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Friday 13th/Saturday 14th July, 1923. RAF Hendon

Story of the race:

"A decidedly interesting one, full of incident and, fortunately, free from serious accident"

 Pilot (see 'The Aviators', below) Aircraft Race No Fate
  Flt-Lt Walter TH Longton Sopwith Gnu G-EAGP

First Reg. 12 Jul 1919

Owned by Sopwith Aviation & Engineering Co Ltd; Lt Col FK McLean; Maj SA Packman; Southern Counties Aviation Co

Crashed Kings Lynn 2 May 26

1 7th
  Sqn-Ldr F L Robinson Boulton & Paul P.9 G-EAWS

First Reg. 21 Apr 1921

Owned by Bolton & Paul

Canc 15.5.29

2 forced landing near Burton-on-Trent
  Mr H C Biard Supermarine Sea Eagle G-EBFK

First Reg. 12.03.23

Owned by Supermarine Aviation Works Ltd (British Marine Air Navigation Co Ltd)

Canc 21.5.24

3 disqualified - obtained new tyres 'from outside'
  Mr F P Raynham Martinsyde F.6 G-EBDK

First Reg. 16.06.22

Owned by Martinsyde Ltd; FP Raynham; LCGM Le Champion; Leslie Hamilton; Maj JC Savage

Dismantled Brooklands 4.30

5 retired Leeds - broken bracing wire
  Mr C D Barnard D.H.9c G-EBDD

First Reg. 18.05.22

Owned by de Havilland Aircraft Co

Ran into fence after landing Netheravon 18.6.25 Canc 6.11.25

6 disqualified - failed to cross line correctly at Manchester
  Capt HS Broad D.H.9c G-EBGT

'Nulli Secundus'

First Reg. 07.06.23

Owned by de Havilland Aircraft Co

Crashed Hatfield 16.10.32

7 3rd
Mr A F Muir D.H.9 G-EBEP

First Reg. 25.09.22

Owned by The Duke of Sutherland; Surrey Flying Services Ltd

Crashed Saunderstead Surrey 17.11.28

9 6th
  Capt S Cockerell Vickers Vulcan G-EBFC

First Reg. 25.01.23

Owned by Vickers Ltd; D Vickers MP; Imperial Airways Ltd

Wfu 22.12.25 burnt .27

10 retired Birmingham - loose fabric on centre section
  Capt R H Stocken D.H.9a G-EBCG


First Reg. 01.04.22

Owned by Aircraft Disposal Co Ltd

Canc 5.1.27

11 retired Glasgow - carburettor trouble
  Maj H Hemming D.H.37 G-EBDO

'Sylvia' later 'Lois'

First Reg. 22.06.22

Owned by AS Butler

Crashed Ensbury Park Bournemouth 4.6.27

12 5th
  Capt Frank L Barnard D.H.4a G-EAMU

'City of Cardiff' later 'City of York'

 First Reg. 11.09.19

Owned by Instone Air Line Ltd; Imperial Airways Ltd

Wfu 11.3.24

13 4th
  Mr Alan J Cobham D.H.9 G-EBEZ


First Reg. 12.12.22

Owned by de Havilland Aircraft Co

Wfu 4.33 Scrapped 12.33

15 2nd
  Capt Frank T Courtney A.W. Siskin II G-EBEU

First Reg. 21.08.22

Owned by Sir WG Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft Ltd

Canc 11.8.25

16 Winner
  Mr L L Carter Gloster Grebe G-EBHA

First Reg. 29.06.23

Owned by Gloucestershire Aircraft Co Ltd

Wfu 29.7.29 scrapped
17 retired Manchester - broken flying wire

Starters: 14 (out of 17 entrants)

Did not start:

Mr Bert Hinkler Avro 545 G-EAPR 4 disqualified - alterations after handicap
Mr G Powell D.H.34 G-EBBW 8  
Mr H H Perry Airco DH.9A G-EBGX 14 broken propeller when stood on its nose

Finishers: 7

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