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In 1919, Lt-Col George Lockhart Piercey Henderson offered flights to the general public in an Avro at Hounslow Aerodrome: £1 a head. There was enormous interest; "queues of 50 or more were patiently waiting and the aeroplane could hardly get up and down fast enough".

October 1928: "After luncheon the flying events commenced ... the crowd, by the way, ran to 20,000, according to one report ... there were also joy-riding machines if any wished to try their luck. Col. Henderson was very busy with his Avros"

June 1930: "Lieut.-Col. Henderson is doing a roaring trade on his Junkers "13"—joy-riding.The monoplane evidently takes the public fancy, for it is never on the ground more than 10 minutes together"


- Lt Col G L P Henderson


- 1921 Avro 548 G-EBAJ which crashed Brooklands Apr 1928;

- 1923 Avro 548 G-EBFM which crashed Weybridge Sep 1928;

- 1927 Avro 548 G-EBRD scrapped in South Africa June 1928;

- 1927 Avro 548 G-EBSC which crashed South Africa May 1928;

- 1927 Avro 548 B-EBVE scrapped Nov 1928;

- 1928 Avro 548 G-EBWH scrapped Jul 1928;

- 1928 Avro 548 G-EBWJ;

- 1928 Avro 548 G-EBWO which crashed Reading Apr 1929;

- 1928 Avro 504K G-EBYE;

- 1929 Avro 504K G-AAFJ.

- 1930 Junkers F.13ge G-AAZK belonging to the Walcot Air Line. Lt Col Henderson was killed in this aircraft on 21 July 1930.

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