1941 Jan - Mar


1 Jan 1941 to 30 Nov 1945



Kenneth Carlyle Gill


flag england b. 28 Aug 1915, Southgate, London

ed. at Royal Masonic School, Bushey, Herts

m. (1937 Dorothy Turner?), one child

Sep-1934 to Nov-1940 RAF Short Service Commission (Flt-Lt.)

prev. exp. 763hrs

Address in 1941: 25 Oxford Rd, St Annes, Lancs


Postings: 4FPP, 14FPP, 3FPP, 7FPP, 6FPP

"Thorough, loyal, conscientious worker. A first class pilot, and an officer who commands the respect of those junior."

" He has been most co-operative. He is a most capable Second-in-Command."


d.  Oct 2005 - Kettering, Northamptonshire


1 Jan 1941 to Oct-45

Philip Penrose Bradley

First Officer

ata philip bradley 1928 1928

ata philip bradley2 ATA

ata philip bradley ATA

flag england b. 25 Jul 1905, Nottingham

Ed. Bradfield College, Leeds; Lausanne and Zurich Universities. B.Sc.

a Company Director

Sgt pilot instructor in RAF; discharge on medical grounds, Nov-40

prev. exp. 2,398 hrs

[Resigned Aug-43, re-instated Apr-44]

"Reliable pilot and good officer when on duty. General behaviour off duty suspect owing to several police visits on private matters" 

Hmmm... wonder why the police kept visiting ... perhaps because he was (still) a terrible car driver ...

Nottingham Evening Post - Tuesday 16 March 1937:





Salisbury magistrates yesterday imposed fines amounting to £10 upon Mr. Philip Penrose Bradley, company director, giving an address in The Park, Nottingham, who surrendered to bail charged with five offences under the Road Traffic Act. When the cases were first before the Bench defendant did not appear, and a warrant was issued for his arrest. It was then discovered that he was in a nursing home, and the case was adjourned, bail being extended.

The charges were that he drove a motor car without having in force a policy of insurance; that he failed to produce a certificate of insurance; that he drove without a licence; that he failed to produce his licence, and that he, having been prosecuted for exceeding the speed limit, failed to produce his driving licence to the Clerk of the Court prior to the hearing of the summons.

At the hearing yesterday the Chief Constable (Mr. F. Nixon) said he was now satisfied that the defendant held a driving licence and that he had in force a policy of insurance at the time that the offence was committed, and he therefore asked that those summonses be withdrawn. This was agreed to, and defendant pleaded guilty to the remaining, summonses. Mr. Nixon said when defendant was stopped by the police he promised to produce his policy of insurance and driving licence within five days to the Nottingham Guildhall. This he failed to do. The Nottingham police made several unsuccessful efforts to interview him, and it was only few days ago that the insurance policy was produced. In January summons was sent to defendant for a speeding offence, and with it was enclosed a printed slip instructing him to send his licence to the magistrates' clerk the day before the hearing. On the day of the hearing defendant telephoned to say that he could not attend court, and that he put his licence in an envelope ready to post, but he had forgotten to send it. On January llth he was fined in that court for exceeding the speed limit, and an endorsement of his licence was ordered. He was instructed to produce his licence endorsement, but as no satisfaction could be obtained, further proceedings were instituted."

Tamworth HeraldSaturday 13 August 1938: "A collision happened at the Bodnets cross-roads, Bonehill, on Saturday afternoon, between a motor lorry driven by Herbert Young. Prospect Street, Old Kent Road, London, S.E.I, and a motor car, the driver of which was Philip Penrose Bradley, Malvern Road, West Bridgford."

Derby Daily Telegraph - Saturday 31 August 1940:


Pleading "Not guilty" to driving a motor-car without due care and attention on March 11, Philip Penrose Bradley, Burnaston, was discharged. He was fined 5s. for failing to produce his driving licence and a similar amount for failing to produce his certificate of insurance. Inspector S. Bradwell said that a private car and police patrol car had to brake violently when Mr. Bradley suddenly stopped his car on the Nottingham road without warning. Mr. H. M. Clifford admitted that the only danger was caused by the speed of the patrol car."


His daughter tells me that "My father deserted my mother in 1946. They had been married for just a few years, and I never had the opportunity to get to know him. His visits were infrequent and, like my mother, he eventually re-married and had more children.

During the 1960’s he served a prison sentence. He embezzled a large sum of money from 'Kennings'. He had worked for Kennings for a number of years and became a company director. It was during his term in prison that he became ill and had a stroke. He was given early release but was eventually diagnosed with lung cancer and he died in 1968 in Nottingham."

"He came from a well known Nottingham family, they were lace manufacturers and also had leather works both in Nottingham and abroad. My mother was Philip's second wife. He married his first wife, Lilian, in the early 1930’s and they had one son, John, who sadly died from polio at the age of approx. 2 years. My mother was introduced to Philip by her older sister and they married early 1940’s.

I do know that he had owned at least two planes of his own. The first one, I was told, was purchased with money his father had given to him to buy a factory in Holland….Philip obviously had other ideas! Unfortunately my father told numerous lies both to his family and especially to my mother. I attended his funeral in 1968 but had not seen him for several years. I believe his third and last marriage was a happy one."


He owned:

- a Leopard Moth,

- a 1929 Desoutter I, G-AAPK (bought in Dec 1937),

- a 1933 Comper Swift G-ACGL, registered to 'E Bradley' [presumably his father Ernest Frank Bradley], and

- a 1934 Miles M.2 Hawk, G-ACOC.



1 Jan 1941 to Nov-45

Flight Captain


Arthur Edward Henry Coltman

 ata arthur coltman 1929 1929

ata arthur coltman 1939 1939

flag england b. 25 May 1906, Leicester

Address in 1941: 'Avion', 60 Edward Ave, Braunstone, Leicester

m. Hilda Hayward 1932 (2 children before 1941)

prev. Motor salesman, and then pilot for Taylorcraft Aeroplanes, Syston, Leics

RAF Sergeant - Link trainer instructor, Jun-Dec 1940

prev. exp. 153 hrs


Ferry Pools: FP6

Instructor from Jan-43: "A willing and hard working instructor who fits his present job better than he would a ferry pilot ... his patience and placid temperament has undoubtedly been of great value in assisting backward pupils through the elementary stages of their training."


d. Sep 1997 - Market Harborough, Leicestershire


2 Jan 1941 to Apr-42

First Officer


William Silver Edgar

ata william edgar ATA

flag usa b. 7 Oct 1906, Waco TX

'Silver' came from his mother Estelle's maiden name

Educated at Baylor University, Waco


2nd Lieut., Army Air Corps 1932-35

Author of "Wings across the World", Syndicated newspaper writer

Also a pilot, rancher, and with some 'Banking experience'

prev. exp: about 900hrs

Address in 1941: 1305 Jefferson Ave, Waco, Texas


Postings: 4FPP

His initial ATA test described him as "a rather nervous type, but general flying fair."

 ata william edgar id card

"An excellent officer. A keen and reliable pilot."

He had a nasty forced landing on the 2 Mar 1942, in Airspeed Oxford L4597 following an engine failure. "He crash-landed on the ice of Loch Laidon but returned to the burning aircraft and saved the Log Books and his kit. The ice broke under him before he reached the shore and he was completely immersed. He then walked nine miles before he found a barn for shelter."

[During 1978 the two Armstrong Siddeley Cheetah engines from L4597 were recovered by the Scotland West Aircraft Investigation Group using a raft. Subsequently the engines were restored by staff at Rolls Royce’s Hillington site. At least one of them was subsequently put on display at Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland.]

He put in a request for a replacement cap, but before this could be actioned he was killed in another accident:

 Spitfire VB 92 Sqn top view c1941

d. 2 Apr 1942 (Killed in ATA Service) - Spitfire BM358 crashed at Chapel of Garioch, 20 miles NW of Dyce, (or possibly at nearby Boghead, about 4 miles southwest of Inverurie) on a flight from Castle Bromwich to Kinloss.

The very next day, a telegram arrived from home:



Buried at the Cambridge American Cemetery, and commemorated at Baylor University: "William Silver Edgar lights up Fountain Mall every day and Robert Warren illuminates the courtyard by the Carroll Science Hall. These two men, along with 123 other Baylor men and women, made the supreme sacrifice in World War II. Now they stand as the honor guard at Baylor in the form of red granite light posts."


