Savoia-Marchetti S.73, Matti Saivila, 1/72 Conversion


Savoia-Marchetti S.73 Operator: CSA ,Československé státní aerolinie.OK-BAD/D-ABAD .Serial 30030. 16.07.37.Canc 21.06.40. Three Walter Pegasus III MR2VA .Skeleton of steel covered by wood and fabric for the fuselage, wood for the 3 spar wing. Length: 17.45 m (57 ft 3 in) Wingspan: 24.0 m (78 ft 9 in) Crew: 4-5 Capacity: 18 passengers .Developed in parallel with a bomber version (the SM.81) the prototype S.73 first flew on 4 July 1934 from Cameri, with Adriano Bacula as test pilot. Model: Supermodel,very basic kit. Unarmed and new windows opened. Decals are homemade using PSP and laser printer. Colour: Humbrol 41 "Ivory."

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