Junkers G-24, Matti Saivila, 1/72 Plastic Model Kit by Revell Germany


Junkers G-24 by Revell Germany. Originally VEB Plasticart,a model kit factory from the German Democratic Republic in East Germany. 1/72 scale Junkers G 24ba, w/n 91 , built at Dessau in 1925. Kit decals are not correct. But i have use this set. Arctic Decals (with correction instructions) Sheet No. ARC72-010 G 24 of Aero O/Y of Finland. I made some "possible" corrections like float struts, landing lights, etc... but I found no way to fix too wide span or thick trailing edges because of corrugation. I'm not trying to win any contests, anyway. Smaller JU F-13 is also made by Revell Germany.

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