8 Jan 1941 to 18 May 1942

First Officer


Edwin Hanson Freshfield

ata edwin freshfield 1929

flag england b. 16 May 1909, Buckland, Surrey

ed. Lancing College, Trinity College Cambridge M.A.

prev. an Air Traffic Controller, attached to HQ Fighter Command Bentley Priory, 1937-date

Order of St John

'Slight limp left leg'

prev. exp. 1450 hrs; owned a 1928 D.H. Moth G-EBZE from 1930 to 1932, and had flown in France, Belgium, Holland and Germany. His instructor at Brooklands was George Lowdell.

His flying may have been curtailed after this incident on the 23 Mar 1932: "Animals at the Whipsnade Zoo rushed about an excited state and there was danger with elephants carrying children when an aeroplane flew low overhead, it was stated at Luton, where a summons against Edwin Freshfield, a Cambridge undergraduate, the pilot of the machine, was dismissed on payment of costs."


Address in 1941: Glovers Farm, Reigate, Surrey


Postings: 1FPP, 4FPP (part time)

"Keen pilot, but owing to part-time duties this officer is not seen very much."

[Services Discontinued] 


d. 18 Feb 1985 - Lewes, Sussex


15 Jan 1941 to 24 Mar 1943

First Officer


Ernest Maurice Gill

 ata ernest gill 1931 1931


flag england b. 4 Aug 1905, Caterham, Surrey

ed,. Lancing College O.T.C. 1919-23

m. Cherry, 1 child

prev. a trooper in the Calcutta Light Horse, 1927-29; then a Technical Representative in Africa for the Stanton Iron Works of Nottingham.

Address in 1941: The Graden Flat, The Park, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire


Postings: 2FPP, 15Fpp, 6FPP, 9FPP

"A very hard worker. His cheerful willingness to undertake any job is a great asset in this Pool. Rather over-zealous in command owing to lack of experience."

In Nov-42, "Failure to immobilise his motor-car in Montpellier-walk led to Ernest Maurice Gill, a ferry pilot, of 6, The Park, Cheltenham, being fined £2."


[Resigned 27 Dec 1942, after his third 'at-fault' accident, but he stayed on until 24 Mar 1943]


15 Jan 1941 to Jun-41

First Officer


Willard Noel Estes

ata willard estes


flag usa b. 15 Jan 1911, Monett, Missouri

prev. exp. 1,050hrs during 12 years civilian flying

Spitfire VB 92 Sqn top view c1941

d. 26 June 1941 (Killed in ATA Service) - overshot while landing at Biggin Hill in Spitfire Vb P8538, tried to take off but hit top storey of airmen's barrack block.


21 Jan 1941 to Jun-42 (as pilot), then Technical Dept until Sep-44

Flight Captain


Thomas James McOran Campbell

 ata james mcoran campbell 1935 1935

flag england b. 15 Aug 1906, Plympton

Eldest son of Rear-Admiral George McOran Campbell, C.M.G.

Address in 1941: 'Jacques', Pipers Lane, Harpenden, Herts

Educated at St Edwards, Oxford; BA (Eng), Cantab

prev. 2nd Lieut, Royal Corps of Signals Aug 1926-Nov 1929, then an Aeronautical Engineer and pilot

m. Jean Emily Mitchell in 1928 (d. 1976)

(3 children before 1941)


Ferry Pools: FP1, FP2, FP4, FP4a, FP6, FP15

"A hardworking and methodical pilot, and a good officer."

"(Jan-42) Has done very little flying as a pilot lately, as he is employed on the engineering side on Liberator training."

"This officer's work on the collection of data for and the writing of handling notes is of a very high order. He is a very hard worker and has put in exceptionally long hours."


In May 1955, Flight reported: "Another Bristol appointment announced last week was that of Mr. James McOran Campbell as senior technical representative in Pakistan ... In pre-war years Mr. Campbell was with de Havillands and Imperial Airways, and during the war flew as an A.T.A. pilot, later becoming a Hawker production flight development engineer and test pilot. He joined the Bristol engine division in 1951."


d. 4 May 1990 - Plymouth: a "much loved father, grandfather and great-grandfather... A very special and Christian life, greatly missed by all of us."


23 Jan 1941 to Jan-42

First Officer


Jack Fitzgerald

 ata jack fitzgerald AR

flag usa b. 10 Jul 1915, Bagwell TX

Educated at Paris Junior College then Texas Technology College.

prev. An airline pilot for Braniff, and 18 months at Odena Flying School at Odessa, Dalton, Texas

prev. exp. 800hrs


Postings: 6FPP, 15FPP

Oct-41: "A most capable pilot, who now seems to have settled down and is doing a good job of work."


In 1971 the Abilene Reporter said, "Jack, the fifth son of the six 'Flying Fitzgeralds', was being honored by American Air lines in Los Angeles for his 25 years with American. Jack like [his brother] Glenn attended Texas Tech and learned to fly at an early age. He was a pilot for American Air lines [sic] by the time he was 20. During the war he served in the airlines military operation for the Air Transport Command in India. He also flew supplies from San Francisco during the Tokyo Airlift.

Jack lives in Los Altos, Calif., with his wife Betty and four children. Betty is a former airline stewardess. Today he is based in New York, from where he flies 747s."


23 Jan 1941 to 30 Sep 1945

[1,711 days]

Flight Captain


George Earl Imes

 ata george imes ATA

flag usa b. 24 Nov 1903, Anadarko, OK

Father: George W  Imes (dec'd), a farmer. Mother: Mrs Jennie [Porter] McCullough

 m. 1934 Mary Louise [Morgan] [divorced 1940]. 1 son, Albert Earl. b. 1936

prev. owned a crop dusting business, commercial pilot.

prev. exp. 4,017 hrs

Address in 1941: Belle Glade, Florida


Postings: 1FPP, 4FPP, AFTS. Seconded to Stradishall (1943) and Marston Moor (1944, 1945)

 "A most steady, reliable and hard working officer and instructor. A popular pilot who does all work given him well and gets on well with both pupils and fellow instructors."

"A pilot of exceptional ability."


George remarried. In Apr 1954 their 9-day old son Allan Nelson Imes died in a local Belle Glade hospital.

d. 30 Dec 1980, Palm Beach Florida.


25 Jan 1941 to Jan-42

First Officer


Kenneth Russell Arnette

 ata kenneth arnette ATA

flag usa b. 31 Aug 1912, Rutherfordton VA

Married, no children

prev. Barnstorming; Arnette's Air Show (Stunting shows)

Address in 1941: Henderson, NC

Next of Kin: c/o Arnette's Ice Cream Co., Richmond, Virginia

Postings: 2FPP, 3FPP

"A sound and experienced pilot and in every way satisfactory."


Killed in action in the India-Burma Theatre 4 Feb 1945

buried Jefferson Barracks National Military Cemetery – St. Louis, Mo.


"Learned to fly at the Meyer Airport near Hendersonville, N.C. A graduate of Hendersonville High School where he was an outstanding athlete, he is survived by his mother and four brothers. James Arnette Jr served in the US Navy, Sgt Roy A Arnette with the AAF in France, W C Arnette with the Seabees in the Aleutians, and Milton Prince Arnette, who lives in Hendersonville."


His brother Roy owned Arnette's Ice Cream Co; he was killed when 3 armed men robbed the company in 1974, hit him on the head and shot him in the arm.


27 Jan 1941 to Oct-41

First Officer


Harry Wolff

ata harry wolff


flag usa b. 31 Jan 1907, Malden MA

prev. a Flight Instructor and commercial pilot

beaufighter 6

d. 28 Oct 1941 (Killed in ATA Service) - Beaufighter T3045 stalled on approach, crashed at Norton crossroads between Shrewsbury and Wellington.


1 Feb 1941 to 31 Jan 1942

[364 days]

First Officer


Elwood Palmer Walmsley

 ata elwood walmsleyJan 1941 Chicago Tribune

flag canada  -> flag usa 

b. 3 Nov 1914, Toronto Canada, naturalised American

m. Dorothy 'Laverne' [Stark], 2 sons

A Flying Instructor

prev. exp. 2,225 hrs

Address in 1941: 922 Gordon Terrace, Chicago, IL, USA

[His brother-in-law Ken Fogelberg joined the ATA in May-41; Ken was married to Laverne's sister Jeslyn.]


