A Fleeting Peace

Golden-Age Aviation in the British Empire

- Austin Whippet AU.4? -   00.00.21   To ZK-ACR
- Austin Whippet AU.5? -   00.00.21   Never flown
G-NZAA Avro 504L   H2989 G-NZAA NZ Flying School/Kohimarama 'K' 21.12.21   To NZ Govt 1.9.24
G-NZAB Avro 504K H5240 G-NZAB NZ Flying School/Kohimarama 'N' >NZ Aerial Transport/Hastings 28.02.22   Wfu c.23
G-NZAC Avro 504L   H2990 G-NZAC NZ Flying School/Kohimarama 'L' 28.02.22   To NZ Govt 1.9.24
G-NZAD Airco DH.9 H5636 G-NZAD 5636 (NZPAF) Canterbury (NZ) Avn Co 28.02.22   Wfu Wigram c.27
G-NZAE Airco DH.9 H5627 G-NZAE (NZPAF) Canterbury (NZ) Avn Co 28.02.22   Wfu
G-NZAF Avro 504K GW.5476 E9432 G-NZAF E9432 (NZPAF) Canterbury (NZ) Avn Co 'High Jinks' 28.02.22   Wfu
G-NZAG Avro 504K H1964 G-NZAG H1964 (NZPAF) Canterbury (NZ) Avn Co 28.02.22   Crash landed nr Wigram 17.2.24
G-NZAH Airco DH.9 D3136 D3136 G-NZAH 3136 (NZPAF) Canterbury (NZ) Avn Co >MW Buckley 'Firefly' 28.02.22   Dbf Wigram c.30
G-NZAI Supermarine Channel II 1142 G-NZAI NZ Flying School/Kohimarama 'O' 28.02.22   To NZ Govt 1.9.24 Dbf Auckland c.44
G-NZAJ Avro 504K H2987 G-NZAJ H2987 (NZPAF) Canterbury (NZ) Avn Co 08.03.22   Wfu Wigram
G-NZAK Avro 504K E4242 G-NZAK E4242 (NZPAF) Canterbury (NZ) Avn Co 08.03.22   Wfu Wigram
G-NZAL Avro 504K H1966 G-NZAL H1966 (NZPAF) NZ Aero Transport Co/Timaru 28.03.22   Wfu Wigram
G-NZAM Airco DH.9 D3139 D3139 G-NZAM 3139 (NZPAF) NZ Aero Transport Co/Timaru 28.03.22   Dbf Wigram c.27
G-NZAN Avro 504K E3142 E3142 G-NZAN NZ Aero Transport Co/Timaru 28.03.22    
G-NZAO Avro 504K H5241 G-NZAO NZ Aero Transport Co/Timaru >Arrow Avn Co 'Blazing Arrow' 28.03.22    
G-NZAP Avro 504K GW.4568 E9424 G-NZAP NZ Aero Transport Co/Timaru 28.03.22    
G-NZAQ Airco DH.9 H5672 G-NZAQ NZ Aero Transport Co/Timaru 05.04.22    
G-NZAR Avro 504K GW.4571 E9427 G-NZAR NZ Aero Transport Co/Timaru 05.04.22   Crashed 6.1.22?
G-NZAS Walsh Flying Boat 5 G-NZAS NZ Flying School/Kohimarama 'D' 24.08.22   Dbf Kohimarama 9.24
G-NZAT DH.60X Moth 500 G-NZAT ZK-AAB Air Survey & Transport Co >Hawkes Bay AC 01.05.28   Wfu .37 broken up 2.38
G-NZAU DH.60X Moth 591 G-NZAU FD.Mill/Hobsonville >KWJ.Hall/Hororata 04.07.28   Crashed nr Waikari 7.7.28
G-NZAV Avro 594 Avian IIIa R3/CN/174 G-NZAV ZK-AAC Goodwin-Chichester Avn Co/Wellington > KWJ.Hall/Hororata 17.12.28    
G-NZAW DH.60G Gipsy Moth 866 G-NZAW ZK-AAL NZ501 NZPAF >Auckland AC 00.00.29   Hit fence New Plymouth 22.2.41
G-NZAX DH.60G Gipsy Moth 867 G-NZAX ZK-AAM NZPAF >Marlborough AC 19.02.29   Crashed Masterton 4.3.32
G-NZAY DH.60G Gipsy Moth 868 G-NZAY ZK-AAH NZPAF >Canterbury AC 01.05.29   impressed as Inst a/f and used for spares
G-NZAZ DH.60G Gipsy Moth 869 G-NZAZ ZK-AAI NZPAF >Canterbury AC 01.05.29   Crashed Hokitika 21.3.37
G-NZEA DH.60G Gipsy Moth 914 (G-NZEA) ZK-AAJ Air Survey & Transport Co >Marlborough AC 03.05.29   Stalled and spun Miramar Golf Links Wellington 20.11.32
G-NZEB DH.60G Gipsy Moth 915 (G-NZEB) ZK-AAK Air Survey & Transport Co >Auckland AC 00.04.29   Crashed Auckland 18.10.37
G-NZEC DH.60G Gipsy Moth 927 (G-NZEC) ZK-AAD Air Survey & Transport Co 15.03.29   Crashed Wataroa 16.2.38
G-NZED DH.60G Gipsy Moth 928 (G-NZED) ZK-AAE Air Survey & Transport Co >Auckland AC 09.10.28   Crashed Auckland 22.12.30
G-NZEE Avro 594 Avian IIIa R3/CN/162 G-NZEE ZK-AAF Goodwin-Chichester Avn Co/Wellington 12.10.28    
G-NZEF DH.60G Gipsy Moth 929 (G-NZEF) ZK-AAG Air Survey & Transport Co >Hamilton AW 29.12.28   Ran into ditch Cromwell 21.3.37


DH.60G Gipsy Moth 888 ZK-AAA Marlborough AC/Blenheim (based Omaka) 14.11.28 Ditched off Queen Charlotte Sound 29.4.29. Recovered and rebuilt. Crashed Blenheim 10.6.36
ZK-AAB DH.60X Moth 500 G-NZAT ZK-AAB Hawkes Bay AC 01.01.29 Wfu .37 broken up Hobsonville 2.38
ZK-AAC Avro 594 Avian IIIA R3/CN/174 G-NZAV ZK-AAC KWJ Hall >Miss A Clifford >R Barryman >Manawatu AC >MH Oram/Milsom 04.01.29 Destroyed in hangar collapse nr Fielding 2.2.36 scrapped Auckland 2.39
ZK-AAD DH.60G Gipsy Moth 927 (G-NZEC) ZK-AAD A McIntosh 'Bell Bird'/Invercargill >ME Spiers 15.03.29 Crashed on takeoff Whataroa 16.2.38
ZK-AAE DH.60G Gipsy Moth 928 (G-NZED) ZK-AAE Auckland AC 'NZ Herald Gift Machine' 01.03.29 Crashed Mangere Auckland 22.12.30
