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30 July 1927. Nottingham (Bournemouth refused to host it)

Weather: low cloud and showers early on.

The Story of the race:

The handicap formula, so much praised the previous year, had been tarted up a bit, and was a complete disaster. See here for the details - but anyway, there were 11 withdrawals before the start, and a further 10 dropped out during the race. Not a great success, on the whole...

 Pilot - see 'The Aviators', below Aircraft  Race No Fate
  Colonel the Master of Sempill Blackburn Bluebird II G-EBRF 2 retired due to oil pressure and temperature problems
  Hon Lady Mary Bailey DH.60 Moth G-EBPU 3 retired doncaster - engine fault
  Flt-Lt Charles F LePoer Trench Halton HAC1 biplane "Mayfly" G-EBOO 4 retired Hucknall - ran out of petrol
  Capt W Lawrence Hope DH.60 Moth G-EBME 5 winner
  Mr Norman H Jones ANEC II G-EBJO 6 retired skegness - hit bird
  Flt-Lt Paul WS Bulman Hawker Horsley J8606 7 6th
  Sqn-Ldr H M Probyn Westland Widgeon III G-EBRQ 10 5th
  Mr Dudley AN Watt Avro 594 Avian G-EBQL 12 retired - lost way on 2nd lap
  Mr Alan S Butler Moth X G-EBQH 15 forced landing - valve trouble
  Capt H S Broad DH.71 Tiger Moth G-EBRV 17 retired Spittlegate - weather 'too bumpy'
  Capt F GM Sparks DH.60X Moth G-EBRT 18 retired hucknall - burst petrol tank
  Sqn-Ldr Harold J Payn Vickers 113 Vespa I G-EBLD 19 retired - damage from broken propeller boss
  Flt-Lt E RC Scholefield Vickers 91 Vixen III G-EBIP 20 3rd
  Capt W J McDonough Westland Widgeon III G-EBRL 22 2nd
  Mr Walter GR Hinchliffe D.H.9 G-EBKO 24 4th
  Mr Bernard Martin DH.60X Moth G-EBSK 26 retired

Starters: 16 (out of 27 entrants). Finishers: 6

Did not start: 

F/O Nevill Vintcent Martinsyde F6 G-EBDK 1 withdrawn due to unrealistic handicap [157 mph]
Mrs Sophie Elliott-Lynn Avro 594 Avian II G-EBRS 8 withdrawn
Mr A BH Youell DH.60 Moth G-EBMV 9 withdrawn before race due to insufficient range
Flt-Lt S N Pope Avro 567 Avenger II G-EBND 11 withdrawn due to unrealistic handicap [244 mph]
Mr Bert JL Hinkler Avro Alpha-Avian G-EBSD 13 did not start due to cracked carburettor
not given Avro 594A Avian II G-EBOV 14 withdrawn
Capt Hubert S Broad DH.71 Tiger Moth G-EBQU 16 withdrawn to be tuned for record attempt
Capt Frank L Barnard Bristol 99 Badminton G-EBMK 21 withdrawn due to unrealistic handicap [209 mph]
Mr H A Brown Avro 594 Avian II G-EBRR 23 withdrawn
Sqn-Ldr Hubert WG Jones Martinsyde Boreas G-EBOJ 25 withdrawn due to unrealistic handicap [179 mph]
Flt-Lt N Comper Cranwell CLA4 G-EBPB 27 withdrawn at start due to oil leak
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