Postings: 1FPP

"Has completely overcome his difficulties with regard to discipline and is now an exellent pilot and an excellent influence on the Pool as well."


Later a Captain in the US Army

d. 28 Mar 1943 and is buried in Puerto Rico's National Cemetery


1 Feb 1941 to May-42

First Officer


Jack Groover Durham

 ata jack durham ATA

flag usa b. 2 Nov 1919, Fort Payne AL

Educated at Birmingham High School

prev. a pilot, instructor and crop dusting with Dawn Crop Dusting Corp., Leland, Miss.

Address in 1941 (grandparents): 5326 Court P, Birmingham, Alabama

'My family is Democratic'


"This pilot has developed into a very fine influence in the Pool by reason of his keenness and good sense of discipline. He is also a first class pilot."


d. 19 Apr 1943 when a Captain with RAF Transport Command, in Baltimore FA330 which was lost enroute Dorval, Quebec to Natal, Brazil (or possibly enroute from Natal to the Middle East). Also killed were F/O John Dickson Grant (RCAF) and Radio Operator Harold Alfred Picher.

No known grave. Commemorated on the Ottawa Memorial.

c. Feb-41 to c. Sep-43


Maitland Walter Sabine Boucher

ata maitland boucher

Capt Boucher R.N. in 1931

za 1928flag b. 19 Dec 1888, Port Elizabeth SA

Rear-Admiral Boucher from Jan-41

"Admiral Boucher had been one of the pioneers of the Fleet Air Arm havng obtained his RAF wings in 1925. When he joined ATA he started like any other pilot in EFTS and worked his way up through the ATA School." Lettice Curtis

After a paricularly bad landing whilst on the training course, he was 'carpeted' by his instructor Jimmy Weir. He apologised and then said "And may I say that in 20 years in the Navy, I have never had such an excellent and comprehensive ticking off."

O.C. ATA Northern Area, 1943

Returned to the Navy as a Commodore and was put on convoy duty; in December 1943 he commanded Convoy JW55B taking supplies to the USSR, which was the target of the German battleship Scharnhorst. Scharnhorst was intercepted and sunk by Royal Navy forces in the Battle of the North Cape.

d. Jun 1963  - Maidenhead


15 Feb 1941 to Nov-45

First Officer

Stephan Karpeles-Schenker

ata stephan karpeles schenker 1938 1938

ata stephan karpeles schenker BG

flag austria b. 18 Jan 1901, Vienna Austria

Vice President, International Federation of Forwarding Organisations in 1929

Arrived in the UK from France in Jun 1938, and immediately sold his D.H. Hornet Moth OE-DKS in London

Director of Rosenberg Loewe & Co, shipping and forwarding agents, Aug-38 to May-40

He was interned on the Isle of Man under the 'Defence of the Realm Act' from 15 Jul 1940 to 12 Dec 1940. His release was facilitated by Leslie Runciman, Margie Fairweather's brother and MD of BOAC at the time.


Address in 1941: 64 Queensborough Terrace, London W2


"A loyal and likeable officer. Efficient, hardworking and reliable."

 ata karpeles schenker steynor

with Martyn Steynor in a 'taxi' Anson (ELC)


m. Margit V Rupp in 1949 in London (d. 1978)


d. 30 Dec 1990 - London SW1


15 Feb 1941 to 12 Jan 1945

[1,427 days]

Flight Captain


James Smith Halliday MBE

ata james halliday 1938 1938

flag scotland b. 22 Jun 1908, Rothesay, Bute, Scotland

 Ed. Morrison's Academy, Crieff

m. 1937 Dorothy Henderson [Shaw], 1 daughter

prev. exp. 102 hrs

prev. a Garage Proprietor; Observer Corps Sep-39 to Jan-41

Address in 1941: Firwood, Newton Mearns, Scotland

Postings: 4FPP, 6FPP, 4a FPP, AFTS (as instructor), 16FPP

"A very capable officer and reliable pilot who shows great keenness at all times."


d. 13 Apr 1974 - Glasgow


17 Feb 1941 to Feb-42

First Officer


William Johnston 'Bill' Elliott

 ata william elliott

flag usa b. 18 Apr 1917, Chambersburg Pennsylvania

prev. a flight instructor, charter and barnstorming pilot

prev exp. 786 hrs, mostly on Lockheed 10a

Bill worked for the Stanley Company as a shipping clerk from 1935 to '36, then was a general electrical contractor ('house and motor wiring - small repairs') until he became a flight instructor at his local airport (Sunset Airport, Chambersburg PA)

ata william elliott ID Card

He had a one-year contract with the ATA, which they wanted to extend - his CO wrote: "First Officers Fitzgerald, Elliott and Hoover. All three excellent pilots and are some of the best types of Americans that I have seen over here. I think everything possible should be done to get these pilots to renew their contracts."

Bill replied that he had decided to return to the US "after February 16th [1942] as soon as the details of my transportation can be arranged", but sadly before this happened he was killed in an accident.

janes anson

d. 8 Feb 1942 (Killed in ATA Service) - Anson W1793 crashed into the side of a hill in bad visibility 3 miles N of Kirkby Stephen, Westmoreland. The accident committee concluded that he flew into snow-covered ground "in conditions which would cause confusion between ground and cloud".

He was buried at Altrincham Bowden and Hale Cemetery, Cheshire, beside Earl Renicker (q.v.) and near Hubert Dixon (q.v.)

ata william elliott funeral 1

ata william elliott funeral 2

He was "an exceptionally careful and steady pilot and his general behaviour was excellent."

His parents Gernard and Louise wrote "He studied hard and to be a good pilot was his whole ambition. Sorry as we are that he had to give his life so soon in this his chosen occupation, we are proud that he was a member of your organisation."

ATA Memorial Bill Elliott 

with thanks to Barbara Grayson


17 Feb 1941 to 3 Mar 1942

[379 days]

First Officer


Raymond O Hoover Jr


flag usa b. 17 Feb 1917, Chambersburg, PA

Educated at Chambersburg High School - a classmate of Bill Elliott (M.343):

wjelliott science club cashs 1934 1

Bill Elliott and Raymond Hoover in the Science Club, front row, in 1934


His parents ran a turkey farm.

prev. a Flight Instructor for Mahon Flying Service

Address in 1941: (Mother) Route 2, Chambersburg, PA

Postings: 1FPP, 6FPP

"An excellent pilot who gets through all the work given him quietly and efficiently."

After leaving the ATA, Raymond joined RAF Transport Command, "serving in the Caribbean."

m. Judith in Maryland in Feb 1948 (Divorced 1958).

1,500 of his family's turkeys were killed when a poultry barn was hit by lightning in 1959.

According to the above website, "Raymond Hoover apparently survived the war. His obituary tells us he served in the Royal Canadian Air Force for a little over a year piloting planes between Canada and England."


18 Feb 1941 to Aug-45

First Officer


Peter Wellburn Bayliss

ata peter bayliss 1939 1939

flag england b. 17 Jul 1915, Wolverhampton

educated at Charterhouse

an Iron Founder (Bayliss, Jones & Bayliis Ltd, Wolverhampton)

Address in 1941: 'Woodthorne', Tettenhall, Staffs


Postings: 1FPP, 6FPP, 12FPP, 14FPP

"A good pilot of sound average ability", but he was:

a) severely reprimanded and given 2 extra duties for 'Neglect of Duty' in Jun-43; "When detailed for night duty pilot and firewatcher, he left the airfield on two occasions without permission" and

b) reprimanded in Feb-44 for taxying a Proctor so carelessythat the port wing hit a gate post.

He seems to have settled down later; his discipline was regarded as "satisfactory" by late 1944.


aline johncelyne bayliss 1946

m. Aline Johncelyne Spiers (nee Pickin), also an aviator, in 1946


Flew Proctor II G-AKXZ in the 1949 Goodyear Race

He took out a patent in 1956: "Improvements in or relating to vices" (not that sort of vices, silly).

Later Director and Secretary of Brockmore-Bede Aircraft of the Brockmoor Foundry Co., Brierley Hill, W. Midlands.


d. 14 Nov 1992 - Titley Kington, Herefordshire


18 Feb 1941 to May-43

First Officer


Bruce Campbell

ata bruce campbell 2

ata bruce campbell ATA

flag england b. 9 Feb 1910, Harrow

prev. A Stockbroker

RAF Sgt Pilot 1938 then P/O Jun 1940

Later a test pilot with de Havilland

"In July 1955 Bruce Campbell, a long-time friend of mine, as well as owning a boat in the south of France, had a de Havilland two-seater Hornet Moth registered G-ADNE. From his boat, then in the south of France, he asked me to fly the Hornet down to Cannes for both of us to fly home in."

