Farman 250, Claudio Luchina, 1/72 Scratchbuild


I am always thrilled by the clunky but charming Farman designs. Their simplicity is not in any way a detriment to their beauty, furthermore, their somehow squarish lines look always harmonious and balanced. The 250 is not the exception, and although a passenger carrier, its stance and proportions give the impression of a racy machine. One sole sample was built and went to the Societe Generale Transports Aeriennes -Sorry if I obviated the accents in the preceding words, but in order to add them I would have needed another half hour. So, the SGTA is from now on. Simplicity, we were saying, was Farman’s trademark, which in modeling terms generally translates as an easier building process. The interior followed a description in a Flight magazine article of the era. I got after-market engine and wheels; both had to be touched-up: The engine required a special exhaust arrangement and the wheels the fabrication of cone-shaped covers. A few details were added too: the Pitot tube, wind-driven generator, tail skid, Venturi and navigation lights. Home-made decals and a windshield completed the model. These French know Charm.

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