Cornwall Aviation Co Ltd

Based St Austell, Margate, 1924-1936

 Cornwall Aviation 1   Cornwall Aviation 2

G-EBNR, I think

with thanks to John Moody, who found the above 2 photos amongst his father's effects. He told me, however, that "I'm not sure how he would have come across them; he couldn't have taken them himself, as he was born in 1929... So all a mystery."


 poster image, with thanks to Terry Sear



The Bristol Summer Meeting, in June 1932



- Capt Percival Phillips

- Jo Cameron


- 1924 Avro 504K G-EBIZ, registered to 'Messrs Hill and Phillips;

- 1926 Avro 504K G-EBNR;

- 1927 Avro 504K G-EBSE;

- 1928 Avro 504K G-AAAF;

- 1930 Avro 504K G-AAYI

and possibly

- 1930 Avro 504K G-AAUJ which crashed Harrogate Oct 1932

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