Race No Pilot(s)



2 - Hawk

Miles M.2F Hawk Major


Mad Mac McGregor mini macr - walker (2) Johnnie Walker   5th in Handicap

5 - Boeing 247

Boeing 247D 'Warner Bros. Comet'

NR257Y 5 Roscoe Turner Clyde Pangborn

Reeder Nichols (radio operator)

3rd in Speed Race

 6 - Pander

Pander S4 'Panderjager'

 PH-OST  6   Gerrit Geijsendorpher   Dick Asjes   Retired Allahabad, north-east India

 7 - Desoutter

Desoutter Mk II

 OY-DOD  7   Michael Hansen    

Daniel Jensen (flight engineer)

7th in Handicap Race


Airspeed AS.5 Courier

 G-ACJL / VH-UUF  14   David Stodart   Kenneth Stodart   4th in Handicap Race

 15 - IIIF

Fairey IIIF 'Time and Chance'

 G-AABY / VH-UTT  15   Cyril Davies   C N Hill   Disqualified - arrived too late

16 - Puss Moth

D.H.80 Puss Moth 'My Hildegarde'

 VH-UQO / G-AEEB  16   Jimmy Melrose       3rd in Handicap Race

 19 - Comet

D.H. Comet

 G-ACSR / F-ANPY  19   Owen Cathcart Jones    Ken Waller   4th in Speed Race

31 - Falcon

Miles M.3 Falcon

 G-ACTM  31   Harold Brook    

 Miss Ella Lay

Disqualified - arrived too late

33 - Monocoupe

Lambert Monocoupe 110 'Baby Ruth'

 NC-501W  33   Jack Wright   John Polando    Retired at Calcutta - engine trouble

 34 - Comet

D.H Comet 'Grosvenor House'

 G-ACSS / K5084  34   C.W.A. Scott   Tom Campbell Black   1st in Speed and Handicap Races

 35 - Fox

Fairey Fox I

 G-ACXO / J7950, VH-UTR  35   Ray Parer   Godfrey Hemsworth   Disqualified - arrived too late

 36 - Vega

Lockheed 5C Vega 'Puck'



 36   Jimmy Woods   Don Bennett   Retired at Aleppo, Syria - gear trouble

 44 - DC-2

Douglas DC-2 'Uiver'

 PH-AJU  44   Koene Dirk Parmentier   Jan Johannes Moll

Bouwe Prins (flight engineer)

Cornelius v. Brugge (radio operator)


P. M. J. Gilissen

Thea Rasche

2nd in Speed and Handicap Rac

46 - Gee Bee

Granville R-6H Gee Bee 'QED'

 NX14307  46   Jackie Cochran   Leland Smith   Retired at Bucharest, Romania - flap trouble

 47 - Klemm

Klemm B.K.1 Eagle

 G-ACVU  47   Geoffrey Shaw       Retired at Bushire, Persia - gear trouble

 58 - Viceroy

Airspeed AS8 Viceroy

 G-ACMU  58   Neville Stack  mini macr - sydney turner Sydney Turner

Butch McArthur (radio operator)

Retired at Athens - electrical trouble


D.H. Dragon Rapide 'Tainui'

 ZK-ACO  60   James Duff Hewett   Cyril Kay

F Stewart

6th in Handicap Race


Fairey Fox I

 G-ACXX / J8424  62   James Baines   Harold Gilman   Crashed Foggia, Italy, killing Baines and Gilman


D.H. 88 Comet 'Black Magic'

 G-ACSP / CS-AAJ  63   Jim Mollison   Amy Mollison   Retired Allahabad, NE India - broken oil line
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