TROPHY and £200 for 1st in the Handicap;

£100 for 2nd in the Handicap, and

£50 for 3rd in the Handicap


Saturday 16th July 1921. Start and Finish: Hendon

Turning Points: Brooklands, Epsom, West Thurrock, Epping, Hertford (same as in 1920)

Weather: "Almost overpoweringly hot"

2 laps of 100 miles miles. Start: 3pm

See the newsreel: 

Story of the Race:

"Disappointing ... it presented a sort of tameness. No doubt this was due to the fact that out of twenty machines, eight scratched, the majority of which were favourites or 'dark horses'"

  Mr D. L. Forestier-Walker has a  narrow escape  
Pilot Aircraft  (click here for more details) Race  No


Capt T Tully Avro 534 Baby G-EAUM 1 retired - forced landing at Brooklands on Lap 2
mini - bert hinkler Mr H L J 'Bert' Hinkler Avro 534C G-EAXL 2 retired on Lap 1
mini - d l forestier-walker Dring Lester Forestier-Walker Sopwith Pup G-EAVX 4 retired on Lap 1 - felt ill, then nosed over on landing at Hendon when undercarriage collapsed
mini - a s butler Mr Alan S Butler Bristol 29 G-EAWB 5 4th/3rd
mini - l r tait cox(2) Maj Leslie R Tait-Cox Avro 552 G-EAPR 6 5th/5th
mini - h s broad Capt Hubert S Broad Sopwith Camel G-EAWN 7 6th/6th
mini - w h longton Capt Walter H Longton SE.5a G-EAX_ 28 3rd/2nd
Mr Frederick J Ortweiler SE.5a G-EAXU 30 Disqualified - incorrect pylon turn at end of Lap 1
Flt-Lt Jack Noakes Nieuport Nieuhawk LC.2 G-EAJY 12 Retired on Lap 2 - out of fuel
Maj Ernest L Foot Martinsyde F.4 G-EAXB 15 Retired on Lap 1 - oil-feed problem
Capt Cyril F Uwins Bristol Type 32B Bullet G-EATS 17 2nd/4th
mini - jimmy james Mr Jimmy James Gloster Mars I G-EAXZ 21  1st/1st


Starters: 12 (of 20 entrants)  Finishers: 6

Did not start:

Pilot Aircraft Race No  
 Capt Alan Harper Curtis BE.2e 3  
Sqn-Ldr Christopher Draper B.A.T. Bantam 11  
Major S H Long Martinsyde F.4A    
Mr Harry G Hawker Nieuport Goshawk 14  
Mr Frank T Courtney 'Alula' monoplane 16 not ready
Mr Bernard de Romanet de Monge V.A. 18  
Capt D G Westgarth-Heslam Avro 19 was hurt on Thursday
Sadi Lecointe Nieuport 20  
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