Sgt-Mech Thomas Darrell Kay

thomas kay

 b. 20 October 1884 in Creswick, Victoria, Australia.

"Before enlisting in the Australian Flying Corps in 1915, Sgt Kay was employed as an engineer by Ronaldson and Tippett, machinery manufacturers, of Ballarat. He is known by many local residents"

In 1922, in the sordid 'Ballarat Sensation', Sgt Kay had his face slashed by a razor wielded by Susanna Masters and her brother Maurice Wall. Susanna said she had lived with Kay, who "threatened to expose her to her husband because she had refused to marry him. She told Kay she could not marry a man already supporting two illegitimate children, and also accused of being responsible for another child in England". She reckoned that he was "lucky he did not get more. He is the worst type of man I ever met".

He absconded from the hospital where he was being treated, and disappeared; Susanna (who reportedly had "a fine personality", whatever that means) and Maurice were eventually let off.

d. 19 May 1963


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