Mr John Conway Cantrill

   in 1961

 'Jack', b. 28 May 1898 in Manchester.

Manchester University OTC then RFC (Admin Dept) during WWI, later test pilot for Avro. Volunteer instructor with the Lancashire Aero Club and, from 1930, Manager of Aviation Dept of Cellon [manufacturer of aircraft dope and finishes].

In 1925, "Mr. Cantrill, having no pupils down at the aerodrome, spent the afternoon shooting and returned with two good hares. This shooting is becoming a popular pastime for those who are waiting to fly."

Taught Winnie Brown to fly; rejoined the RAF in December 1939, again in the Administrative and Special Duties Branch.

In 1944 he resigned his commission as a Wing Commander, and rejoined Cellon.

d. 1978 on the Isle of Wight.


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