ZK-AAF Avro 594 Avian IIIA R3/CN/162 G-NZEE ZK-AAF Goodwin-Chichester Avn Co >DJ McNicol/Hawkes Bay (based Dannevirke) >various >AJ Borsen 01.01.29 Wfu nr New Plymouth .46 pts used to rebuild ZK-ACM
ZK-AAG DH.60G Gipsy Moth 929 (G-NZEF) ZK-AAG Hamilton AW >Southland AC/Invercargill 01.01.29 Ran into ditch Cromwell 21.3.37
ZK-AAH DH.60G Gipsy Moth 868 G-NZAY ZK-AAH Canterbury AC/Sockburn Aerodrome Christchurch 01.05.29 Impressed as inst a/f and used for spares
ZK-AAI DH.60G Gipsy Moth 869 G-NZAZ ZK-AAI Canterbury AC 01.05.29 Crashed Hokitika 21.3.37
ZK-AAJ DH.60G Gipsy Moth 914 (G-NZEA) ZK-AAJ Marlborough AC 03.05.29 Stalled and spun Miramar Golf Links Wellington 20.11.32
ZK-AAK DH.60G Gipsy Moth 915 (G-NZEB) ZK-AAK Auckland AC/Mangere (Govt Loan) 00.04.29 Crashed Mangere Auckland 18.10.37
ZK-AAL DH.60G Gipsy Moth 866 G-NZAW ZK-AAL NZ501 Auckland AC/Mangere 00.04.29 Impressed 1.10.39 Hit fence New Plymouth 22.2.41
ZK-AAM DH.60G Gipsy Moth 867 G-NZAX ZK-AAM Marlborough AC >Waiarapa AC 19.02.29 Crashed Masterton 4.3.32
ZK-AAN Avro 594 Avian IIIA R3/CN/199 ZK-AAN Goodwin-Chichester Avn Co >Wellington AC >JCK Baines >RL McGaffin/Palmerston North >HW Wilson/Halcombe 23.01.29 Canc 30.05.38
ZK-AAO DH.60G Gipsy Moth 922 ZK-AAO NZ502 Inst.21 IC Horton >Wellington AC/Rongotai (Govt Loan) 00.04.29 Impressed 12.9.39 to Wellington ATC
ZK-AAP Simmonds Spartan 3 ZK-AAP G-AUIT VH-UIT HF Mase 'The All Black' 09.02.29 Crashed on takeoff Balranald NSW 7.1.39 [c/n 8 per some which crashed in France enroute NZ 26.4.29 - never went to Australia]
ZK-AAQ Blackburn L.1B Bluebird III 1450/1 G-AABB ZK-AAQ DS Cattanach t/a Southern Cross AW >JE Tidd & R Kemp >E Bull >SJ Blackmore 27.02.29 Crashed on takeoff Te Rapa 2.4.33
ZK-AAR DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1102 ZK-AAR NZ519 Inst.36 Falcon AW >Canterbury AC >Air Survey & Transport Co/Hobsonville 14.05.29 Impressed 13.10.39 to inst/af
ZK-AAS DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1111 ZK-AAS Hamilton AW >Wellington AC/Rongotai (Govt Loan) 00.08.29 Crashed in forced landing Pangarehu 25.12.36
ZK-AAT DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1132 ZK-AAT Auckland AC/Mangere (Govt Loan) 26.07.29 Spun into dry creek nr Mangere 12.3.38
ZK-AAU DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1131 ZK-AAU Auckland AC/Mangere (Govt Loan) 00.00.29 Crashed Mangere 26.8.36 Beyond economic repair 13.6.38
ZK-AAV DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1185 ZK-AAV Hamilton AW >Rotorua AW >Bohunk AW >MA Scott >Wellington AC/Rongotai (Govt Loan) 00.11.29 Dbr in heavy landing Wellington 27.3.37 broken up 26.8.36
ZK-AAW DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1197 ZK-AAW Canterbury AC/Sockburn Aerodrome Christchurch (Govt loan) 13.01.30 Hit fence and overturned Eveline 7.12.36
ZK-AAX DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1202 ZK-AAX NZ506 Inst.40 Western Federated FC/Bell Block Aerodrome New Plymouth >Wanganui AC 11.10.29 Impressed 10.10.39 Rebuilt using ZK-ABT c/n 1487. To Gisborne ATC
ZK-AAY Simmonds Spartan 4 VH-ULI ZK-AAY Hawkes Bay & East Coast FC >NZ AW Ltd/Timaru 19.10.29 Crashed Staveley 12.02.37
ZK-AAZ DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1207 ZK-AAZ Wellington AC/Rongotai (Govt Loan) >West Coast United AC 00.00.29 Heavy landing Hokitika 19.9.37
ZK-ABA DH.60M Moth 1449 ZK-ABA Gisborne Aerial Transport Co >Manawatu AC/Palmerston North 00.00.29 Crashed Palmerston North 10.3.38
ZK-ABB DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1217 ZK-ABB NZ504 Hawkes Bay AC/Hastings (Govt Loan) >New Plymouth AC 00.00.29 Impressed 11.10.39 Crashed New Plymouth 19.4.41
ZK-ABC Simmonds Spartan 48 ZK-ABC Hawkes Bay & East Coast AC >NZ AW Ltd/Timaru 11.12.29 Crashed Tarumaranui 22.03.33 scrapped 7.37
ZK-ABD Monocoupe 70 332 C7006 ZK-ABD OB Coltrell >L Mangham/Palmerston North 00.00.29 Dbf Palmerston North 12.10.53 (NC7006 quotes c/n 190 and c/n 332 is a Monocoupe 113)
ZK-ABE DH.60M Moth 1448 ZK-ABE Wairarapa & Ruahine AC/Hood Aerodrome Masterton 00.00.29 Crashed Masterton 3.7.39
ZK-ABF DH.60M Moth 1447 ZK-ABF NZ516 National AW >Cadburys Business Services 'The Chocolate Plane' >Otago AC/Dunedin (based Mosgiel) 00.00.29 Impressed 26.9.39 Crashed New Plymouth 5.2.41