 Lettice Curtis


24 Feb 1941 to 30 Sep 1945

[1,679 days]


First Officer

Leslie Arthur Reginald Kemp

ata leslie kemp 1939 1939

flag england b. 8 Mar 1908, Bromley Kent

Ed. Bromley County School

prev. Managing Director/Sales Manager, A.E. Gould [Coachbuilders] , 220 Regent St. London NW1

prev. exp. 98 hrs on Avian, Tiger Moth, Puss Moth, Gipsy Moth, Moth Minor, B.A. Swallow

Address in 1941: 243 Baker St, Regents Park, London N1



Postings: 2FPP, 1FPP, 8FPP

"A good and capable pilot, good navigator and very keen on the job. General behaviour also good."

d. Jun 1964 - Surrey(?)


24 Feb 1941 to Feb-42

Acting First Officer


Emmett 'Kenneth' Chaffin


 ata kenneth chaffin

Fort Myers News-Press Apr 41

flag usa b. 24 Nov 1921 **, Forth Worth TX

** On his registration forms, Kenneth gave his date of birth as 2 Feb 1920 - thus making him 21. However, he admitted that he was only 20 when he returned to the US in 1942. Obviously, he had lied about his age in order to join the ATA!

prev. Gulf Airways, Fort Myers, Florida (newspaper delivery by plane) 2 yrs.

He was a member of the Fort Myers high school boxing team!

Address in 1941: Beach Rd, Fort Myers, Florida


Arrived in the UK 22 Apr 1941 on the SS Mercier with fellow American ferry pilots James Emor O'Halloran, John Cleveland Davis (M.416), Gilman Benedict Warne, Marvin Harrison Dunlavy (M.408), Harold Lindsey Price.


Off sick for all of May 1941 with acute appendicitis.

kenneth chaffin and ruth

m. 29 Sep 41 to Ruth Alice Maud Morgan, from Abergevenny, in London (divorced 1946);

Sailed back to the US on the SS Vibran on 20 Mar 1942 with fellow American ferry pilots James Bruce Warren, Jack Edison Jenkins, Homer Edward Anderson (M.496), Robert Leonard Hamilton, John Cleveland Davis (M.416), James Emor O'Halloran, John R Scribbens, Paul Blecker Makepeace, Raymond Sylvester Allen, George H Robertson, Frank C Hoffman, William Raymond Cooper (M.531)


Later, 2 years in the US Army Air Force as a Flight Officer - he force-landed in a pea patch near Brownsville, Texas in Aug 1944.


m. Martha Blackburn in 1947

In 1947, a pilot for C Adrianza, Venezuela; from 1949, a pilot for Delta Airlines.

His father (also Emmett Kenneth) owned a grocery store, once had a pilot's licence, filed a patent for aircraft carburettors, became mayor of Medley, Florida in the mid-60s, and finally committed suicide by shooting himself in the head (having tried to shoot his second wife in the head just beforehand, but only grazing her temple).

Kenneth became a police lieutenant in Medley.

d. 11 Mar 1992 - Deland, Florida


25 Feb 1941 to Nov-45

First Officer


Jerzy Drzewiecki MBE



flag poland b. 7 Aug 1902, Warsaw Poland

Educated at Warsaw University of Technology 

An Aircraft Designer - one of the three founders (with fellow students Stanisław Rogalski and Stanisław Wigura) of RWD, which was a Polish aircraft construction bureau active between 1925 and 1939.

In 1933, Rogalski, Drzewiecki and Wędrychowski founded the company Doświadczalne Warsztaty Lotnicze (DWL, Experimental Aeronautical Works) in Warsaw, which became a manufacturer of further RWD aircraft. 

He fled the German-Soviet occupation of Poland in September 1939 and found work as a draughtsman at Westland Aircraft from Feb 1940, but was frustrated that they would not allow him to do "creative work."

prev. exp: over 1500hrs in about 60 land and seaplanes

Address in 1941: 4 West Park, Yeovil, Somerset


Postings: 2FPP, 6FPP, 9FPP, 14FPP

Off sick from 24 Nov 1941 to 19 Jan 42 following a forced landing in a Beaufort after both engines failed.

"A most reliable and experienced pilot. Discipline excellent."


Post-WWII, after working for Bristol Aircraft for a while (and again getting frustrated by what he saw as a lack of opportunity) he emigrated to Canada in Dec 1947.

d. 15 May 1990 - Ottawa


26 Feb 1941 to Nov-44

First Officer

Arthur Godfrey Ellis

ata arthur ellis 1934 1934

ata arthur ellis ATA

flag england b. 23 Feb 1913, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent

Educated at North Staffordshire Technical College;

Bronze Medal in Pottery

Works Manager for Colclough China Ltd, Regent Works, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent

m. (1 child before 1941)

Address in 1941: 227 Stone Rd, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent

prev. a member of the Civil Air Guard

Missing index finger on right hand, and bad scar

prev. exp. 153hrs 

Postings: 2FPP, 3FPP, 6FPP, 12FPP

"A willing, keen and reliable pilot, a good officer with a keen sense of discipline", but was given a severe reprimand in Dec-43 for taxying a Beaufighter without sufficient care and colliding with a Blenheim. Both pilots were held equally to blame.


Filed a number of patents post-WWII, e.g. in 1948, "a chuck for holding articles of clay, glass, plastics or other materials, in manufacture or finishing operations", and 1952: "Apparatus for shaping clayware."

[Colclough China Ltd became part of the Royal Doulton Group in the early 1970's; production ceased in 1996.]


d. Nov 2003 - Stoke On Trent


27 Feb 1941 to Apr-42

First Officer


John Edmund Layard Drabble

 ata john drabble in 1932

1st on left, with other members of 40 Bomber Sqn, Upper Heyford, 1932 (Flight)

flag england b. 14 Mar 1901, Twickenham

Royal Navy from 1914 to 1919 (Sub Lieut.)

Victory Medal

RAF 1919 to 1932 (Flight Lieut.)

m. (One child before 1941)

a Civil Pilot

prev. exp. approx 3,000hrs

"Lost right foot and ankle - artificial foot" [Possibly in the accident to Avro 504K J732, of 39 Sqn, Spittlegate which spun in during aerobatics on 2 Feb 1923; F/O Cyril Chambers (24) killed, F/O John Edmund Layard Drabble injured. The inquiry found that the accident was due to an error of judgment on the part of Flying Officer Drabble.]


June 1932: "FLIGHT LIEUTENANT FINED. John Edmund Layard Drabble, Flight Lieutenant. 49 Squadron, Upper Heyford, Bicester, did not appear to answer a charge of using a motor car with no Road Fund licence at Waddesdon on Tuesday, April 26th. but sent a telephone message explaining that was on duty until noon. P.S. Snelling deposed that in High Street, Waddesdon, he noticed that defendant’s Road Fund licence expired on March 24th. Defendant said, " I forgot all about it."


Director of Aircraft Equipment Ltd from Jan 1936, presumably based on his patent for 'increasing the field of vision in aircraft", filed the same year.


Address in 1941: 1 Lanark Rd, Maida Vale, London


Postings: 3FPP, 6FPP

"A pilot of considerable experience ... a capable pilot who is working hard and well."


[Contract Terminated 10 Apr 1942 by ATA  - Disciplinary Reasons]


27 Feb 1941 to 10 Apr 1945

First Officer


Marvin Harrison 'Alabam' Dunlavy Jr

 ata marvin dunlavy

ata marvin dunlavy 2 ATA

flag usa b. 14 Oct 1916, New Orleans

Marvin was one of a team of 6 pilots, in 3 aeroplanes, who made an attempt on the world endurance flight record (which stood at 22.5 hrs), in Sarasota, Florida in April 1940. However, he had to land after just over 6hrs in the air, as they were getting low on fuel and efforts to refuel them in the air had failed.

Address in 1941: 1913 3rd Ave, Bessemer, Alabama.

Brief Glory says he had "black curly hair, rolling eyes, a broken nose and an accent you could cut with a knife. A disconcerting habit he had of rolling his head from side to side was due to an early boxing accident."

