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Based in Blackpool, Southport, Manchester, Fleetwood, Morecambe, Waterloo Sands (Liverpool), Rhyl, Douglas and Windermere; Hounslow 1919-21

1919: "Three Avro pilots have been kept busy all the week. Members of Rhyl Council have led the way in flying."

"The Avro Northern Stations have now taken up 20,000 passengers, a most remarkable figure. Preston has been licensed, and it is hoped that active operations will soon be undertaken there. A 'travelling circus' has now been established, which will tour various towns in turn, spending a few days at each, to give demonstrations and take up passengers. The dates arranged so far are:— Barmouth: September 15 to 20; Nottingham: September 22 to 24, and Derby: October 6 to 11."

November 1926: "Mr. Brown was the leading pilot of the Avro joy-ride company in the years immediately following the war. For the last five years he has been the chief instructor at Barcelona".


- Lt Macrae MC

- Harold Hamersley

- Walter G R Hinchliffe

- Mr Shanks

- Capt H A Brown

- Capt F G M Sparks

- Capt E D C Herne

- Capt H S Broad


- 1919 Avro 504M G-EACX (K-134) which was withdrawn from use May 1920;

- 1919 Avro 504K G-EADD (K-137) which was scrapped Dec 1919;

and "about 10" other Avro 504s, probably including:

- 1919 Avro 504K G-EACW which crashed off Southsea Nov 1919;

- 1919 Avro 504K G-EADM

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