Gee Bee R-1 Racer, Claudio Luchina, 1/72 Airframe Vacuform Kit


The Gee Bee needs no introduction; it is just a manned, slightly winged, aerial engine cowl. The Airframe vacuformed kit is old but generally nice if your standards are flexible like mine but the styrene in this one is on the thin side (I have seen other offers from this manufacturer with a pleasant thickness) to the point of both flimsiness and glue terror -a syndrome you develop after you melted a kit trying to glue it-. The decals were almost useless after so many years, so almost all had to be reprinted at home. As usual, you have to ride your spares’ box (or supplier) to get engine, wheels and prop and scratch any other things you wish to add. It is worth of note though that a transparent vac canopy was provided. The model compares well to a portrait of a remote auntie I had that was a little on the chubby side.

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