When asked about his opinion of England, he said "Gee, that's a terrible country! I can't think why they don't cut all their balloon cables and let the god-damn country sink to the bottom of the sea."

He was awarded a Certificate of Commendation for his part in the rescue of the crew of a returning operational Halifax III of No. 420 Squadron, piloted by Flt Lt R. A. Kalle which, having been damaged during a sortie over Normandy, overshot the runway and caught fire at White Waltham on the 30th July 1944.

The full list of those commended was:

pilots David Cotter (M.349), Reginald Davidson (M.918), Marvin Dunlavy (M.408), Albert Gardner, John Gulson, Francis Lees, Alan Murray, Donald Soutter;

Fire Officer D Baldwin, Senior Flight Engineer Kenneth Payne, and

Mr J.J. Thompson.


d. 17 Oct 2003, California.

The East Bay Times, Oct. 26, 2003: "When he returned from the war, M.H. opened Bessemer's first Airport, teaching and sharing his love of flying with many local residents. He was married for forty-five years to the love of his life, Carolyn Masingil and had two daughters, Marilyn and Anne. He went on to become a Captain with Capitol Airways. He later owned a boat rental and resort at Lakeport, California, continuing to fly and maintaining his flight instructors license into his seventies.

He was fortunate enough to return to Bessemer and Clarksville, Tennessee to visit family and friends for his eighty-seventh birthday. Graveside service was held at Cedar Hills Cemetery in Bessemer on Monday, October 20th at 11 AM.

M.H. is survived by his daughters, Marilyn Dunlavy (Todd) Plum of Martinez, California, Anne Dunlavy of Napa, California, brother, Louis "Eddie" Dunlavy of Bessemer, granddaughter Elizabeth (Lisa) Karen Dunlavy and great-grandson Phillip Harrison Wierson, both of Bogart, Georgia."


His son Marvin Harrison Dunlavy III, (by his first wife Jane Bell Crosby), was killed in 1969 when the truck he was driving went off the road nr Yanceyville, N.C.


1 Mar 1941 to 31 Dec 1945

[1,766 days]

First Officer


Percy Cecil Golding

ata percy golding

ata percy golding 2 ATA

flag england b. 3 Dec 1911, Plymouth

"Second finger right hand malformed"

Ed. at Devonport College, Plymouth

m. 1939 Adelaide B [Stephenson]

prev. an 'Official' in Sun Life Assurance Society, and 1 year in 'a Banking Firm'

RAF Sergeant Pilot from 17 Sep 1939 to 21 Jan 1941

Address in 1941: 37 Bemberley Avenue, then 114 Hurst Grove, Bedford

Postings: 6FPP, 1FPP


He was absent for 4 months in 1944 due to a motor accident, and suspended for 7 days without pay in Sep-45 for 'Low Flying'.

"A keen pilot who I think is apt to underestimate his own ability", or "Had some difficulty at the commencement of training apparently due to the fact that he considered the Halifax an easy proposition."

One of the very last batch of pilots to leave the ATA at the end of WWII.


After leaving the ATA he lived at 53 Philpotts Avenue, Bedford, and became a civil pilot.

G AHFI http://www.cbfsim.co.uk

d. 15 Mar 1949 at Gatow Aerodrome, during the Berlin Airlift (26 Jun 1948 – 30 Sep 1949).

He was the pilot of Skyways Avro York G-AHFI, which lost control while approaching Gatow; the port wing dropped and the aircraft dived into the ground. Two other Skyways staff - co-pilot Henry Thomas Newman and Radio Operator Peter James Edwards - also died.

henry thomas newman 1946 Henry Thomas Newman in 1946, aged 22


2 Mar 1941 to Nov-41

First Officer


John Graham 'Jack' Bergel

 ata john bergel 1934


ata john bergel


flag england b. 1 Mar 1902, London

prev. a journalist for the 'London Evening News' from 1925; "no previous employment"

His brother Hugh said: "Jack was nearly four years older than I was, so that we never overlapped at school, and were never quite as close to each other as I would have liked. All his working life had been spent on the London Evening News, which he joined as a cub reporter. By the time he left to join ATA he was, or had been, wireless correspondent, motor-racing correspondent, music critic, Rugby football correspondent, aviation correspondent and writer of the Diary. But for years his main job had been that of Dramatic Critic, and there must be some who can still recall the reviews he wrote over the initials J.G.B."


prev exp. 160 hrs

He originally applied in July 1940: "My brother Hugh tells me that the A.T.A. is still anxious to recruit ferry pilots. As I am despairing, after ten months, of getting into the RAF in any capacity - I've seen three [selection] boards who all lose interest when they find I'm over 30 and wear glasses - I would like to know if I am any good for your service - which sounds disrespectful, I'm afraid, but isn't meant to be."

He added: "I'm nothing like as good a pilot, naturally, as Hugh, but I can find my way; it always was my one aeronautical talent."

[hugh bergel 1928

His brother Hugh had learnt to fly in 1928, and had already joined the ATA]

However, when he turned up for a flight test in September 1940, the report was that "this applicant's standard of flying is so low that he cannot be accepted for ATA duties even on light types".

By January 1941 the ATA had realised that it needed more pilots, even if they had to train them themselves. Accordingly, a second test was arranged for the 19th January; this time he was accepted, and duly started on the 3rd March.

By the 7th November, when he was posted to No 6 FPP, he had satisfactorily passed training courses on Classes 1, 2, 3 and 4 aircraft. Sadly, he was killed a week later.

blenheim hendon

d. 15 Nov 1941 (Killed in ATA Service) - Blenheim Z6080 stalled on landing approach to Oulton. He "made his final approach too slowly, particularly having regard to the fact that it was a fully equipped Blenheim IV, with inner and outer tanks full."

[Hugh attributed the accident to a faulty air-speed indicator reading, "caused by water in the system, which in turn was caused by aircraft having to live their lives out in the open through all weathers."]


His mother said of him "Jack's happiest months were spent in the ATA".



4 Mar 1941 to Feb-44

First Officer


Vernon Cheer

ata vernon cheer 1936 1936

ata vernon cheer ATA

 b. 1 Mar 1913 or 1914, Aberdeen

 brother of Leonard Massie Cheer (M.78)

 m. Sep 1941

Address in 1941: 12 The Greenway, Anlaby Pk, Hull, Yorks, then

14 Fonthill Terrace, Aberdeen


prev. a motor engineer and garage proprietor;

Pilot Officer in the Air Defence Cadet Corps Apr-40 to Dec-40

Also worked for Blackburn Aircraft Co. in Hull, Yorks.


Postings: 2FPP, 4,FPP, 4aFPP

Accident in Walrus 9 Jul 1942: when landing, a/c dropped wing, hit violently and caught fire. Pilot is held responsible.

Jan-43: "A good officer whose flying is now quite satisfactory, but still receiving treatment after his recent accident."


d. Jun 1973  - Holderness, Yorks.


4 Mar 1941 to 5 Mar 1942


First Officer

Jack Edison Jenkins


flag usa b. 9 Jul 1914, Venice CA

Ed. University of California

next of kin: (Father) William Ernest Jenkins, [who was "Welsh-American") Hotel Lankershim, 7th Broadway, Los Angeles. Mother Ambie McMican

 m. Dec 1936 to actress Doris [Dudley], doris dudley jenkins

[IMDB: Doris Dudley was born on July 7, 1917 in New York City, New York, USA. She was an actress, known for The Moon and Sixpence (1942), The Secret Fury (1950) and A Woman Rebels (1936). She died on August 14, 1985 in Greenville, Texas, USA.]

1 child  Jack Dudley 'Butch' Jenkins jackie butch jenkins b: 29 Aug 1937 in Los Angeles

[IMDB: He was an actor, known for National Velvet (1944), The Human Comedy (1943) and Boys' Ranch (1946). He was married to Gloria. He died on August 14, 2001 in Asheville, North Carolina, USA.]


prev. restaurant trade, US Navy aviation cadet Jan-40 to Feb-41

Address in 1941: 1132 So. Roxbury Drive, Los Angeles CA


Postings: 2FPP, 8FPP

 Off sick with appendicitis from 17 Jun 1941 to 31 Jul 1941

Fined 14 days pay in May-41 for "shooting up Henley"

"A very capable pilot and an excellent officer in every way"


d. 16 Dec 1989


6 Mar 1941 to Jun-44

First Officer


Claudius Philippe Echallier

 ata claudius echallier


ata claudius echallier 2

flag france b. 24 May 1911, Saint-Lager, France

prev a test pilot; arrived in the UK in June 1940, and worked at the RAF Repair Depot at Burton Wood.

prev exp. 500 hrs

He was in demand as a 'very highly skilled engineer'- The Container Engineering Co. Ltd of Maidenhead even asked if he could be transferred to them, in March 1942.