ZK-ABG DH.80A Puss Moth 2046 ZK-ABG NZ594 ZK-AJW Rotorua AW 'Arawa' >NZ AW Ltd/Timaru >WR Willmott >AJ McIntosh >AJ Bradshaw (Southland AW) 'Hikioi' 14.11.30 Impressed 8.6.42 restored 24.4.46 Ditched in fog off Oamaru Beach 25.8.48
ZK-ABH DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1249 ZK-ABH Wellington AC 04.11.30 Crashed Johnsonville 22.9.32
ZK-ABI Dornier Do12A Libelle 101 D-1065 ZK-ABI Aerial Services Ltd 15.11.29 Crashed in sea off Milford Beach Auckland 13.12.29
ZK-ABJ Avro 616 Avian IVM 386 ZK-ABJ AV Jury/Greytown >JF Cane/Masterton 00.06.29 Crashed Waikanae 25.01.35
ZK-ABK Simmonds Spartan 46 ZK-ABK NZ AW Ltd/Timaru 'White Star' >SJ Lister /Timaru >L W Whittaker 18.11.29 Canc 29.11.40 restored 7.08 current
ZK-ABL Simmonds Spartan 39 ZK-ABL Wellington AC >Goodwin-Chichester Avn Co >TA Baikie/Thames 00.00.29 Crashed Tauranga 16.08.36
ZK-ABM DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1127 G-AAKF ZK-ABM HF Armstrong/Dannevirke 00.00.29 Force landed in snow nr Wakarara 21.7.35 pilot never found
ZK-ABN Simmonds Spartan 42 ZK-ABN NZ AW Ltd/Timaru 'Southern Cross Kitten' >JH Dobson /Timaru >WR Willmott 00.00.29 Crashed nr Timaru 31.10.39
ZK-ABO DH.60G Gipsy Moth   NZPAF ZK-ABO NZPAF Otago AC (Govt loan) 00.00.29 Temporary loan of Air Force machine
ZK-ABP DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1250 ZK-ABP NZ507 Inst.39 Western Federated FC/Bell Block Aerodrome >New Plymouth AC 00.00.29 Impressed 11.10.39 SOC 26.11.53
ZK-ABQ DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1806 ZK-ABQ Canterbury AC/Christchurch 16.08.30 Crashed into sea off Waipara 19.1.35
ZK-ABR DH.80A Puss Moth 2054 ZK-ABR G-AFDH Air Survey & Transport Co Ltd/Hobsonville >FC Chichester & FD Herrick 00.00.30 First a/c to fly NZ-UK. Sold UK 12.37 Burnt Redhill 20.5.54
ZK-ABS DH.60M Moth 1488 ZK-ABS Western Federated FC/Bell Block Aerodrome New Plymouth 00.06.30 Crashed on slopes of Mt Egmont 13.9.34
ZK-ABT DH.60M Moth 1487 ZK-ABT Wellington AC 00.06.30 Crashed on takeoff Rongotai 24.6.30 Fuselage used to rebuild c/n 1202
ZK-ABU Simmonds Spartan 49 ZK-ABU Canadian-Knight Whippet Co >Air Travel >AH Nancekivelli 'Lovebird' >West Coast AW Ltd/Hokitika >WT Hempseed >West Coast United AC 00.00.30 Canc 15.03.39
ZK-ABV DH.60G Gipsy Moth 806 G-EBZY ZK-ABV Bryant House AW >Manawatu AC/Palmerston North 00.00.30 Crashed Miramar Golf Course 3.12.37
ZK-ABW Saunders-Roe A.21 Windhover A.21/1 ZK-ABW VH-UPB(1) Dominion AL >Matthews Avn 10.04.30 Destroyed on rocks after force landing in Bass Strait 14.05.36
ZK-ABX Desoutter I D.21 ZK-ABX GAC Cowper >Taranaki AW >Co-United Transport >AC Lavington >MA Scott >Rotorua AW 15.04.30 Painted ZK-AVX in error. Crashed on takeoff Rotorua 9.32
ZK-ABY Desoutter I D.17 ZK-ABY GA Nicholls/Gisbourne >JHW Lett t/a Gisborne Aerial Transport >Hawkes Bay AC/Hastings (Govt Loan) 00.00.30 Wfu 12.36 scrapped .37
ZK-ABZ Simmonds Spartan 43 ZK-ABZ Canadian-Knight Whippet Co >Commercial Avn Co lsd Air Travel >Marlborough AC >NZ AW Ltd/Timaru >JH Dobson/Hinds >SJ Lister/Temuka 27.05.30 Canc 19.11.39. Preserved
ZK-ACA Desoutter II D.36 ZK-ACA Dominion AL 00.00.30 Crashed Wairoa 8.02.31
ZK-ACB DH.80A Puss Moth 2107 ZK-ACB NZ582 Auckland AC/Mangere >Waikato AC 00.00.30 Impressed 12.10.39 Reduced to spares. pts used to rebuild ZK-ACX c/n 2204
ZK-ACC DH.60M Moth 1549 G-ABAN ZK-ACC NZ511 Inst.41 Auckland AC/Mangere (Govt Loan) >Waikato AC 00.11.30 Impressed 12.10.39 Broken up Ohakea
ZK-ACD DH.60M Moth 1554 ZK-ACD Wairarapa AC/Hood Aerodrome Masterton (Govt Loan) 00.00.30 Hit fence forced landing Waitahora Valley 12.2.38 rts
ZK-ACE DH.60M Moth 1561 ZK-ACE NZ509 Otago AC/Dunedin (based Mosgiel) (Govt Loan) >Middle Districts AC 00.00.30 Impressed 6.10.39 Written off New Plymouth 9.7.40 on rebuild
ZK-ACF DH.60M Moth 1562 ZK-ACF NZ505 Southland AC/Invercargill (Govt Loan) >Western Federated FC >New Plymouth AC 00.00.30 Impressed 11.10.39 Written off New Plymouth 19.2.41
ZK-ACG Comper CLA.7 Swift S.30/8 ZK-ACG HLD West/Whakatane 'Kitten' >R Ferry/Whakatane >FJ McDonald & JS Aitken/Auckland >SA Tucker & ptnrs 08.04.31 Crashed Te Wera Taranaki 10.04.39
ZK-ACH DH.60M Moth 1563 ZK-ACH Western Federated FC/New Plymouth (Govt Loan) 00.00.30 Forced landing Kaimanawa Ranges 8.1.37 stored Auckland
