De Havilland DH.90 Dragonfly, Barry Clay, Scratchbuild


The external simularity of the De Havilland DH.90 Dragonfly to the DH.89 Dragon Rapide belied its very different internal structure, the earlier designs spruce and plywood box fuselage being replaced by a preformed plywood monocoque shell strengthened with spruce stringers. The lower wing centre-section was strengthened, making possible deletion of the nacelle/wing root bracing struts and inner bay rigging wires, and so providing easy access to the cabin, with accomodation for a pilot with four passengers. Powered with two Gipsy Major engines, the prototype made its first flight at Hatfield in August 1935, the first production machine being flown and delivered during 1936. Production totalled 66 aircraft and the aircraft was very popular with wealthy private owners of that time, the type was also used for commercial purposes and served with the air forces of Canada,Denmark and Sweden.

This model of DH.90 Dragonfly G-AEWZ is scratchbuilt and made from Plastikard,Jabrok, Jelutong and wire.

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