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Story of the race:

Pilot Aircraft   Race No Fate
Mr John G Ormston Westland Widgeon III G-EBRO 1 18th
Flt-Lt J Bradbury Blackburn Bluebird IV G-AATE 2 retired Sherburn - turned back in bad weather
F/O J FX McKenna Simmonds Spartan G-AAGY 3 retired
Sqn-Ldr D V Carnegie Simmonds Spartan G-AAGO 4 retired
Sqn-Ldr John W Woodhouse Blackburn Bluebird IV G-AAUU 5 retired Sherburn - engine trouble
Miss Fidelia J Crossley D.H.60G Moth G-AAKC 6 20th
Flt-Lt Wilfrid L Dawson D.H.60G Moth G-AAFK 7 10th
Mr Thomas W Shipside D.H.60G Moth G-AAEF 8 retired
Mr Francis S Symondson D.H.60M Moth G-AARU 9 retired
F/O John W Gillan Blackburn Bluebird IV G-AAIR 10 retired Sherburn - broken flying wire
Mr John Grierson D.H.60G Moth G-AAJP 11 11th
Mr Arthur Franklyn Avro 594 Avian IV G-AAHK 12 retired
Lieut C RV Pugh, RN Simmonds Spartan G-AAML 14 16th
Mr Leoplod O Russell D.H.60M Moth G-AARI 15 21st
Mr Thomas C Fawcett D.H.60G Moth G-ABAG 17 17th
Mr Carill S Napier Westland Widgeon III G-AADE 18 9th
Flt-Lt Frank G Gibbons Simmonds Spartan G-AAHA 19 2nd
Mr George N Wilson D.H.60G Moth G-AALE 20 19th
Sqn-Ldr Harold M Probyn Westland Widgeon III G-EBRQ 21 12th
Mr A CP Johnstone Avro 594 Avian IV G-AAHE 22 retired
Lt Caspar John, RN Avro 594 Avian III G-EBWU 23 14th
Mr Fred Gough D.H.60G Moth G-ABCG 24 retired
Sqn-Ldr the Hon Frederick E Guest D.H.60G Moth G-AALK 25 retired
Miss Diana C Guest D.H.60G Moth G-ABHM 26 forced landing near Sherburn
Mr Harrington R Law Westland Widgeon III G-EBRN 27 forced landing in Somerby, Rutland - broken propeller
Mr Mogens L Bramson Southern Martlet G-ABBN 28 retired Shoreham
F/O Haliburton H Leech Southern Martlet G-ABIF 29 retired Sherburn - behind handicap speed
Flt-Lt David FW Atcherley Blackburn Bluebird IV G-AAOC 30 retired Sherburn - cracked fuel tank
F/O Edward CT Edwards Blackburn Bluebird IV G-AACC 31 winner
Miss Winifred S Brown Avro 616 Sports Avian G-ABED 32 forced landing at Heckleton (damaged undercarriage)
Lord Malcolm A Douglas-Hamilton D.H.60G Moth G-AAHP 33 15th
Sqn-Ldr James M Robb Comper Swift G-AAZF 34 6th
Mr John C Webster Curtiss-Reid Rambler III CF-ABZ 35 13th
Flt-Lt E A Healy Avro 616 Avian IVM G-ABME 36 5th
Lt Geoffrey Rodd, RN D.H.80a Puss Moth G-ABEH 37 3rd
Mr Angus CS Irwin D.H.80a Puss Moth G-ABLS 38 8th
Hon Lady Mary Bailey D.H.80a Puss Moth G-AAYA 39 retired
Mr Lionel MJ Balfour D.H. 80a Puss Moth G-ABIY 40 4th
Mr Alfred CM Jackaman D.H.80a Puss Moth G-AAYE 41 7th
Flt-Lt Cyril B Wincott Arrow Active G-ABIX 42 forced landing at Caddington


Starters: 40 (out of 41 entries) Finishers: 21

Did not start: 

F/O V S Bowling Civilian Coupe G-ABFJ 16  
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