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"After its engine had been started up, its passenger put in his early morning physical exercises in setting the windmill in motion [using a rope]. Then Reynolds lowered his flag, and C.8 L.2 proceeded majestically across the aerodrome, at the far end of which it made a wide circle to the right, gathering speed the meanwhile and, almost completely hidden from view owing to the "dip" in the ground at that end, looking for all the world like a threshing machine working overtime.

It continued thus over the aerodrome back towards the starting line, and then, turning into the wind, the pilot opened out and up it went in fine style, banking round into the course for Norwich as smartly as any of the other machines.

It would  seem that it is only a matter of evolving some means of quickly reviving up the windmill and the Autogiro would take off as speedily as the ordinary type of machine."

[the next model, the C.19, had an ingenious pivoting tail to deflect the airflow and thereby turn the rotor on the ground.]

Cyril Uwins in the Bristol 101


Friday 20/Saturday 21 July, 1928. Hendon - Brooklands

Weather: Fine (for once) but a chilly wind


The story of the race:

The first woman entrant to win a prize - Winifred Spooner bagged third.

Guy Warwick crashed in Scotland - the race's first fatality.


 Pilot - see 'The Aviators', below Aircraft   Race No Fate
Mr F R Matthews S.E.5a G-EBTO 1 16th
Lieut L G Richardson, RN D.H.60 Moth G-EBPQ 2 12th
Mr A CHA Rawson Cierva Autogiro C.8 L.2 G-EBYY 3 forced landing near Nuneaton - ran out of petrol, windmilled into a field and couldn't get out again
Flt-Lt CF Le Poer Trench H.A.C. II Minus G-EBOO 4 retired Leeds - broken magneto drive
Mr Alan S Butler D.H.60X Moth G-EBQH 5 6th
Capt Hubert S Broad D.H.60G Moth G-EBYK 6 4th
Capt W Lawrence Hope D.H.60G Moth G-EBYZ 7 winner
Mr Norman Jones D.H.60X Moth G-EBWI 8 9th
Flt-Lt F O Soden D.H.60 Moth G-EBOU 9 forced landing near Glasgow - propeller detached itself
Mr J C Cantrill Avro 594 Avian IIIA G-EBYP 10 forced landing near Crowborough
Mr A CM Jackaman D.H. Moth X G-EBRT 11 7th
Capt Geoffrey de Havilland D.H. Moth X G-EBUX 12 5th
Sqn-Ldr H M Probyn Westland Widgeon III G-EBRQ 13 15th
Colonel the Master of Sempill Westland Widgeon G-EBRO 14 22nd
Wing-Cmdr S W Smith D.H.60X Moth G-EBYV 15 retired Nottingham - collided with Boyes on ground
Mr R A Whitehead Avro Baby G-EAUM 16 forced landing near St Edmunds and turned over
Flt-Lt R L Ragg Avro 594 Avian I G-EBQN 17 forced landing at Atherstone
Flt-Lt D W Bonham-Carter Parnall Imp G-EBTE 18 8th
Sqn-Ldr A G Jones-Williams Bristol 83E G-EBYT 20 14th
Mr C F Uwins Bristol 101 G-EBOW 21 2nd
Mr Bernard Martin Avro 594 Avian IIIa G-EBXJ 22 20th
F/O R LR Atcherley Gloster Grebe J7520 23 19th
Mr G N Warwick Anec IV Missel Thrush G-EBPI 24 crashed Broadlaw Hill, nr Peebles - pilot killed
Sqn-Ldr J Noakes Blackburn Lincock G-EBVO 26 10th
Flt-Lt S N Webster Simmonds Spartan G-EBYU 27 18th
F/O L S Birt Blackburn Bluebird G-EBSZ 28 forced landing near Minworth
Mr R G Cazalet Westland Widgeon IIIa G-EBRM 29 17th
Mr H M Yeatman D.H. Moth G-EBVD 30 retired Newcastle - damaged undercarriage
Flt-Lt G EF Boyes Avro Avian III G-EBZD 31 retired Nottingham - collided with Smith on ground
F/O J Summers Avro Avenger G-EBND 32 13th
Capt E W Percival Avro Avian G-EBYO 33 23rd
Capt C B Wilson Avro Avian G-EBYR 34 21st
Capt T Neville Stack D.H. 60X Moth G-EBUF 35 11th
Sqn-Ldr H WG Jones Martynside Nimbus G-EBOJ 36 crashed on take-off from Birmingham
Miss Winifred E Spooner D.H.60 Moth G-EBOT 37 3rd
Mr E E Stammers D.H.60 Moth G-EBMF 38 retired on the Norwich-Birmingham leg - got lost



Starters: 36 (out of 38 entrants).  Finishers: 23

Did not start:

Flt-Lt P WS  Bulman Hawker Heron II
G-EBYC 19 hit car on take-off [Sydney St Barbe's Morris, if you're interested]
Mr M A Lacayo D.H. Moth - 25  


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