Mr Peter Quentin Reiss


photo: 1931, aged 34


 An Insurance Broker and Underwriter, originally from Manchester. Lieutenant, Lancs Fusiliers in WWI. Started flying with the RFC in 1917 and was still active in 1964, when he gave a dinner for Gatwick's controllers.

Air Bathing Party Skegness PQ Reiss, L Everard etc [0312-0136]  (r), Air Bathing Party, Skegness

© The Royal Aero Club  [0312-0136]

Amy Johnson gave him some flying lessons in 1931, and he adored her with "an unquestioning devotion"- in the post-Jim era he was one of her unsuccessful suitors. He flew to Brussels in 1936 and brought her home after her first attempt to fly to Cape Town had ended in Colomb Bechar, a French air base in the Sahara.


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