Although his initial flying reports were fine ("A good pilot, very careful and of good average ability"), in June 1943 he failed the conversion course for Class 5 (4-engine) aircraft (Stirling): "This pilot proved temperamental and erratic and his flying generally was disappointing... especially taxying which was much too fast and careless!" Charles Tutt, who was on the same course, said that, if he had been the instructor, he "would have failed him two hours earlier".

 He continued to do good work on single- and twin-engine aircraft, however, and eventually amassed 1,135 hrs in the ATA.

beaufighter 6

d. 8 Jun 1944 (Killed in ATA Service) - Beaufighter NV235 flew into hillside in poor visibility near Mull of Galloway, Scotland.

ata royston staniford

23-year-old Senior Flight Engineer Royston Edwin Staniford was also killed.

After the funeral, his wife Lucienne returned to Scarborough but two days later was taken ill and subsequently had a miscarriage. She returned to France in late 1944.

He is commemorated in Saint-Lager:

800px 69218 Saint Lager MM4


11 Mar 1941 to Feb-45



Charles Henry Tutt

ata charles tutt


flag england b. 18 Oct 1901, Catford, London

prev. A Fishmonger - "C. Tutt & Sons" but a prominent pre-war racing pilot, owning:

- a 1929 D.H. Gipsy Moth, G-AAJW;

- a 1931 D.H. Gipsy Moth, G-ABPK;

- a 1932 Comper Swift, G-ABWE;

- a 1933 GAL ST.4 Monospar 2, G-ACEW.

exp. 850 hrs, 'mostly on light types'.

Cleared for Class 5 (4-engine) aircraft; "an excellent officer and a splendid example to his colleagues. A highly capable ferry pilot and one of the hardest workers in the pool. He has a modest and pleasant personality and his sense of discipline is of the highest order."

d.1992, Surrey

King's Cup in 1938


13 Mar 1941 to Jun-45

First Officer


Kenneth Howard Vivian Day


flag wales b. 27 May 1917, Newport

Address in 1941: 71 Albany Rd, Cardiff

Educated at Cardiff University

RAF Flying Officer 1936-40


m. Sheila E M Draper 1945, Betty M Davies 1957


d. May 2001 - Chester 


13 Mar 1941 to 16 Mar 1942

 [368 days]

First Officer


Homer Edward Anderson


flag usa b. 30 Jan 1918, Terre Haute, IN

Ed. Indian State High School, Terre Haute; W.C. Bryant Grammar School, University of New Mexico

Next of kin: (Mother) Mrs F R Jones, 3405 Wabash-Terre Haute, IN

prev. a trainee for Sears Roebuck & Co, Chicago IL.

Address in 1941: 922 Gordon Terrace, Chicago IL

Sailed back to the US on the SS Vibran on 20 Mar 1942 with fellow American ferry pilots James Bruce Warren, Jack Edison Jenkins, Emmett Chaffin (M.568), Robert Leonard Hamilton, John Cleveland Davis (M.416), James Emor O'Halloran, John R Scribbens, Paul Blecker Makepeace, Raymond Sylvester Allen, George H Robertson, Frank C Hoffman, William Raymond Cooper (M.531)


Joined Consolidated Airways Inc. (Convair's own transport service, which used B-24s to carry personnel and cargo, and delivered aircraft, to the Pacific Theatre), and moved to San Diego then Santa Cruz, CA.

m. Marilyn [Richardson] of Jacksonville, FL. Their son Homer Edward Anderson III was born in Santa Cruz, CA on 6 May 1944.


d. Sep 1973, Seattle WA


17 Mar 1941 to Apr-43

Flight Captain


George Roger Clark

flag usa b. 29 Apr 1903, Union City, Randolph County, IN

Educated at Vanderbilt University, Nashville TN

US Air Corps from Feb-25 to Feb-28, then 'actively engaged as pilot and in aviation sales and service work. Engineer."

Worked for Iloilo-Negros Air Express Co. in Philippines for 3 years

Address in 1940: 5647 Fountain Ave, Hollywood, CA


Postings: 3FPP

Aug-41: Fined one week's salary ($50) for lighting a cigarette in a Spitfire

"A good officer and an excellent pilot."



17 Mar 1941 to 9 Dec 1941

First Officer


Austin Marcus Drumm


flag usa b. 14 Jan 1915, Union City, Michigan

father Earl Drumm (dec'd), Mary Eta Parkman

m. 1939 to Benita 'Bonnie' Vieve [McCarthy] [d. 2 Jun 2008]

prev. exp. 5yrs as a flight instructor in Virgina Air Service, Gordonsville

Address in 1941: 503 Carleton Ave, Charlottesville, Virginia


Postings: 6FPP

"A good pilot who has done all work allocated to him in a satisactory manner", but:

Contract Terminated by ATA - Disciplinary Reasons


Later a pilot in the US Army Air Transport Command, and then a Colonel in the USAAF.

In 1944, he and his crew bailed out of a B-24 near Georgetown, British Guiana and spent about 2 weeks in 'the roughest jungles in South America'. One of the pilots sent to look for him was James Ansley (M.511), who had travelled to the UK with him in 1941.

In 1946, Drumm "picked up a copy of the Southeastern Airport News and read that Ansley was running Page Field for Lee County. After an exchange of telegrams he flew over to Page Field in his PT-17 for a happy reunion with his old flying partner."

After WWII, the family lived in Utah and North Carolina while Austin completed his education, then moved to Lexington, Virginia, where from 1963 he was Professor of history at Virginia Military Institute.

d. 8 Jan, 1997 - Barboursville, Virginia

buried Weedsport, Cayuga County, New York


17 Mar 1941 to 17 Jun 1942

 [457 days]

First Officer


Robert Leonard Hamilton, Jr


flag usa b. 12 Jan 1906, Baltimore, MD

Ed. at Baltimore Polytechnic Inititute and University of Baltimore

prev. Managed a Country Club

Address in 1941: Elkridge Club, Baltimore - see www.elkridgeclub.org


Postings: 6FPP

"A good pilot ... an excellent officer and works hard"



17 Mar 1941 to 22 May 1943

 [796 days]

First Officer


James Whitaker 'Whit' Ansley

ata whit ansley 1942

News-Press Fort Myers, 20 Jun 1942


flag usa b.4 Jul 1908, Marshallville, GA

Father: Joseph, a Baptist Minister

Ed. Fort Myers High School

m. 1940 Mary Louise [Foxworthy d. 2008], 1 daughter (Margaret Louise [Loy] d. 2015)

prev. Circulation Manager, News-Press Fort Myers 1925-41

Address in 1941: Apt 6-2010 Jackson St, Fort Myers, FL


Postings: 2 FPP, 14FPP, 3FPP, 1FPP

"A very good and careful pilot. Navigation very good; keen but inclined to be a little nervous of our weather. Conduct very good."


He told the Fort Myers News Press: "Can't say how I came over from England except that I didn't swim or use a rowboat... After this job is over, maybe I can tell a few stories. That's one reason I came back to the States for a visit. I was hungry for a few good American jokes. The English are a good lot but not too long on humor."

"Sure we have plenty to eat in England. The English people are long on morale. You can believe all you have read about the big raids on Germany. England has plenty of planes and with the help of the American Air Force there is no limit to the damage that can be inflicted on Germany from the air. The big show is terrific and no country can stand up under bombing of thousands of planes at one time. We ferry pilots don't do that kind of flying but we do handle plenty of ships that have been over the Channel."

"Whit grinned and denied that he came across the Atlantic with Churchilll. He did admit to having seen Churchill on a couple of occasions. 'That guy gets around', said Ansley."