ZK-ACI DH.60M Moth 1564 ZK-ACI Otago AC/Dunedin (based Mosgiel) (Govt Loan) 00.00.30 Crashed Mosgiel Dunedin 25.3.37
ZK-ACJ Desoutter I D.10 G-AATI ZK-ACJ Waikato Avn/Hamilton >SJ Blackmore/Hamilton 00.00.30 Wfu 6.41 rebuilt 10.46 Crashed nr Pekatahi 08.11.50
ZK-ACK DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1093 G-AAKK (ZK-ACK) ZK-AKK Auckland AC/Mangere 00.00.30 Francis Chichester. Hit wires across river Katsuura Japan 14.8.31
ZK-ACK DH.60M Moth 1438 G-AASA ZK-ACK NZ510 Inst.37 Auckland AC/Mangere >Waikato AC/Hamilton 03.03.31 Impressed 12.10.39
ZK-ACL Cierva C.19 III (Avro 620) 5140 G-ABCK ZK-ACL Safety Flying (North Island) Ltd/Wanganui 00.00.30 Blown over by wind Wanganui 17.4.31 Canc 10.10.31 returned to UK
ZK-ACM Avro 616 Sports Avian 499 ZK-ACM Goodwin-Chichester Avn Co >RA Kirkup >EF Harvie/Auckland >Auckland AC >SJ Blackmore/Rotorua >various >KC Trillo/Wellington 22.11.31 Dbf 23.02.74
ZK-ACN Avro 504K A.201 NZPAF201 ZK-ACN L Brake & J Paul/Wanganui 'Joybird' >Matamata Aero Syndicate/Matamata 06.07.31 Canc (repaired using wings of ZK-ACS)
ZK-ACO DH.89A Rapide 6259 ZK-ACO(2) VH-UUO RAAF as A33-1 VH-UUO Melbourne Centenary Air Race Committee/Mangere 'Tainui' >west Australian AW 08.10.34 Crashed Tooraweenah NSW 23.5.52
ZK-ACP DH.87B Hornet Moth 8096 (G-ADSJ) ZK-ACP(2) Air Survey & Transport Co Ltd/Hobsonville >Hawkes Bay & East Coast AC 18.02.37 Crashed nr Crownthorpe 18.04.38
ZK-ACQ Spartan Arrow 75 G-ABBE ZK-ACQ F Lysons/Blenheim >Sir MH Oram/Palmerston North 02.05.31 Hangar collapsed on a/c during gale Parorangi 02.02.36 scrapped
ZK-ACR Austin Whippet AU.4 ZK-ACR P Coleman/Wanganui >WR Bennett/Taihape 01.05.31 Canc 12.11.37
ZK-ACS Avro 504K A.206 NZPAF206 ZK-ACS L Brake & J Paul/Wanganui >PH Wilton/Featherston (based Martinborough) 06.07.31 Wfu .38 scrapped
ZK-ACT Avro 504K A.203 NZPAF203 ZK-ACT F Cresser & ptnrs >Avro 504 Syndicate/Dannevirke >R Downey/Auckland 06.07.31 Scrapped Auckland .37
ZK-ACU Avro 504K A.202 NZPAF202 ZK-ACU JA Thomas >FC Norton/Wanganui >CR & GL Parker/New Plymouth 00.00.31 Crashed New Plymouth 17.11.35 then damaged by gale. Taranaki Museum
ZK-ACV Waco QDC 3580 ZK-ACV NZ570 Inst.31 Wellington AC >Otago AC/Dunedin >RL Wigley/Timaru >Queenstown -Mount Cook Airways 00.00.31 Impressed 16.4.40 Broken up Rongotai .41
ZK-ACW Heath Parasol 1 ZK-ACW WS Dini/Christchurch >JP Bell/Cromwell >WR Willmott/Timaru 'Phoenix' 00.00.31 Crashed Timaru 23.10.41
ZK-ACX DH.80A Puss Moth 2204 NZ593 ZK-ACX NZ593 NZ567 ZK-AJN ZK-ACX Sir BF Stewart/Pigeon Bay Bank's Peninsula >AJ Bradshaw (Southland AW) 'Hikuwai' 00.00.31 Impressed 26.6.40 Hit by Tiger Moth NZ661 Ashburton 16.12.42 rebuilt as NZ567 using pts of NZ582 restored as ZK-AJN
ZK-ACY DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1234 G-AAWN ZK-ACY Hawkes Bay AC/Hastings 00.00.32 Spun in after takeoff Hastings 24.12.33
ZK-ACZ DH.60M Moth 3049 ZK-ACZ Western Federated FC/New Plymouth (Govt Loan) 00.00.33 Disappeared over Cook Strait 22.3.37
ZK-ADA DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1909 ZK-ADA NZ514 Marlborough AC/Omaka (Govt Loan) 09.03.33 Impressed 5.10.39 Ground collision with NZ521 New Plymouth 6.9.40 dbr
ZK-ADB DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1910 ZK-ADB NZ513 Southland AC/Invercargill (Govt Loan) 21.03.33 Impressed 27.9.39 SOC 19.9.41
ZK-ADC DH.83 Fox Moth 4025 ZK-ADC Southland AC/Invercargill (Govt Loan) >lsd Southland AW 00.00.32 Crashed on landing Big Bay 30.12.36
ZK-ADD Robinson Redwing 2 RA.7 G-ABMV ZK-ADD Inst.112 HT Parry/Hokitika >GA Green/Ahaura 20.09.33 Donated to ATC Burnt Invercargill 23.10.45
ZK-ADE Waco UIC 3820 ZK-ADE NZ574 ZK-ALG Wellington AC/Rongotai 11.06.34 Impressed 12.9.39 restored as ZK-ALG .46
ZK-ADF DH.60M Moth 1399 VH-UMR ZK-ADF Auckland AC >MA Scott/Hamilton 09.05.34 Midair collision with Desoutter ZK-ACJ Waihou 28.11.34
ZK-ADF DH.60M Moth 1542 G-AAXG F-AJZB G-AAXG F-AJZB G-AAXG (ZK-ADF) ZK-AEJ 00.12.35 extant
ZK-ADG DH.60G Gipsy Moth 894 G-AUIR VH-UIR ZK-ADG Auckland AC/Mangere 01.08.34 Crashed Mangere 28.2.39
ZK-ADH DH.83 Fox Moth 4085 ZK-ADH Canterbury AC/Wigram -lsd Air Travel (NZ) Ltd 00.00.34 Dbr in fog landing nr Wigram 07.06.36 pts used to construct ZK-AGM
ZK-ADI DH.83 Fox Moth 4097 ZK-ADI NZ566 ZK-ASP N83DH G-ADHA ZK-ADI Air Travel (NZ) Ltd/Christchurch 29.01.35 Accident Jacksons Bay 2.40 Impressed 12.4.43 restored as ZK-ASP 16.7.48


