterodactyl Mk. Ia, Jim Schubert, 1/72 Scratchbuilt


The Pterodactyl Mk. Ia, although funded by the Air Ministry, was never assigned a serial number and was never taken on charge by the RAF as it was a pure research vehicle. It wore RAF roundels only to signify that it was government funded. It was built and first flown in 1926. The model started out to be a quick-build of the old Airframe brand vac kit produced by John Tarvin of Vancouver back in the sixties. It immediately developed that the only useable parts were the fuselage halves, with much modification, and the spinner. The wings are carved from basswood heavily primed with ribs applied over the primer with strips of Scotchtape. The struts are flat brass bar stock. The Cherub engine is scratchbuilt. the prop and wheel are from the spares box.

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