ATA Men Pilots

In one way at least, the 1,153 male ferry pilots of the ATA deserve to be remembered more than the 168 women; the girls were (almost) all young, and sound of mind, wind and limb, but the men had all been rejected by the other services (in fact, such was a condition of their employment for the British applicants) for being too old, unfit due to some physical disability, or simply surplus to front-line requirements.

There were, for example, 3 male ferry pilots who only had a total of 3 arms between them... !

ata francis white whitehurst dlugazewski mollison harben feb 1942 

ata white waltham pilots ata karpeles schenker steynor 

 Joined 1939 

Joined 1940 

Joined 1941 

ata 1FPP

ata edward maguire ata victor cummergen 1946

Joined 1942 

Joined 1943

Joined 1944