MacRobertson Race 1934

Miles M.2F Hawk Major 119 G-ACXU ZK-ADJ Manawatu AC/Palmerston North 'Spirit of Manawatu' >Middle Districts AC >Wellington AC 21.09.34 Dbr forced landing nr Maxwell 21.03.36 pts used for ZK-AEO
ZK-ADK DH.60G III Moth Major 5114 ZK-ADK NZ508 Hawkes Bay & East Coast AC (Govt gift) 11.04.35 Impressed 9.10.39 Written off New Plymouth 28.4.41
ZK-ADL DH.60G III Moth Major 5115 ZK-ADL NZ521 Inst.25 Wairarapa & Ruahine AC/Masterton (Govt gift) 03.05.35 Impressed 9.10.39 Ground collision with NZ514 or NZ745 New Plymouth 6.9.40
ZK-ADM DH.60G III Moth Major 5118 ZK-ADM NZ512 Southland AC/Invercargill (Govt gift) 13.04.35 Impressed 27.9.39 Crashed landing New Plymouth 4.9.41
ZK-ADN DH.60G III Moth Major 5119 ZK-ADN NZ515 Otago AC/Dunedin (Govt gift) 17.04.35 Impressed 26.9.39 Written off New Plymouth 22.7.41
ZK-ADO DH.60G III Moth Major 5120 ZK-ADO West Coast United AC/Greymouth (Govt gift) 23.05.35 Crashed Waiho 20.6.35
ZK-ADP DH.60G III Moth Major 5121 ZK-ADP NZ503 Inst.47 Wellington AC (Govt gift) 20.05.35 Impressed 12.9.39 To ATC Wanganui
ZK-ADQ Avro 616 Avian IVM R3/CN/435 G-AATV SU-AAG G-AATV ZK-ADQ KR Johnstone/Timaru >CHR Liddell/Wellington >PH Wilton /Masterton 00.03.35 Crashed Ashburton 13.06.48
ZK-ADR DH.84 Dragon II 6090 ZK-ADR ZK-AER NZ551 ZK-AHT East Coast AW/Gisbourne 'Huia' 15.04.35 Crashed Mount Hope Canc 12.37 restored as ZK-AER
ZK-ADS DH.84 Dragon II 6091 ZK-ADS NZ550 East Coast AW/Gisbourne 'Tui' >Union AW of NZ 15.04.35 Impressed 13.10.39 To Fiji SOC 4.7.43
ZK-ADT DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1101 G-AAJO ZK-ADT SG White >Airwork (NZ)/Wellington >Union AW of NZ 'Huia' >NZNAC >AB Baker/Whitehall >various >HL Middleton/ Pukekohe 08.12.34 Wfu 1.65 restored 3.04 current
ZK-ADU DH.80A Puss Moth 2001 G-AATC VH-UON ZK-ADU RG Whitehead/Wellington 'Youth of NZ' >Southland AW 05.06.35 Hit by NZ661 Ashburton 16.12.47 under restoration
ZK-ADV Tui Sports 1 ZK-ADV FAN North/Mangere >LB McKenzie/Hamilton 17.01.35 Crashed Ohope Beach 29.8.41
ZK-ADW DH.60X Moth 9 VH-UMK ZK-ADW GE Marni-Kerry >FB Cadman /Auckland >Rotorua & Bay of Plenty AC 00.00.34 Wfu .47
ZK-ADX Boeing-Canada 40H-4 CB8 CF-AMS ZK-ADX VH-ADX(1) New Zealand AW/Dunedin >G Cross/Timaru 22.08.35 Crashed Black Cat Gap 21.09.39
ZK-ADY Boeing-Canada 40H-4 CB7 CF-AMR ZK-ADY VH-ACL(1) New Zealand AW/Dunedin >AJ Bradshaw/Invercargill >R Parer/Wau 00.00.35 Destroyed by bombing Wau 21.01.42
ZK-ADZ DH.60G Gipsy Moth 871 NZPAF871 ZK-ADZ West Coast United AC/Greymouth 12.03.36 Crashed off Blaketown Beach 11.4.37
ZK-AEA British Klemm BK.1 Eagle 106 VH-USP ZK-AEA WM O'Hara/Malang Java 'Zealandia' 14.03.36 To Australia 5.36 Crashed Eumungerie NSW 24.05.36
ZK-AEB DH.60M Moth 1560 NZPAF1560 ZK-AEB NZ520 Inst.38 Canterbury AC/Christchurch >R Grant/Collingwood 28.05.36 Impressed 13.10.39 to Christchurch ATC. scrapped
ZK-AEC DH.89A Rapide 6334 ZK-AEC NZ555 Cook Strait AW/Wellington 'Mercury' 16.09.36 Impressed 17.9.39 Destroyed in hurricane Fiji SOC 19.09.45
ZK-AED DH.89A Rapide 6305 ZK-AED NZ556 Cook Strait AW/Wellington 'Venus' 09.12.35 Impressed 1.11.39 Destroyed in hurricane Nausori 20.2.41
ZK-AEE DH.89A Rapide 6306 ZK-AEE NZ559 Cook Strait AW/Wellington 'Jupiter' 09.12.35 Impressed 10.11.39 To Fiji SOC Nausori 4.7.43 [or is this 6343?]
ZK-AEF DH.86 Express 2330 ZK-AEF NZ552 Union AW of NZ 'Kotuku' 10.12.35 Impressed 17.9.39 To Fiji SOC Nausori 7.12.43 Parts used to rebuild NZ553
ZK-AEG DH.86 Express 2331 ZK-AEG NZ553 ZK-AHW Union AW of NZ 'Karoro' 10.12.35 Impressed 13.10.39 Crashed Fiji 12.42 pts used to rebuild NZ553 restored as ZK-AHW 28.2.45
ZK-AEH DH.86 Express 2332 ZK-AEH NZ554 Union AW of NZ 'Korimako' 17.12.35 Impressed 25.10.39 Crashed on takeoff Ohakea 13.11.40 Parts used to rebuild NZ553
ZK-AEI Miles M.3B Falcon Six 247 ZK-AEI Union AW of NZ 00.00.35 Crashed Rongotai 19.2.36
ZK-AEJ DH.60M Moth 1542 G-AAXG F-AJZB G-AAXG F-AJZB G-AAXG (ZK-ADF) ZK-AEJ RG Tappenden/Auckland >J Allen/Wairoa >RNZAF >KG Reader/Palmerston North 16.09.35  
ZK-AEK DH.83 Fox Moth 4033 G-ACAJ G-ACDD OO-ENC ZK-AEK VQ-FAT G-ACDD ZK-AEK CF-YPM Air Travel (NZ) Ltd/Hokitika >NZNAC 'Mohua' >Aerial Sowing (Canterbury) >BN McCook 18.12.35 Wfu 10.57 restored .93 Sold Canada
