Siebel FH104 Hallore, Bill Matthews, 1/72 Pavla kit


The Siebel FH104 Hallore is a German high-performance 5-seat executive transport first flown in 1937. Designed by Klemm, It was built in a factory at Halle run by Fritz Siebel (Hallore means 'man from Halle'). It was used for record breaking and racing, notably by Ernst Udet. It had a higher performance than many of to-day's executive transports. The 1/72 scale short-run kit is by Pavla, and is of good quality, only a little filler being needed at sme points. A mass of tiny resin parts make up a full interior; all these are incorporated in my model, with the addition of curtains! I made the propellers to spin freely, and fitted engines and bulkheads inside the nacelles. The decal sheet offers no less than five choices of markings, but four of these are military - most of the 40-odd Hallores built were used on liaison duties by the Luftwaffe. I used Udet's racing livery.

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