Bank Holiday Monday 6th August 1923. Start and Finish: Waddon (Croydon)

Weather: Fine.

2 laps of 99.5 miles miles. Start: 1:45pm

Turning Points: Brooklands, Hertford, West Thurrock. Epping was cut out this time.

See the newsreel: 

Story of the Race:

"Fine weather and good racing."

Pilot Aircraft   Race No

Result - Speed/Handicap

Dr Edward D Whitehead Reid * SE.5a G-EBCA 1 9th/9th
Mr Bert Hinkler Avro 534 Baby G-EAUM 2 Retired on Lap 2 - forced landing at Hounslow
Mr J R King Sopwith Gnu G-EADB 3 8th/7th
Flt-Lt J W Woodhouse Boulton & Paul P.9 G-EBEQ 4 7th/3rd
Capt H A Hamersley Avro 553 G-EAPR 6 6th/1st
Mr Frederick P Raynham Martinsyde F.6 G-EBDK 7 5th/4th
Maj H Hemming DH.37 G-EBDO 8 Retired on Lap 2 - forced landing at Romford
Mr H H Perry DH.9A G-EBCG 9 4th/2nd
Mr Frank T Courtney DH.9A G-EBGX 10 Retired on Lap 1 - forced landing at Brooklands
Capt C D Barnard DH.9 G-EBEZ 11 3rd/6th
Flt-Lt W H Longton Sopwith Schneider Cup 'Rainbow' G-EAKI 12 2nd/8th
 Mr Larry L Carter  Gloster Mars I  G-EAXZ 13 1st/5th

* racing as 'A T Renno'

Starters: 12 (of 13 entrants)  Finishers: 9

Did not start:

Pilot Aircraft   Race No  
Mr W MW Thomas  Avro 504K G-EAMZ 5 had hurt his knee the day before  
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