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10-11 September, 1937. Hatfield.

Story of the race:

Pilot Aircraft Race No Fate
Mr Robert J Waight de Havilland Technical School T.K.4 G-AETK 1 9th
Capt Edgar W Percival Percival E.2H Mew Gull G-AFAA 3 3rd
Mr Charles E Gardner Percival E.2H Mew Gull G-AEKL 4 Winner
Mr Ken HF Waller D.H.88 Comet G-ACSS 5 12th
Mr Alexander Henshaw Percival E.2H Mew Gull G-AEXF 6 retired Stoke-on-Trent on Day 2 - water in fuel
Mr H F Broadbent B.A. Double Eagle IV G-AEIN 7 forced landing near Portpatrick on Day 2
Flt-Lt Tommy Rose Miles M2.L Hawk Speed Six G-ADGP 8 10th
Capt Geoffrey R de Havilland de Havilland Technical School T.K.2 G-ADNO 9 retired Blackpool (cowling became unattached)
Wing-Cmdr F W Stent Miles M.5 Sparrowhawk G-ADNL 10 7th
Mr F CJ Butler Percival P.10 Vega Gull G-AEZL 11 eliminated after Day 1
Mr Giles CM Guthrie Percival P.10 Vega Gull G-AFAU 12 5th
Capt T Neville Stack Percival P.10 Vega Gull G-AEYD 13 eliminated after Day 1
Mr Derek S Schreiber Percival P.10 Vega Gull G-AEZJ 15 6th
F/O A H Hole Percival P.10 Vega Gull G-AELE 16 eliminated after Day 1
Flt-Lt David H Atcherley Comper Swift G-ABWH 18 forced landing St Bees Head on Day 2
Flt-Lt Harold L Piper Short S.22 Scion Senior G-AECU 19 eliminated after Day 1
Mr Stanley T Lowe Comper Swift G-ABWE 20 retired at Glasgow
Capt Walter L Hope B.A. Eagle I G-ACRG 21 8th
Mr C S Napier Hendy 302A G-AAVT 22 retired at Edinburgh
Flt-Lt E CT Edwards Miles M.14B Hawk Trainer II G-AEZP 23 retired at Edinburgh
Wing-Cdr E G Hilton Miles M.3A Falcon Major G-AENG 24 crashed at Scarborough - pilot and Wing-Cmdr P Sherren killed
Brig-Gen AC Lewin Miles M.11A Whitney Straight G-AEZO 25 2nd
Sqn-Ldr A V Harvey Miles M.11A Whitney Straight G-AEVH 26 4th
Mr Ernest J Jobling-Purser Miles M.11A Whitney Straight G-AEWK 27 forced landing near Newcastle
Mr Charles F Hughesdon GAL 42 Cygnet 2 G-AEMA 28 13th
Fit-Lt Hugh RA Edwards Wicko GM1 G-AEZZ 29 forced landing at Skegness
Mr C H Willis B.A. Eagle II G-ADID 30 11th


Starters: 27 (out of 31 entries)

Did not start:

Mr F G Miles Miles M.13 Hobby G-AFAW 2  
Mr G M Tonge Vega Gull G-AEZK 14  
Mr H F Broadbent Double Eagle G-ADVV 17  
Mr W H Moss Moss MA1 G-AEST 31  


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