C W A Scott's Flying Display Ltd

 Based: Croydon, 1936-39

December 1935: "Sir Alan Cobham's Air Circus has been disbanded, but all the equipment has been acquired by C. W. A. Scott's Flying Display, Ltd., which has recently been formed. The chairman of the new company will be Mr. C. W. A. Scott, the managing director Capt. P. Phillips, and the other directors Mr. T. A. Pawlyn and Mr. John Leggitt. Mr. D. L. Eskell will be general manager."

March 1936: ""the Ferry is to be used by Scott's circus, and has been lying about in a wet hangar for a very long time - it was originally owned by Midland and Scottish Air Ferries."


- CWA Scott


- 1931 Airspeed AS4 Ferry G-ABSI;

- 1933 Airspeed AS4 Ferry G-ACFB;

- 1933 Avro 640 Cadet G-ACLU;

-1934 Avro 640 Cadet G-ACOZ;

-1934 Avro 640 Cadet G-ACPB;

-1934 Cierva C30a G-ACUT;

-1936 BAC Drone G-AEEO;

-1936 HM14 Pou-du-ciel G-AEFK;

-1936 D.H.82a Tiger Moth G-ADWG

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