Hafner Gyroplane 1937, Claudio Luchina, 1/72 Scratchbuild


The tadpole that took to the air A remarkable typology among the diverse flying objects is constituted by the strange-looking autogiro. Cross-developed with the helicopter, it contributed with many technical solutions later adopted by its still strong-going cousin. These remarkable machines flourished especially during the Golden Age of Aviation, but dwindled in numbers, for no apparent reason (given its performance-cost ratio) until almost being disappeared nowadays. Pitcairn, De La Cierva, Kellett, are some of the most renowned brands. Hafner autogyros are not that well known, but the appearance of this one on itself merited at least a model of it. Rotor blades for the Hafner were made of Contrail streamlined strut stock. I ordered the Pobjoy from Aeroclub, together with the wheels. Stab halves are the usual styrene ribbed envelope, which allows for a later introduction of a spar to fix them to the fuselage. A pleasant interior was created before closing the two vac shells, being very careful since the styrene that the Mattel can handle is very thin. The pain in the snarg with this one, as you all well know, are the spider webs for the rotor and the landing gear. Home-made decals completed the ingredients. A succinct fish-like design that obviates the fabrication of a separate rudder and wings; tiny but handsome, will not pass unnoticed.

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