August Bank Holiday Monday

A start was then made for the Relay Race for the Air League Challenge Cup between teams from R.A.F., Kenley, and R.A.F., Uxbridge (the former being the holders of the Cup). 

The teams were made up as follows:—




Uxbridge :


Flight-Lieut. F. L. Luxmoore (S.E.5a),  Flight-Lieut. J. M. Robb (S.E.5a), and Flight-Lieut. R. W. Chappell (Avro).

Sqdn.-Ldr. F. L. Robinson (S.E.5a),  Flying Officer F. G. Gibbons (Avro) and  Flight-Lieut. W. H. Longton (S.E.5a).

 However, the race was never completed - "Owing to the crash of an Avro the relay race between these two teams could not be flown, and the Cup remains for the time being with the present holders (Kenley)."

Story of the Race:

The two respective S.E.5a's started off first, Longton getting a little way ahead of Robb, but at the end of the first lap of 8 miles the latter made a splendid landing close behind his team's Avro, which got away with little delay ; the other Avro (Kenley) failed to get started. As Chappell approached the enclosure, however, his engine spluttered and then gave out, and matters looked very black, but with great presence of mind the pilot steered his 'bus towards the machine park alongside Plough Lane, and managed to land on the other side of the fence without hurt to the spectators or himself.

This little incident caused a postponement of the Relay Race, but two of the S.E.5a's had a friendly two-lap race, in which Uxbridge (Longton ?) romped home well ahead.

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