DAILY MAIL GOLD TROPHY (value 200 guineas) and the SHELL PRIZE of £500, for the winner, and

a SHELL TROPHY and £100 for the second man.

a SHELL TROPHY and £100 for first in the Sealed Handicap;

a SHELL TROPHY and £50 for the second man in the Handicap, and

a SHELL TROPHY and £25 for the third man in the Handicap


Saturday 21st June 1919. Start and Finish: Hendon

Weather: Rain threatened, then it turned out fine, but with a gusty wind.


1 Hendon

Start and Finish - (pass over on first circuit).

The finishing line is in front of the Aerodrome Enclosures

2 Kempton Park  Turning Point is the Waterworks Chimney. A square chimney, 230ft high, just north of Kempton Railway Station, very dark brown brick, with low building, filter beds and connecting reservoir. In the neighbourhood is a lower chimney (round), with two very large reservoirs.
3 Epsom Turning Point is the Race Course Grand Stand which is at the top of Epsom Downs, making a conspicuous land-mark.
4 West Thurrock Turning Point is at the Wouldham Cement Works, on north bank of the River near top of the bend a mile east of Purfleet and slightly to the east of West Thurrock Church. The actual point consists of a long rectangular buff-coloured building with a large diagonal white cross on the roof. Five factory chimneys stand in line at equal distances behind the building flanked by two taller chimneys and a high one further to the right.
5 Epping Turning Point is Epping Church Tower in centre of Epping Village on the West side of London Road, 200 yards south of Church is a solitary water tower 120 feet high.
6 Hertford Turning Point is a large white cross in Hartham Meadow immediately north of the town adjoining the railway stations and enclosed on the north, east and west by streams.

2 laps of 94.5 miles miles. Start: 3.30pm

See the newsreel (including the demonstration parachute jump, and Grahame-White himself leading the cheers): 

Story of the Race:

"An immense success... one of the most interesting aerial events, from the technical point of view, ever held in this country"

Queen Alexandra was there to present the prizes, with Claude Grahame-White.

  Mr Clifford B Prodger B.A.T. FK.23 Bantam G-EACN 1  retired lap 1 - down at Fairlop
  Capt P RT Chamberlayne Grahame-White GWE6 Bantam G-EAFK 2 retired lap 2 down at Epsom
  Maj Christopher Draper B.A.T. FK.23 Bantam G-EACP 3 4th/2nd
  Lt-Col George LP Henderson Avro 504K G-EAEV 4 6th/7th
  Maj Reginald H Carr Grahame-White GWE6 Bantam  G-EAFL 5 retired Lap 1 - forced landing at Hounslow (engine trouble)
  Capt Gerald Gathergood Airco DH.4R G-EAEW 7 1st/5th
  Mr Marcus D Manton Airco DH.4 G-EAEX 8 2nd/4th
  Capt Howard JT Saint Airco DH.9 G-EAAC 9 5th/6th
  Lieut Robert Nisbet Martinsdyde F.4 G-EAES 10 2nd/3rd
  Maj Leslie R Tait-Cox Nieuport Nighthawk LC.1 G-EAEQ 11 retired lap 2 - down at West Thurrock (punctured carburrettor float)
  Mr Charles HC Smith Bristol Type 20 M.1C G-EAER 12 retired lap 1 - down at Hendon
  Capt H A Hamersley Avro 534 Baby G-EACQ 14 7th/1st


Starters: 12 (of 16 entrants)  Finishers: 7

Did not start:

Pilot Aircraft   Race No  
Lieut C Turner  B.A.T. Commercial (5-seater)   15    
Capt C R Vaughn B.A.T. Bantam   16  
H G Hawker Sopwith   17  
Capt J Alcock Vickers   18
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