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(but don't forget that Winnie Brown was not really 22, having being born in 1899...)

Winsome Winnie with Ron Adams
Norman Blackburn's Bluebird (pictured the year before, when Leonard Slatter flew it to Durban)
 and some of the other also-rans...  


Saturday, July 5, 1930. Hanworth

Weather: fine

Story of the Race: The largest field for any King's Cup Race, and the first woman winner.

Pilot Aircraft   Race No Fate
Mr Francis S Symondson D.H.60M Moth G-AARU 1  
Mr Ian R Parker D.H.60G Moth G-EBYV 2  
Mr Arthur GG Marshall D.H.60G Moth G-EBYZ 3  
Lieut Caspar John, RN Avro 594 Avian III G-EBWU 5  
Mr E Fulford D.H.60M Moth G-AAWU 6  
Mr Derek S Schreiber D.H.60G Moth G-AAEW 7  
Mr James B Buckley D.H.60 Moth G-EBQW 8 16th
Capt C D Barnard D.H.80a Puss Moth G-AAXW 9 13th
Flt-Lt Richard LR Atcherley Segrave Meteor G-AAXP 10 retired at start - starboard engine fuel problem
Lieut-Col Andrew H Gault D.H.60G Moth G-AAGA 12  
Mr Thomas H Naylor D.H.60G Moth G-AABO 13  
Mr W A Dudley Spartan Arrow G-AAWZ 14  
Mr George Vlasto D.H.60X Moth G-EBVD 15 retired before Newcastle
Mr W H Sutclifle D.H.60 Moth G-EBOT 16 retired before Newcastle
Lieut-Col Louis A Strange Simmonds Spartan G-AAGN 17 retired after Hull
Mr Carill S Napier Westland Widgeon III G-AADE 18  
Capt H H Balfour Spartan Arrow G-ABBE 19  
Capt Maxwell H Findlay D.H.80a Puss Moth G-AAFA 20  
Flt-Lt Tommy Rose Blackburn Bluebird IV G-AACC 21 6th
Capt Norman WG Blackburn Blackburn Bluebird IV G-AABV 22 retired at Hull
Hon Lady Mary Bailey D.H.60G Moth G-AAEE 23  
F/O H T Andrews Simmonds Spartan G-AAGO 24  
F/O J FX McKenna Spartan 3-seater G-ABKJ 25  
Capt Hubert S Broad D.H.80a Puss Moth G-ABBH 26 9th
Flt-Lt G GH Du Boulay Blackburn Bluebird IV G-AATO 27  
Sqn-Ldr Leonard H Slatter Blackburn Bluebird IV G-AAVG 28 retired after Hull
Colonel the Master of Sempill Blackburn Bluebird IV G-AAIR 29 retired at Hull
F/O John W Gillan Blackburn Bluebird IV G-AAOI 30  
Flt-Lt Henry RD Waghorn Blackburn Bluebird IV G-AATN 32 3rd
Sqn-Ldr David S Don Hawker Tomtit G-AALL 33


