Lois Butler has a chat while her Leopard Moth is attended to

The Story of the Race:

Hon Lady M Bailey D.H.80a Puss Moth G-AAYA 1 eliminated in Round 2
Flt-Lt A PK Hattersley D.H.80a Puss Moth G-ABDF 2 eliminated in Round 2
Mr A CS Irwin D.H.80a Puss Moth G-ABLS 3 eliminated in semi-final
Mr A M Diamant D.H.80a Puss Moth G-ABMD 4 eliminated in Round 1
Mr H H Leech Arrow Active II G-ABVE 5 5th
Mr Alex Henshaw Comper Swift G-ACGL 6 8th
Mr T C Sanders Southern Martlet G-ABIF 7 retired
F/O P EG Sayer HawkerTomtit G-ABOD 8 eliminated in Round 1
Flt-Lt P WS Bulman Hawker Tomtit G-ABAX 9 eliminated in Round 2
Mr G E Lowdell Hawker Tomtit G-AASI 10 eliminated in semi-final
Capt E W Percival Percival D2 Gull Four G-ACHA 11 eliminated in Round 1
Lt-Col L A Strange Spartan Clipper G-ACEG 12 eliminated in Round 2
Wing-Cmdr H M Probyn Miles M2 Hawk G-ACHJ 14 retired
Mr L Lipton D.H.60G III Moth Major 'Jason 4'* G-ABVW 15 retired - broken propeller
Mr W L Runciman D.H.80a Puss Moth G-ABLG 16 eliminated in semi-final
Mr G RA Elsmie Percival D2 Gull Four G-ACGR 17 eliminated in semi-final
Flt-Lt E A Healy Arrow Active I G-ABIX 18 eliminated in Round 1
Mr C S Napier Hendy 302A G-AAVT 19 eliminated in Round 1
Flt-Lt H M Schofield GAL ST6 Monospar G-ACGI 20 retired during Round 1
Capt W L Hope Comper Swift G-ABWH 21 eliminated in Round 2
Capt H S Broad D.H.84 Dragon G-ACFG 22 7th
Capt Geoffrey de Havilland D.H.85 Leopard Moth G-ACHD 23 winner
Mrs Lois Butler D.H.85 Leopard Moth G-ACHB 24 6th
Flt-Lt E CT Edwards Comper Swift G-ABUU 26 2nd
Mr F R Walker Comper Swift G-ACBY 27 crashed during Round 2
Flt-Lt G H Stainforth Comper Swift G-ABWW 28 eliminated in Round 1
AV-M A E Borton Percival D2 Gull Four G-ACGP 29 eliminated in semi-final
Mr A J Styran D.H.85 Leopard Moth G-ACHC 30 3rd
Mr M DL Scott D.H.80a Puss Moth G-ABOF 31 retired - ran out of petrol
Hon R Westenra D.H.60G III Moth Major G-ACCW 32 eliminated in Round 2
Flt-Lt E D Ayre Desoutter I G-AAPZ 33 4th
Mr T Neville Stack Comper Swift G-ABWE 36 eliminated in Round 2
Mr R Bannister Comper Swift G-ABJR 39 eliminated in semi-final
Flt-Lt J Armour Percival D1 Gull Four G-ABUR 40 eliminated in semi-final
Mr Tom Campbell Black D.H.80a Puss Moth G-ABYW 42 eliminated in semi-final

* which formerly belonged to Amy Johnson

Starters: 35 (out of 41 entries)

Did not start:

Mr J CVK Watson Miles M.2 Hawk G-ACHK 34  
Mr A CM Jackaman GAL ST.4 Monospar 1 G-ABVP 37  
F/O C Allen DH.80A Puss Moth G-AAYD 38  
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