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12th August, 1924. Weather: low cloud and poor visibility

The story of the race:

Open to landplanes and seaplanes (the only time this was tried), this turned out to be "an unfortunate scheme":

"Once the comptitors had started - and they were all away within a few minutes - it seemed as if we lost touch with the various pilots and machines for a few brief hours, and then... after some simple calculations the race was all over!"

There were no control points, but the competitors had to round turning-points at Leith, Dumbarton and Falmouth, and finish at Lee-on-Solent.

 Pilot - see 'The Aviators', below Aircraft   Race No


  Mr H C Biard Supermarine Seagull N9xxx1   1 forced landing near Newcastle - propeller 'flew off'
  Colonel the Master of Sempill Supermarine Seagull N9xxx1   2 6th
  Mr Alan J Cobham D.H.50






First Reg. 04.23

Owned by Northern Air Lines Ltd

Sold Australia 23.2.26 Wfu 21.9.33

3 Winner
  Capt Frank L Barnard D.H.50 G-EBFP

First Reg. 04.23

Owned by Imperial Airways Ltd; Rt Hon FE Guest; Imperial Airways Ltd; Iraq Petroleum Transport Co Ltd; Imperial Airways Ltd

Scrapped .33

4 retired Ayr - hit haystack while landing
  Capt Norman Macmillan Fairey IID Seaplane N9777   5 2nd
  Mr J R King Martinsyde F.6 G-EBDK

First Reg. 16.06.22

Owned by Martinsyde Ltd; FP Raynham; LCGM Le Champion; Leslie Hamilton; Maj JC Savage

Dismantled Brooklands 4.30

6 retired Newcastle - undercarriage collapsed on landing
  Mr Alan S Butler D.H.37 G-EBDO

'Sylvia' later 'Lois'

First Reg. 22.06.22

Owned by AS Butler

Crashed Ensbury Park Bournemouth 4.6.27

7 3rd
  Sqn-Ldr Harold J Payn Vickers Vixen III G-EBIP

First Reg 16.01.24

Owned by Vickers Ltd; D Vickers MP

Scrapped .29

  Flt-Lt H WG Jones A.W. Siskin III G-EBJQ


First Reg 29.7.24

Owned by Sir WG Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft Ltd

Returned to RAF 11.24

9 4th
  Capt Frank T Courtney A.W. Siskin III G-EBJS


First Reg 29.7.24

Owned by Sir WG Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft Ltd

Returned to RAF 11.24

10 retired Brough - broken spinner

Starters: 10. Finishers: 6

1 Supermarine Seagull serials not known at the moment, although they must have been two of these:



N9642-54, all of which would have been around in 1924.

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