William Partridge 'Pat' Cubitt



 b. 26 Oct 1898, Bacton, Norwich

A Farmer, of 'Bacton Abbey', Norwich

In July 1931, the owners of the Norfolk and Norwich Aero Club decided that they would like to "repay a little of the hospitality they had had from the hands of other private owners of other clubs.

Some forty aircraft arrived from all parts of the country, and were welcomed by Messrs Gough, Surtees, Brett and Cubitt, bunches of tickets were shoved into their hands, and they were told to jolly well enjoy themselves ... which they did!!

On the Sunday they went over to Pat Cubitt's place at Bacton on the coast, and were treated to a picnic lunch on the sand dunes.

d. 14 Dec 1955 leaving £48,748 5s 5d (having inherited about £62,000 in 1929)


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