Dornier Do-X, Bill Matthews, 1/144 Revell Injection Kit


I like big aeroplanes, and here's one of the biggest.

Far in advance of its time, it was a true pioneer in many ways. For one, it would be many years before any other aircraft would lift a compliment of 169 souls off the ground, even if only for a short hop. Unfortunately, it would be another ten years before engines of sufficient  power for a behemoth of this size to appear. When they did, enter the Martin Mars.

I won't go into a build review now; maybe I'll write it up one day. Suffice it that what looks like a quick and easy build when viewed as a collection of parts in a box proves itself anything but quick and easy when first acquaintance develops into intimate knowledge.
The enlargements of my photos are superb - go ahead with my blessing and sincere thanks. You might like to treat these in the same way. Never again will I build a model to a deadline - my wife won't let me! (But, as she's out of hearing, our Nationals is on the horizon, so we'll see if resolution holds.) Ah hae ma doots . . . . Wings of Peace 2009 Record Breakers and Explorers themed contest winner!

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