In 1944, he was one of the pilots sent to look for Austin Drumm (see above), who had bailed out of a B-24 near Georgetown, British Guiana and spent about 2 weeks in 'the roughest jungles in South America'. They had travelled to the UK together in 1941.


d. 3 Nov 1971, Tampa: "Mr. Ansley had lived in Tampa for the past 17 years and was associated with the Coates Oil Equipment Co. Prior to World War Two he served as a ferry pilot with the ATA in England and served as a pilot with the US Navy during World War Two and the Korean War as a Lt. Commander."

"After the war he returned to Fort Myers and for a time was manager of Page Field after the government turned it over to the county... About 3 years ago he retired as sales manager of the Coates Oil Equipment Co. of Tampa when he was seriously injured in an automobile accident. Since the accident he had been an invalid and entered Bay Pines last Saturday when stricken with pneumonia."

butied Myrtle Hill Memorial Gardens, Tampa.


18 Mar 1941 to Nov-45



Evelyn Henry Newman

 ata evelyn newman


flag england b. 15 Sep 1903, Sutton, Sussex

ed. Lancing College, then Oriel College Oxford.

prev. RAF and RAF Reserve, 1924-33. Later a commercial pilot for Birkett Air Services.

"A very experienced pilot and a good officer" ... " a quiet and unassuming officer who ... is carrying out his duties as second-in-command at this Pool [No 8 FPP, Belfast] in an excellent manner"

From March 1945, Officer Commanding No 10 FPP.

King's Cup in 1934


18 Mar 1941 to 6 Mar 1942

First Officer


John Cleveland Davis


flag usa b. 9 Jan 1920, E. Setauket, Long Island, NY

prev. a flight instructor for the 'Spartan School of Aeronautics', which still exists:

blackcat13The Spartan College Black Cat with the 13 signifies that “Knowledge and Skill Overcome Superstition and Luck”.




d. 11 Mar 1993, Topanga, Los Angeles, California



21 Mar 1941 to Mar-42

First Officer


Graham Oliver Lever

ata graham lever 1937 1937

ata graham lever ATA

flag england b. 31 Dec 1914, Hook, Hants

prev. ground engineer

RAF trainee pilot, Jun-40 to Feb-41 - "The reason for his withdrawal from training is due to the failure to pass his examinations."

prev. exp. 166 hrs

Address in 1941: Dixons Rd, Broughton, nr Stockbridge, Hants


Postings: 1FPP

17865926404 c940fe6fb3 n

He bought himself this 1932 Aston-Martin Le Mans, [registered APG 410, previously owned by Richard Shuttleworth; it still exists] in September 1941, for £175.


fairchild argus

d. 15 Mar 1942 (Killed in ATA Service) piloting Fairchild HM178 which stalled and crashed on approach to White Waltham. His fellow ATA pilots Bridget Hill and Bessie Sayers (qqv) were also killed; Pamela Duncan (qv) was thrown from the aircraft during the crash and suffered burns.

He had turned back due to bad weather, but was held to blame for the accident.

Yorkshire Evening Post, 17 Mar 1942: "AIRWOMEN KILLED Ferry Pilots' 'Plane Hit Bungalow. The Ministry of Aircraft Production announces that Flying Officer Graham Lever, Third Officer Bridget Hill, and Third Officer Bessie Sayers lost their lives in a flying accident on Sunday. The accident occurred in the course of their duties with the Air Transport Auxiliary. The 'plane crashed on to a bungalow. A fourth passenger in the machine, also a woman A.T.A. officer, was injured. Twenty-six people were injured when they rushed to the house to extricate the passengers in the 'plane. It is believed that the petrol tank in the machine exploded.

Among the injured were children who were in the street. The petrol tank exploded some time after the crash, owing, it is believed, to contact with a fire in the kitchen. A man named Croft, living in an adjoining bungalow, was blown through a window into the street and badly hurt but a child in the front room of the bungalow was rescued almost uninjured. "


buried at Broughton Church, Hants

Aston Martin offered £50 for his car - "we are afraid that the recent petrol restrictions have severely hampered car sales."


21 Mar 1941 to 28 Aug 1942

[525 days]

First Officer


Malcolm Goss Grant

ata malcolm grant 1937 1937


 ata malcolm grant ATA

flag england b. 17 Dec 1914, Croydon

Educated at Eastbourne College

m. Marie [Plumpton], 17 Feb 1939 in Cullompton, Devon. After the wedding they departed in a Leopard Moth from Exeter Airport and were back in Croydon by 3:30, "subsequently going on to the beautiful little cottage at Newdigate, Surrey, which the bridegroom's father has given them as a residence."

prev. a draper (Grant Bros Ltd, Croydon) then a Link Trainer instructor in Carlisle, Dec-39 to 1941.

Member of Redhill Flying Club from 1936. Prev. exp. 75 hrs. They reported that his flying was "consistently steady and reliable." He first applied to the ATA in Dec 1940, but his flying hours were below the standard required at the time. However, things changed within 3 months and he was accepted for training.

Address in 1941: Gotwick Farm, Orlton Lane, Rusper, Sussex

 DB7 3

d. 28 Aug 1942 (Killed in ATA Service) in Douglas Havoc Z2299, which dived into the ground at Abington Pigotts near Bassingbourn, Cambs, whilst attempting to land following port engine failure. the accident report blamed a "loss of control on turn towards dead engine in course of circuit at low altitude and with insufficient air speed."

His wife wrote to the ATA afterwards, asking whether they had discovered the whereabouts of his stop watch, silver cigarette case and gold lighter, and key case: "I am only fussing about such things as I would so like to have them for his son - who is only five weeks old - and so, will not remember him at all."

"My great consolation is the fact that he loved every moment of his job, and although you must have many pilots with more experience, you can have few so keen - and for this reason the past eighteen months have been particularly happy."


23 Mar 1941 to Feb-42

First Officer


Earl Lamar Renicker

 ata earl renicker


 flag usa b. 16 Nov 1906, Minot ND

janes hampden 2

d. 7 Feb 1942 (Killed in ATA Service) - Hampden AT231 crashed on Lord Bradford's Estate, Weston under Lizard, Staffs after port engine fire.

He was buried atAltrincham Bowden and Hale Cemetery,Cheshire,  beside Bill Elliott (q.v.)  and near Hubert Dixon (q.v.)

ATA Memorial Earl Renicker

with thanks to Barbara Grayson

His mother wrote to Mrs Lawrence, with whom Earl had ben billeted: "It just seems like I can't get over it, I was looking forward to seeing him this spring. It was such a terrible shock. You all were so nice to give him such a nice funeral, and I'm so appreciative. 

Honey, I just write awhile and then cry awhile."

Although Earl said that he was 'single' and specified his mother as his next of kin, it later turned out that he had been married at the time he joined the ATA, but was divorced in May 1941. He and his wife had a daughter, Dorothy Ilene (b. 1926), who later married a Mr Paul E Rusher in Ohio, and died in 2007.


25 Mar 1941 to Mar-42

2nd Officer (Acting First Officer)

Guy Alan Cremonini

 ata guy cremonini ATA

flag england b. 6 Jul 1917, Birmingham

prev. RAFVR Jan-39 to Feb-40 (Sgt Pilot, OTC)

[Contract Terminated by ATA - 'Temperamentally unsuited']

'A highly nervous pilot whose sense of judgement does not seem to be very steady. He is keen, but in the four months at [Ratcliffe] Pool he has consistently taken longer to complete jobs than other pilots.'

Changed surname to 'Jordon' (his mother's maiden name) in 1944

d. 1977


25 Mar 1941 to 11 Nov 1941

First Officer


Charles Arthur Adams

ata charles adams 1926 1936

flag england b. 8 Jan 1906, East Ham, London

prev. a London Transport driver, later inspector

RAF from Jun-40 to Mar-41 (Sgt, Link Trainer instructor)

Address in 1941: 51 Wilson Rd, East Ham, London E6


[Contract Terminated by ATA - Disciplinary Reasons]

d. Dec 1957  - Lambeth ?


25 Mar 1941 to Nov-41

[227 days]

First Officer


Isidro Juan 'Sid' Paredes

flag philippines - flag usa b. 6 Apr 1907, San Antonio TX (father Quintin originally Mexican and his mother American).

His father was the Resident Commissioner of the Philippines to the US.

Degree in Business Studies from Detroit Inst. of Technology in 1927.

Employed by the Ford Motor Co, and had a brief career as a boxer; returned to the Philippines in 1931.

Jul-37 to Jan-41, 1st Lieutenant in USAAF.


