Miss Ruth Fontes

  1933, aged 22


Luis' elder sister

b. 10 March 1911 in London, married Dr Norman Howard-Jones in June 1936.

Her Miles M.2U Hawk Speed Six G-ADOD, was 'built around her', was called 'Jabbawocky' and later competed in the 1936 Schlesinger Race to Johannesburg.

Her grand-daughter told me "Ruth and my grandfather Norman divorced and I do not think she remarried. They had 3 children, a girl and 2 boys. Norman would later receive an OBE for his work for WHO - I think he was part of the founding team.  

Ruth and Luis' enormous fortune came from their father, Alfonso Goncalves Fontes, whose origins lay in Brazil.  He had made it during the Brazilian rubber boom and then in real estate in the area of Rio de Janiero and had then settled in England at the age of about 40. He died in around 1933.

The ballet dancer Margot Fonteyn was Ruth and Luis half sister."


d. 1969 in Islington


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