ZK-AEL Waco UOC 4336 ZK-AEL NZ575 ZK-ALA Marlborough AC/Blenheim 01.05.36 Impressed 5.10.39 Restored as ZK-ALA 10.46 Wfu .58
ZK-AEM DH.60G Gipsy Moth 872 NZPAF872 ZK-AEM Marlborough AC/Blenheim 06.01.36 Crashed Blenheim 15.12.37
ZK-AEN BA Swallow II 435 ZK-AEN RL Wigley/Timaru >Queenstown -Mt.Cook Airways 25.07.36 Destroyed by floods Timaru 21.2.44
ZK-AEO Miles M.11A Whitney Straight 308 ZK-AEO NZ576 ZK-AJF Canterbury AC/Christchurch 14.04.37 Impressed 1.11.39 Restored as ZK-AJF 4.46 Crashed near Lobourn 20.06.50
ZK-AEP DH.60M Moth 1567 NZPAF1567 ZK-AEP Auckland AC 00.00.36 Ditched off Waiheke Is 13.1.37
ZK-AEQ Miles M.2Y Hawk Trainer 302 ZK-AEQ Wellington AC 00.00.36 Crashed nr Eltham 02.06.37
ZK-AER DH.84 Dragon II 6090 ZK-ADR ZK-AER NZ551 ZK-AHT East Coast AW/Gisborne 'Huia' >Union AW of NZ >RNZAF >Air Travel (NZ) 30.12.37 Impressed 13.10.39 Restored as ZK-AHT 3.44 Crashed Mount Hope 30.06.44
ZK-AES Percival P.1D Gull Four > P.3 Gull Six D45 G-ACUL ZK-AES NZ572 LE Clark >Air Dept /Wellington >RNZAF >Canterbury AC 05.01.37 To RNZAF 23.8.37 restored 19.11.38 Impressed 12.9.39 Written off after crash Hobsonville 18.07.40
ZK-AET GAL ST.25 Monospar Universal ST25/69 VH-UVM ZK-AET Canterbury AC 03.11.36 Broken up Rongotai .41
ZK-AEU Beech C17L Staggerwing 107 ZK-AEU NZ573 ZK-AJS VH-BOU VH-PMG VH-TOT Auckland AC >RNZAF >Auckland AC 05.05.37 Impressed 21.9.39 restored as ZK-AJS 13.3.46 Sold Australia 10.3.55
ZK-AEV DH.80A Puss Moth 2125 G-ABHC NZPAF2125 ZK-AEV NZ590 Southland AC 03.03.37 Impressed 27.9.39 reduced to produce Rongotai 31.5.46
ZK-AEW DH.89A Rapide 6343 ZK-AEW NZ557 Cook Strait AW Ltd 'Mars' 24.02.37 Impressed 1.11.39 To Fiji Destroyed by hurricane Nausori 20.2.41 [or is this 6306?]
ZK-AEX Miles M.14 Hawk Trainer III 331 G-AETJ ZK-AEX Auckland AC 02.09.37 Crashed Gt Barrier Is 17.03.39
ZK-AEY Miles M.14 Hawk Trainer III 332 G-AETL ZK-AEY NZ586 ZK-ALO Otago AC 13.09.37 Impressed 26.9.39 restored as ZK-ALO .46 Crashed Waharoa 16.12.56
ZK-AEZ Miles M.14A Hawk Trainer III 486 ZK-AEZ NZ585 Wellington AC 07.12.37 Impressed 12.9.39 Destroyed when Hudson NZ2077 crashed into hangar Whenuapai 17.12.42
ZK-AFA Miles M.14A Hawk Trainer III 487 ZK-AFA Canterbury AC 00.00.37 Written off during aerobatics Prebbleton 27.02.38
ZK-AFB DH.90 Dragonfly 7560 ZK-AFB Air Travel (NZ) >Canterbury AC >Aircraft Engineering of NZ >AJ Bradshaw 'Kiwi Rover' >Air Charter Ltd 23.09.37 Missing en route Christchurch-Milford Sound 12.02.62
ZK-AFC Lockheed 10A Electra 1092 ZK-AFC Union AW of NZ 'Kotare' 00.05.37 Crashed on takeoff and dbf Mangere 10.05.38
ZK-AFD Lockheed 10A Electra 1095 ZK-AFD Union AW of NZ 'Kuaka' >NZNAC >Rural Avn >Mangorei Motors/Taranaki 01.06.37 Wfu 9.51 To MoTAT .66 preserved
ZK-AFE Lockheed 10A Electra 1103 ZK-AFE Union AW of NZ 'Kereru' 09.07.37 Crashed Mt Richmond 07.05.42
ZK-AFF GAL ST.25 Monospar Universal ST25/84 G-AEJW ZK-AFF Aerial Mapping & Survey/Hastings >NZ Aerial Mapping Co 'Manu Rere' 03.03.37 Dbf in hangar fire 6.86
ZK-AFG Miles M.11A Whitney Straight 323 ZK-AFG NZ579 ZK-AJZ H Edwards /Rongotai -lsd Wellington AC >RNZAF >H Edwards 28.05.37 Impressed 12.9.39 restored as ZK-AJZ 20.5.46 Dbr in crash landing Hastings 23.01.59
ZK-AFH Miles M.11A Whitney Straight 311 ZK-AFH Public Works Dept >G Hufton >NB Hoey >WC Fleming >DS Rowles/Omakau 19.05.38 Scrapped Omakau .65
ZK-AFI Percival P.10 Vega Gull K63 ZK-AFI ZK-AKV LE Clark /Christchurch >Wellington AC >RNZAF >Wellington AC >Hauraki AC >Midland AS >New Plymouth AC >R Howie/Benmore 10.08.37 Wfu .64 Broken up Otematata
ZK-AFJ Miles M.2P Hawk Major 251 VP-KBT ZK-AFJ NZ589 Brig Gen AC Lewin >Canterbury AC 00.00.37 Impressed 13.10.39 Written off at Rongotai during 7.43
ZK-AFK Miles M.2H Hawk Major 144 VT-AGH ZK-AFK NZ578 Wellington AC 07.06.37 Impressed 12.9.39 Written off after forced landing near Ohakea (No.3 FTS) 05.05.41
ZK-AFL Miles M.2F Hawk Major 220 G-ADLO ZK-AFL NZ588 Marlborough AC 12.07.37 Damaged nr Port Waikato 29.6.39 Impressed 5.10.39
ZK-AFM Miles M.2F Hawk Major 147 G-ADCI ZK-AFM NZ587 Western Federated FC/Wanganui >Wanganui AC 28.05.37 Impressed 10.10.39 Crashed New Plymouth 18.11.39
