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9-10th July, 1926. RAF Hendon

Weather: Thick mist and fog delayed the start. Better on the second day, thanks.

The story of the race:

"A very successful and interesting race... noteworthy on two points - the triumph of the light plane, and the successful results obtained with the new handicapping scheme".

[Joy on this latter point was short-lived; the handicapping scheme was a complete disaster in the following year.]

 Pilot - see 'The Aviators', below Aircraft  Race No


  Capt F GM Sparks D.H.60 Moth G-EBLI

First Reg. 29.5.25

Owned by The London Aero Club Ltd

Spun in & crashed Stanmore whilst landing Stag Lane 9.10.27; pilot Charles Swan killed. Regn cld 20.1.28

Capt H S Broad D.H.60 Moth G-EBMO

First Reg. 27.11.25

Owned by Neville Stack

Struck overhead telegraph wires whilst demonstrating at polo ground and crashed Shellong (Shillong?), Assam 18.7.27; Vetch and four on ground injured.

Capt W Lawrence Hope D.H.60 Moth G-EBME

First Reg. 21.8.25

Owned by Rex Mundy; Air Taxis Ltd; Australian Aero Club, Essendon

Crashed following steep turn near ground and dbf Essendon 26.12.28; pilot Brian Rhodes & passenger A Heaton killed. Regn cld 31.12.28.

  Retired during Day 1 - illness [and/or an obstructed fuel supply]
Capt W J McDonough D.H.60 Moth G-EBLW

First Reg. 22.6.25

Owned by The Midland Aero Club Ltd

Crashed Shirley, nr Birmingham 3.11.29. Regn cld 11.29.

Capt Geoffrey de Havilland D.H.60 Moth G-EBNO

First Reg. 19.2.26

Owned by Brian BF Russell; George AR [Ronald] Malcolm; to Sweden as SE-ABS in 1928

On long-term rebuild by Bjorn Svedfelt

  retired during Lap 2 - broken oil pipe
Flt-Lt N Comper Cranwell CLA3 mono G-EBMC


First Reg. 30.07.25

Owned by Cranwell Light Aeroplane Club

Written off 7.26 Canc 3.7.29

  forced landing during Lap 1
Colonel the Master of Sempill D.H.51 G-EBIQ

First Reg. 22.01.24

Owned by Air Cmdr JG Weir; Taxiplanes Ltd (Clevedon); LG Anderson

Wfu 5.7.30 Scrapped Hanworth .33
  retired during Lap 3 - broken rocker arm
Mr Alan S Butler D.H.37 G-EBDO

Sylvia' later 'Lois'

First Reg. 22.6.22

Owned by AS Butler

Crashed Ensbury Park Bournemouth 4.6.27

  retired at Cheltenham during Day 1 - broken induction manifold
Flt-Lt E RC Scholefield Vickers Vixen III G-EBIP

First Reg. 16.01.24

Owned by Vickers Ltd; D Vickers MP

Scrapped .29
Mr Herbert H Perry Martinsyde Nimbus G-EBOJ

First Reg. 09.06.26

Owned by ADC Aircraft Ltd

Wfu 18.7.29 burnt Croydon .30

  retired Strafford St Mary during Day 2
Capt Frank T Courtney Martinsyde Nimbus G-EBOL


First Reg. 09.06.26

Owned by ADC Aircraft Ltd; Air Taxis Ltd

Dbr 7.10.27 burnt Croydon .30

  forced landing near Cambridge during Day 1 - valve trouble
Sqn-Ldr H WG Jones Martinsyde A.D.C.I G-EBKL

First Reg. 28.11.24

Owned by Aircraft Disposal Co Ltd

Wfu 21.4.27 Burnt Croydon .30

Sqn-Ldr C JQ Brand Parnall Plover G-EBON

First Reg. 19.06.26

Owned by George Parnall Ltd

Crashed. Canc 1.29

  retired Chelmsford during Day 2 - fuel problem [someone had forgotten to replace the filler cap]
Capt Frank L Barnard Bristol Badminton G-EBMK

First Reg. 16.11.25

Owned by Bristol Aeroplane Co Ltd

Crashed Winterbourne Wilts 28.7.27

  retired Oxford during Day 1- fuel problem

Starters: 14 (out of 16 entrants)

Did not start:

Mr Leslie Hamilton Martinsyde F.6 G-EBDK
Mr Dudley AN Watt Sopwith Scooter G-EACZ

Finishers: 5

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