He fractured his skull in a crash on 15 Feb 1939 near Bloomsdale, Missouri, and later had plastic surgery:

ata isidro paredes crash 1939

prev exp. 800 hrs


married, (err, three or four, or five, times... see later...), 2 adopted children

After training on Magister, Harvard and Hawk aircraft, he progressed to Hurricane and Oxfords, then passed Class 4 training (on Blenheims) 9 Oct 1941 - assessed "a good average, with no special faults".


Back in the Philippines, the Assembly of the Municipal Council of Posserabio (?) resolved as follows:

WHEREAS, the son of the Hon Quintin Paredes, has eventually blazed a brilliant career as an aviator and an officer of the RAF thus giving testimony to the world of the capability of Filipino manhood at all eventualities in the event of war;

WHEREAS His Majesty the King of England has relieved him from duty as a pilot of a combat plane of the famous Royal Air Force and assigning him instructor for the Royal Aviators, in the manipulation of American made fighting planes and giving him rank of a CAPTAIN in the regular army thus crowning him with another glory which the Philippines should be proud of; 

it was RESOLVED that

the Municipality to greet and congratulate the young aviator Isidro Juan Paredes Jr, and that a copy of this resolution be forwarded to the Great Aviator ISIDRO PAREDES, Jr, for his information.

Carried unanimously.


However, the first time he flew a Hampden, he stalled and crashed it:

janes hampden 2 

d. 7 Nov 1941 (Killed in ATA Service) - Hampden P5396 crashed on approach to Burtonwood Aerodrome after opening up for second circuit after mis-landing.

Philippines President Quezon (who seems to have mixed Isidro up with somebody else) wrote to Isidro's father to inform him that his son, "a volunteer with the R.A.F., participated in a British mass air raid on German-held territory and apparently was wounded but was able to land on English soil before he died."  Hmmm...

Buried Sankey Cemetery, Warrington. He was the first Philippino casualty of WWII and his body was later repatriated to the Philippines, according to CWGC.


ata isidro paredes funeral


Although Isidro was only with the ATA for less than 8 months, it took them and the US Consulate until 1948 to sort out who should get his personal effects and the proceeds of his estate (which actually only amounted to a few hundred dollars - he 'left a lot of debts'). The reason was simple; there was "uncertainty over which of the four wives is the legal one".

For the record, therefore, what happened was (as far as I can make out, and using contemporary newspapers and the photos found in his personal effects):

  • Isidro originally married Nena Barbast in the Philippines in 1931. The marriage was not a success and they separated, but, by 1934, "owing to the inflexibility of Philippine domestic laws" they had not been divorced.
  • [He then got engaged to a wealthy 15- (or 17-) year old heiress called Colletta Mulvihill, but she ran off (with Sid's engagement ring) and married a coal-truck driver called Tom Green (or Creen), 'for a lark'.

coletta mulvihill and tom green 1934  © www.historicimages.com

The marriage lasted 4 days ]


  • He then married Gracia M Marques, but they were divorced on 17 Oct 1938.


  • Before the divorce became final, however, Isidro seems to have married Alamar Trevinio (also known as Josephine, b. 6 Nov 1915 in Texas) in Mexico c.27 May 1938.

josephine paredes

'Best wishes and Good luck May God Bless you, Yours Josephine'

  • There was later a suit for divorce filed in Texas, but it was withdrawn by Alamar. In fact, Isidro specified her as his wife and next of kin when he joined the ATA. They adopted two children (Linda Victoria, b. 6 Nov 1940 in San Antonio and Sidney John, b. 21 Jan 1940 in Chicago), and I think this must be them:

Alamar Paredes and children possibly

  • Isidro then married Virginia Urbina on 31 Dec 1940 (again, without waiting for a divorce from Alamar). It appears that he and Virginia were later divorced.

kate worledge possibly

  • Isidro then moved to the UK, and married 34-year-old Kate Worledge (a spinster, address 'The Blossom Hotel, Chester') in Chester, England, on 28 Jul 1941. He produced papers which showed that he was divorced from 'Gracia M Paredes, nee Marques'. Which was true, (she was indeed his second wife), but perhaps not quite the whole story...

Anyway, Kate moved to London and gave up all claims on his estate; what was left of it eventually found its way to Josephine, who had moved to Manila.


26 Mar 1941 to 24 Feb 1942

[335 days]

First Officer


Earl Clinton Grigsby

 ata earl grigsby 1941

San Bernadino County Sun, 1941

ata earl grigsby 1942

and 1942

flag usa b. 27 Mar 1918, Nr Roy, Washington

Educated at San Bernadino High School, CA

Address in 1941: 1382 Vine St, Highland, CA


A Commercial pilot, flying since 1936, Tri City Airport, San Bernadino


 from the 'San Bernadino County Sun':

"First Word Received from E.C. Grigsby, Highland Flier

Earl C. Grigsby, Highland youth who at 22 years of age is already a veteran flier, is now a member of the royal air force, engaged in defending London from Nazi air raids.

The youth is believed to be the only San Bernadino county flier in the R.A.F. He is the son of [ClintonTherman] Grigsby, widely known Highland resident, who is foreman of the Highland Fruit Growers' packing house.

According to a censored letter written by Earl to his father, the Highland youth said he was now 'flying over London' and that he 'had one of the best flying jobs to be had'.

As far as is known, Earl flew across the Atlantic Ocean as a ferry pilot, under contract with the Canadian government.

Earl became interested in aviation when only 16 years old and made a rapid advancement in his chosen field. He received his first training at the Shandlin Hills and the Tri-city airport.

He then went to Long Beach to further his training under government instruction. At Long Beach he was advanced 50 hours of flying requirements because of his flying record and experience.

Earl received his 'wings' two months ago at Long Beach and left almost immediately for Montreal, Canada, expecting to be an instructor for the Canadian government in one of their air schools. There again he advanced rapidly and was given an overseas contract.

Mr Grigsby recently received the first letter from his son since Earl left the United States.

The letter required three weeks to reach Highland from the aerodrome near Maidenhead, Berkshire, where Earl is stationed. The youth could tell little of his experiences in England because of censorship. He said he is studying to be a trans-atlantic pilot.

Although a native of Washington, Earl has lived in Highland the greater part of his life. His home is at 1381 Vine street. He attended Highland elementary school and was graduated from the San Bernadino High School."



media 18232 www.americanairmuseum.com

"Another Highland youth now in service in England is Grigsby's chum, Keith Alexander, also of 1382 Vine street, who is a first officer in the American Eagle Squadron, stationed near London."


Transferred to Atfero, Feb 42.

 3 Apr 1942: "He has greatly enjoyed his work overseas, but has little to say of his war experiences. Earl also visited his mother, Mrs. Margie Grisby of Harlem Springs.

Young Grisgby left tonight to drive back to Montreal to resume his flying, and expects from now on to become a transatlantic pilot."


From 1970, ran G&E Flying Service, which was renamed J Kreuger and E Grigsby (Redlands Air Academy) in 1975, located at 1745 Sessums Dr., Redlands CA.

 redlands air academy 1976 [Please note that this coupon is no longer valid :-} ]


d. 4 Apr 2001 - Highland, San Bernardino, CA


30 Mar 1941 to Mar-42

First Officer


John Charles Fisher

ata john fisher


flag england b. 6 May 1918, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffs

a Sergeant Pilot in the RAFVR from Apr-39 to Jan-41; exp. 120hrs. He was discharged - "unable to complete course following a night crash."

prev. an insurance agent

He proved himself a "quiet, steady and conscientious officer", but had a couple of accidents during his short ATA career; on 25 October 1941 he taxied a Swordfish "carelessly" into a parked Piper Cub, and the following January he suffered head injuries in a forced landing in a Mohawk after engine failure.

His third accident, sadly, proved fatal.

janes airspeed oxford

d. 15 Mar 1942 (Killed in ATA Service) - Oxford X7190 crashed into ground 300' above sea level nr Wigtown. He was deemed to be 'at fault' as he persisted too far in bad weather, "of which the forecast he received gave him warning."

 The wreckage was not discovered for 3 days, and the sketch map below shows its location:

ata john fisher crash site

He was buried in Newcastle-under-Lyme Cemetery. His parents took some flowers to his grave in September 1943 and were sorry to see a wooden cross had been put there by the ATA, despite his parents having erected a stone memorial the previous November. The wooden cross was later removed.


  1941 Apr - Jun