Mr Walter L Runciman D.H.60X Moth G-EBWT 35  
Sqn-Ldr Harold A Probyn Westland Widgeon III G-EBRQ 37  
Mr Austin B Ferguson D.H.60G Moth G-AAEF 39  
Flt-Lt Frank G Gibbons Simmonds Spartan G-AAMG 40  
F/O S A Thorn Avro Avian IV G-AAHJ 41  
Mr Alan BH Youell Desoutter I G-AATK 42 retired at Castle Bromwich
F/O Joseph Summers Vickers 172 Vellore III G-AASW 43  
Capt W Lawrence Hope D.H.60G Moth G-AAHP 44 10th
Flt-Lt J R Addams Spartan Arrow G-AAWY 45  
Mr E G Hordern D.H.80a Puss Moth G-AAXT 46 retired at Manchester
Mr John WP Chalmers D.H.60G Moth G-AAYY 47  
Flt-Lt Herbert V Rowley Blackburn Bluebird IV G-AAUW 48 retired before Newcastle
Mrs Christina M Young D.H.60G Moth G-ABAE 49  
Flt-Lt J FT Barrett Robinson Redwing G-AAUO 50 retired Manchester - compass trouble
Maj Charles EM Pickthorn D.H.60G Moth G-AAWR 51  
Mr Richard Ince D.H.60G Moth G-AAKI 52  
Flt-Lt J B Allen D.H.60G Moth G-ABBA 53  
Mr Philip A Wills D.H.60 Moth G-EBOI 54  
Miss Winifred S Brown Avro 594 Avian III G-EBVZ 55 Winner
F/O Haliburton H Leech D.H.60G Moth G-AALK 56  
Capt the Hon Frederick E Guest Hawker Tomtit G-ABAX 57 12th
Mr John D Irving D.H.60G Moth G-AADA 58  
Flt-Lt T B Bruce Avro 594 Avian G-EBQN 59 8th
Flt-Lt D V Carnegie D.H.60G Moth G-AAEL 60 retired at Newcastle
F/O Phillip EG Sayer Desoutter 1 G-AAPY 61  
Capt Edgar W Percival Hendy 302A G-AAVT 63  
Miss Winifred E Spooner Southern Martlet G-AAYZ 65 14th
Lieut L G Richardson, RN D.H.60 Moth G-EBPQ 66 17th
Capt Robert G Cazalet Westland Widgeon IIIa G-EBRM 67 19th
Capt Charles B Wilson Desoutter II G-AAZI 68 retired at Newcastle - sustained damage of some sort
Capt T Neville Stack Avro Avian 625 Monoplane G-AAYW 69 retired at Newcastle
Capt James LN Bennett-Baggs Avro 621 Tutor G-AAKT 70 forced landing in Buckinghamshire
Flt-Lt Sydney LG Pope Avro 619 V G-AASO 71 retired Manchester - one engine failed to start
Sqn-Ldr Harold A Whistler D.H.60M Moth G-AAYG 73  
Flt-Lt Edward H Fielden D.H.75a Hawk Moth G-AAUZ 74 7th
Mr Geoffrey R de Havilland D.H.60M Moth G-AASL 75  
Mr Alan S Butler D.H.60M Moth G-AAXG 76 2nd
Mrs Lois Butler D.H.80a Puss Moth G-AAXL 77 4th
Capt R Douglas D.H.60M Moth G-ABAI 78  
Capt Geoffrey de Havilland D.H.80a Puss Moth G-AAXO 79 retired at Manchester
Lieut-Comm Glen Kidston, RN D.H.80a Puss Moth G-AAXZ 80 11th
Mr Geoffrey Goodwin Avro 616 Avian IVM G-AACV 82 retired at Manchester - plug trouble
Mr D S Green Avro 616 Avian IVM G-AABS 83 5th
Flt-Lt F B Tomkins Avro 625 Avian Monoplane G-AAYV 84 retired at Manchester
Mr J C Cantrill Avro 616 Sports Avian G-AAYU 85 forced landing in Gloucestershire (turned over)
Miss Diana C Guest D.H.80a Puss Moth G-AAZP 86 retired at Manchester
Capt Ian C Maxwell D.H.60G Moth G-AAJS 87 retired at Woodford
Mr G P Fairbairn D H.60G Moth G-AAJO 88  
Sqn-Ldr Augustus H Orlebar Blackburn Bluebird IV G-AAUU 89 20th
Flt-Lt John Oliver Avro 616 Sports Avian G-AAWI 91 forced landing in Gloucestershire
Mr Alfred CM Jackaman D.H.60G Moth G-AADX 92  
Sqn-Ldr John W Woodhouse Blackburn Bluebird IV G-AAVF 93  
Mr Henry NS Norman D.H.60G Moth G-AAHI 94  
Mr A L Mortimer ABC Robin G-AAID 95 forced landing Old Sarum
Mr H A Presto Patnall Elf G-AAFH 97 15th
Mr Frederick G Miles Southern Martlet G-AAVD 98 retired before Newcastle
Mr Michael DL Scott D.H.60G Moth G-EBXG 100 retired after Hull
Capt G A Pennington D.H.60G Moth G-AASG 101  

Starters: 88 (out of 101 entrants)Finishers: 61

Did not start:

Capt G Fane Comper Swift G-AAZF 4  
Mr W Lawrence Hope Puss Moth G-AAYD 11  
Mr Loel Guiness Blackburn Bluebird IV G-AAUV 31  
Mr R WR Trafford Moth G-ABAM 34  
Mr L S Snaith Comper Swift G-AARX 36

This, the prototype Swift, first flew at Hooton Park in January 1930.

"en route to  Hanworth his engine started losing oil, so Leonard decided to put down in a farmer’s field.  Nick was contacted and so important was this event to promote his aircraft that armed with tools and a mechanic they set off to locate the stricken Swift. Unfortunately the problem was too difficult to solve and The Comper Swift was scratched from the race."

Mr F AI Muntz Moth G-EBQH 38  
Flt-Lt J S Chick Arrow Active - 62  
Mr H J Andrews Blackburn Bluebird IV G-AATS 64  
Mr R S Rattray Moth G-EBZZ 72 crashed his Moth the other week
Mr A A Nathan Moth G-AALJ 81  
Mr C L Pashley/Flt-Lt F J Fogarty
Blackburn Bluebird IV G-AASV 90  
Lord MA Douglas-Hamilton Blackburn Bluebird G-AAOB 96  
Miss F M Wood Moth G-AAGI 99  
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