England-Australia, 1927-28.—Capt. William Newton ('Bill') Lancaster and Mrs. Keith ('Chubbie') Miller, on an Avro "Avian" (32 h.p. "Cirrus ").

Left Croydon October 14. Crashed Muntok, D. East Indies, January 10, 1928.

Resumed flight March 12, 1928. Arrived Port Darwin March 19, 1928.

Bill Lancaster was killed in April 1933, flying Kingsford Smith's Avian  'Southern Cross Minor' VH-UQG after a forced landing in the Sahara; the  aeroplane, and his mummified remains, were only discovered 29 years later. He had kept a diary of the 8 days following the crash. The aircraft remains are now on display in Australia.


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