ZK-AFN DH.82A Tiger Moth 3629 ZK-AFN NZ719 ZK-AOL Auckland AC >RNZAF >WH Johns/New Plymouth >New Plymouth AC 10.01.38 Impressed 1.10.39 restored as ZK-AOL .47 Accident Mangere aerodrome 10.01.59
ZK-AFO DH.82A Tiger Moth 3630 ZK-AFO NZ720 ZK-ASA ZK-AFO Auckland AC >RNZAF >Hawera AC >Air Contracts Ltd >JP Galpin 10.01.38 Impressed 1.10.39 restored as ZK-ASA 10.6.48 Wfu 4.58 stored Pongakawa. Restored as ZK-AFO 6.11.81
ZK-AFP DH.82A Tiger Moth 3680 ZK-AFP NZ724 Auckland AC 28.06.38 Impressed 1.10.39 Ditched Castor Bay Auckland 18.4.41
ZK-AFQ Taylor J-2 Cub 977 ZK-AFQ B Owen >Canterbury AC >Tauranga AC >various 00.00.37 Crashed Red Hill Papakura 07.05.63
ZK-AFR DH.60M Moth NZ1 ZK-AFR NZ522 Public Works Dept 25.08.38 Impressed 8.11.39 Crashed into sea off Suva Harbour Fiji 4.10.41
ZK-AFS Porterfield 35-90 De Luxe Sport 315 ZK-AFS General Aircraft Sales Ltd >Middle Districts AC 12.01.38 Dbf hangar fire Palmerston North 17.02.39
ZK-AFT Porterfield 35-90 De Luxe Sport 316 ZK-AFT NZ581 ZK-AHJ NZ598 ZK-APJ General Aircraft Sales Ltd >Hawkes Bay & East Coast AC >RNZAF >New Plymouth AC >RNZAF >CHR Liddell >WR Willmott 12.01.38 Impressed 9.10.39 restored as ZK-AHJ 21.6.40 impressed 7.10.42 restored as ZK-APJ 26.9.46 Canc 11.9.74 RNZAF Museum
ZK-AFU DH.82A Tiger Moth 3641 ZK-AFU Middle Districts AC 16.02.38 Destroyed in hangar fire Milson aerodrome 17.2.39
ZK-AFV DH.82A Tiger Moth 3642 ZK-AFV Hawkes Bay & East Coast AC 00.02.38 Crashed Pakuratahi 4.5.38
ZK-AFW DH.82A Tiger Moth 3643 ZK-AFW NZ708 Inst.27 West Coast United AC 16.02.38 Impressed 4.10.39 Reduced to parts .46
ZK-AFX DH.82A Tiger Moth 3644 ZK-AFX (Western Federated FC) 00.02.38 Crashed into sea on initial test flight nr Hobsonville 26.2.38
ZK-AFY DH.82A Tiger Moth 3638 ZK-AFY NZ709 West Coast United AC 18.02.38 Impressed 31.10.39 Accident Hawera 26.7.41
ZK-AFZ DH.82A Tiger Moth 3639 ZK-AFZ NZ702 ZK-ATB Wellington AC >RNZAF >Tauranga AC 18.02.38 Impressed 12.9.39 restored as ZK-ATB 2.5.49 Accident Opotiki 21.11.53
ZK-AGA DH.82A Tiger Moth 3640 ZK-AGA NZ717 Western Federated FC/Wanganui 18.02.38 Impressed 10.10.39 Mid air collision with NZ873 nr Taieri 7.2.41
ZK-AGB Miles M.11A Whitney Straight 503 ZK-AGB NZ577 ZK-ALE Wairarapa & Ruahine AC/Masterton >RNZAF >JM Gould/Wellington 25.02.38 Impressed 9.10.39 restored as ZK-ALE 6.12.46 Crashed Mamaku 07.09.53
ZK-AGC Fleet 7B 126 ZK-AGC Clyde Engineering Co/Wellington >Marlborough AC 16.11.37 Crashed night landing Wigram 30.04.38
ZK-AGD Piper J-2 Cub 1152 ZK-AGD Wanganui AC >JR Franklin/Wanganui >HW Lightband >PG Hobart >CJL Dundon >MG Farr/Hawera 09.05.38 Damaged in hangar collapse Wanganui 4.68 Canc 12.90 stored
ZK-AGE DH.82A Tiger Moth 3654 ZK-AGE Middle Districts AC (Govt gift) 01.04.38 Destroyed in hangar fire Milson aerodrome 17.2.39
ZK-AGF DH.82A Tiger Moth 3671 ZK-AGF NZ710 ZK-ANH Southland AC (Govt gift) >RNZAF >CHR Liddell 05.05.38 Impressed 27.9.39 Reduced to spares .59
ZK-AGG DH.82A Tiger Moth 3693 ZK-AGG NZ706 ZK-AIZ Western Federated FC (Govt gift) >RNZAF >Wanganui AC 06.09.38 Impressed 18.10.39 restored as ZK-AIZ 12.4.46 Accident nr Wanganui 6.7.58
ZK-AGH DH.82A Tiger Moth 3696 ZK-AGH NZ722 Auckland AC 08.09.38 Impressed 1.10.39 Crashed into sea Rangitoto Channel 31.8.40
ZK-AGI DH.82A Tiger Moth 3697 ZK-AGI NZ721 ZK-AIA Auckland AC >RNZAF >Auckland AC 08.09.38 Impressed 1.10.39 restored as ZK-AIA 17.12.45 J.Pheasant Papakura
ZK-AGJ Lockheed 10A Electra 1127 ZK-AGJ Union AW of NZ 'Kahu' >NZNAC 15.09.38 Crashed into sea on approach to Tauranga 19.04.48
ZK-AGK Lockheed 10A Electra 1128 ZK-AGK Union AW of NZ 'Kaka' >NZNAC 31.10.38 Crashed into Mt Ruapehu in cloud 23.10.48
ZK-AGL DH.82A Tiger Moth 3705 ZK-AGL NZ701 Hawkes Bay & East Coast AC (Govt gift) 30.10.38 Impressed 9.10.39 Accident nr Taieri aerodrome 23.7.41
ZK-AGM DH.83 Fox Moth TS2810 ZK-AGM Air Travel (NZ) >NZNAC 'Matuhi' >Wanganui Aero Work >TA Garnier/Christchurch 01.06.38 rebuilt from ZK-ADH by DHTS Crashed Freezing Flat nr Wanaka 27.04.63
ZK-AGN Foster-Wikner Wicko GM.1 3 ZK-AGN NZ580 Clyde Engineering Co >Hawkes Bay & East Coast AC >Middle Districts AC 13.10.38 Impressed 6.10.39 Hit radio mast Johnsonville Wellington 26.11.42
ZK-AGO BA Swallow 489 G-AFHR ZK-AGO NZ583 ZK-AGR Otago AC >Mt Cook & Southern Lakes Tourist Co 06.09.38 Impressed 26.9.39 restored as ZK-AGR 6.9.40
