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Friday 8 and Saturday 9 September, 1922. Croydon

Story of the race:

"The aviation community ... is to be regarded as a band of pioneers. In 1909 or thereabouts they had to demonstrate to a doubting world that flying was possible. Today they are faced with the no less difficult task of proving to a sceptical world that flying is safe, that it is reliable and that it is commercially useful"

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  Sqn-Ldr Harold J Payn Avro Baby G-EAUM

First Reg. 12 Jul 1920

Owned by A.V Roe & Co; LER Bellairs & FG Miles; RA Whitehead; HH Leech; HRA Edwards; R Brown; GL Young

Wfu 8 Nov 34

1 retired Glasgow - magneto trouble
  Flt-Lt Walter TH Longton Sopwith Gnu G-EAGP

First Reg. 12 Jul 1919

Owned by Sopwith Aviation & Engineering Co Ltd; Lt Col FK McLean; Maj SA Packman; Southern Counties Aviation Co

Crashed Kings Lynn 2 May 26

3 7th
  Mr Charles R Carr Avro 504K G-EADA

First Reg. 29 May 1919

Owned by A.V Roe & Co

Canc. 1924

4 forced landing at Halifax
  Lt-Col Spenser DA Grey Blackburn Kangaroo G-EAMJ

'Felix the Cat'

First Reg. 8 Sep 1919

Owned by 'North Sea Aerial Navigation Co

Wfu 2.2.29 scrapped Sherburn

5 Officially, retired Newcastle - could not reach Glasgow before dark - but see below.
  Mr C T Holmes Boulton & Paul P.9 G-EASJ

First Reg Apr 1920

Owned by Brig Gen JG Weir; FT Courtney; Henderson Flying School Ltd

Sold South Africa 1.28

6 9th
  Mr R W Kenworthy Blackburn Kangaroo G-EAIU


First Reg 1 Aug 1919

Owned by North Sea Aerial Navigation Co Ltd

Wfu 19.4.29 Scrapped Sherburn


Officially, retired Newcastle - could not reach Glasgow before dark.

[Actually, He and Spencer Grey started out the next morning at daybreak (having been assured that they were still in the race) and plodded 'like the tortoise' to Manchester, where they discovered that "the hare had been very much awake and had already won the race. We therefore made for Croydon."]

  Col John E Tennant Boulton & Paul P.9 G-EAWS

First Reg. 21 Apr 1921

Owned by Bolton & Paul

Canc 15.5.29

8 10th
  Capt S Cockerell Vickers Vulcan G-EBEM

First Reg. Apr 1922

Owned by D Vickers MP; L Hamilton

Lost at sea off Italian coast 5.7.26

9 8th
  Capt Frank C Broome Avro 545 G-EAPR

First Reg. 21.11.19

Owned by A V Roe & Co

Wfu .27 rebuilt as 586 G-EBTX .27

10 retired section 1
  Flt-Lt Rollo AW deHaga Haig Bristol Monoplane G-EAVP

First Reg 28.09.20

Owned by EG Chapman

Crashed nr Chertsey 23.6.23

11 retired Aylesbury - engine trouble
  Mr F P Raynham Martinsyde F.6 G-EBDK

First Reg. 16.06.22

Owned by Martinsyde Ltd; FP Raynham; LCGM Le Champion; Leslie Hamilton; Maj JC Savage

Dismantled Brooklands 4.30

12 2nd
  Mr Cyril F Uwins Bristol 10-seater G-EBEV

'City of Bristol'

First Reg 22.08.22

Owned by Bristol Aeroplane Co Ltd; Instone Air Line Ltd; Imperial Airways Ltd

Wfu .25 Canc 3.1.27

13 retired section 1
  F/O Leslie Hamilton D.H.9c G-EBAX

First Reg. 05.01.22

Owned by de Havilland Aircraft Co

Canc 23.4.24

14 6th
  Mr Alan J Cobham D.H.9b G-EAAC


First Reg 30.04.19

Owned by Aircraft Transport & Travel Ltd; Aircraft Manufacturing Co; de Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd

Wfu 28.1.33
15 3rd
  Mr A F Muir D.H.9 G-EBEP

First Reg. 25.09.22

Owned by The Duke of Sutherland; Surrey Flying Services Ltd

Crashed Saunderstead Surrey 17.11.28

16 11th
  Mr Alan S Butler D.H.37 G-EBDO

'Sylvia' later 'Lois'

First Reg. 22.06.22

Owned by AS Butler

Crashed Ensbury Park Bournemouth 4.6.27

17 5th
  Mr M M Piercey D.H.9 G-EBEN

First Reg. 24.08.22

Owned by Aircraft Disposal Co Ltd; British & Egyptian Tea Co Ltd

Sold abroad 3.12.24

18 4th
  Mr Herbert H Perry D.H.9a G-EBCG


First Reg. 01.04.22

Owned by Aircraft Disposal Co Ltd

Canc 5.1.27

19 retired section 1
  Mr Cyril C Turner S.E.5a G-EBDU

'The Sweep'

First Reg. 28.06.22

Owned by Maj JC Savage

Canc 2.6.24 Scrapped Hendon

20 retired section 1
  Capt Frank L Barnard D.H.4a G-EAMU

'City of Cardiff' later 'City of York'

 First Reg. 11.09.19

Owned by Instone Air Line Ltd; Imperial Airways Ltd

Wfu 11.3.24

21 Winner
  Capt Frank T Courtney Siskin II G-EBEU

First Reg. 21.08.22

Owned by Sir WG Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft Ltd

Canc 11.8.25

22 retired Glasgow - broken fitting

Starters: 21 (out of 23 entrants)

Did not start:

Mr Bert JL Hinkler Avro 534c Baby G-EAXL 2 withdrawn due to crash in Southampton before race
Mr H C Biard Supermarine Sea Lion   23 stuck in Mediterranean after Schneider Trophy win

Finishers: 11

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