ZK-AGP DH.90 Dragonfly 7566 ZK-AGP Air Travel (NZ) 01.11.38 Crashed into sea off Westport 21.12.42
ZK-AGQ Rearwin 9000L Sportster 613D ZK-AGQ NZ599 ZK-ALF New Plymouth AC >RNZAF >New Plymouth AC 24.01.39 Impressed 7.10.42 restored as ZK-ALF 31.7.46
ZK-AGR Rearwin 9000L Sportster 612D (ZK-AGR) VH-ABX 00.00.38 ntu
ZK-AGR BA Swallow 489 G-AFHR ZK-AGO NZ583 ZK-AGR Queenstown & Mount Cook AW 06.09.40 Canc 24.10.41
ZK-AGS Rearwin 9000L Sportster 607D ZK-AGS NZ565 ZK-AIP Te Kuiti AC >HT Morton/Te Kuiti 03.11.38 Impressed 3.5.43 restored as ZK-AIP 6.2.46
ZK-AGT DH.89A Rapide 6423 ZK-AGT NZ558 ZK-AGT ZK-AHS Cook Strait AW Ltd 'Neptune' >RNZAF >Air Travel (NZ) 24.11.38 Impressed 10.11.39 restored as ZK-AHS 2.12.44 preserved MOTAT Museum
ZK-AGU DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1925 ZK-AGU NZ517 Canterbury AC 23.11.38 Impressed 13.10.39 Crashed New Plymouth 19.1.40
ZK-AGV DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1926 ZK-AGV NZ518 Canterbury AC 14.08.39 Impressed 13.10.39 Reduced to spares Fiji 4.7.43
ZK-AGW DH.82A Tiger Moth 3833 ZK-AGW NZ703 ZK-AIO ZK-BAZ Wellington AC >RNZAF >Middle Districts AC 16.03.39 Impressed 12.9.39 restored as ZK-AIO 6.2.46 Accident Kohekohe 22.3.53
ZK-AGX DH.82A Tiger Moth 3834 ZK-AGX NZ712 Marlborough AC 16.03.39 Impressed 5.10.39 Forced landing nr Taieri 19.6.40
ZK-AGY DH.82A Tiger Moth 3835 ZK-AGY NZ718 ZK-AJK Middle Districts AC >RNZAF >Wanganui AC 16.03.39 Impressed 5.10.39 restored as ZK-AJK 18.4.46 Reduced to parts Kairanga .61
ZK-AGZ DH.82A Tiger Moth 3795 ZK-AGZ NZ704 ZK-ALK Western Federated FC >RNZAF >Wellington AC (Govt gift) 03.03.39 Impressed 10.10.39 restored as ZK-ALK 4.11.46 M.Gardner Queenstown
ZK-AHA DH.82A Tiger Moth 3789 ZK-AHA NZ713 ZK-AKJ Otago AC >RNZAF >Marlborough AC (Govt gift) 03.03.39 Impressed 5.10.39 restored as ZK-AKJ 31.7.46 Accident nr Omaka aerodrome 1.12.46
ZK-AHB DH.82A Tiger Moth 3832 ZK-AHB NZ707 ZK-ANP Waikato AC >RNZAF >Wairarapa & Ruahine AC (Govt gift) 16.03.39 Impressed 12.10.39 restored as ZK-ANP 27.1.47 Accident nr Hastings 6.9.68
ZK-AHC Piper J-3 Cub 2709 ZK-AHC Nelson AC 'Brig Arrow' >Waikato Avn/Rotorua >various 30.03.39  
ZK-AHD Piper J-3C-50 Cub 2707 ZK-AHD JR Franklin/Parangahau >RA Armstrong/Hastings >JL Armstrong/Waipukurau 17.04.39  
ZK-AHE Piper J-3C-65 Cub 2708 ZK-AHE B Owen/Christchurch >Middle Districts AC >various 20.04.39  
ZK-AHF DH.82A Tiger Moth 3935 ZK-AHF NZ723 Auckland AC 16.06.39 Impressed 1.10.39 Accident nr Whau Creek 6.1.41
ZK-AHG DH.82A Tiger Moth 3936 ZK-AHG NZ705 ZK-AQG Middle Districts AC >RNZAF >MB Youngman/Greendale 09.06.39 Impressed 6.10.39 restored as ZK-AQG 27.7.47 Accident Tolaga Bay 20.4.54
ZK-AHH DH.82A Tiger Moth 82052 ZK-AHH NZ711 Marlborough AC 19.06.39 Impressed 5.10.39 Spun in Rakaia 16.11.42
ZK-AHI DH.94 Moth Minor 94006 G-AFRD (VH-AAQ) ZK-AHI NZ596 ZK-ALN DHA of NZ >RNZAF >DHA of NZ 00.09.41 Replacement for c/n 94001. Impressed 7.10.42 restored as ZK-ALN 19.8.47
ZK-AHJ DH.94 Moth Minor 94061 (ZK-AHJ) NZ591 ZK-AKL Air Survey & Transport Co >RNZAF 00.00.39 Impressed .39 restored as ZK-AKL 30.5.46
ZK-AHJ Porterfield 35-90 De Luxe Sport 316 ZK-AFT NZ581 ZK-AHJ NZ598 ZK-APJ New Plymouth AC >RNZAF >CHR Liddell >WR Willmott 21.06.40 Impressed 7.10.42 restored as ZK-APJ 26.9.46 preserved Ashburton Av. Mus
ZK-AHK DH.94 Moth Minor 94012 G-AFON ZK-AHK NZ597 ZK-AKM New Plymouth AC >RNZAF >New Plymouth AC 00.00.41 Impressed 13.9.42 restored as ZK-AKM 12.11.46
ZK-AHL DH.94 Moth Minor 94046 ZK-AHL NZ595 ZK-ALD Airwork (NZ)/Wellington >RNZAF >Airwork (NZ) 00.00.39 Impressed 23.9.42 restored as ZK-ALD 5.9.46
ZK-AHM DH.82A Tiger Moth 82231 (ZK-AHM) NZ714 ZK-AXB Air Survey & Transport Co >RNZAF >New Plymouth AC (Govt gift) >Southland & Otago Aerial Topdressing Co 00.00.39 Impressed .39 restored as ZK-AXB 30.8.50 Accident nr Gore 13.12.58
ZK-AHM Rearwin 9000KR 654D VH-ADM ZK-AHM NZ568 ZK-AKF Auckland AC >RNZAF >Auckland AC 09.02.42 Impressed 12.10.42 restored as ZK-AKF 18.4.46
ZK-AHN DH.94 Moth Minor 94071 (ZK-AHN) NZ592 ZK-AJX RNZAF >Auckland AC 00.00.39 Impressed .39 restored as ZK-AJX 10.5.46
ZK-AHN Rearwin 9000KR 656D VH-ADL ZK-AHN NZ569 ZK-AKA Auckland AC >RNZAF >Auckland AC 00.00.42 Impressed 12.10.42 restored as ZK-AKA 18.4.46
ZK-AHO DH.82A Tiger Moth 82230 (ZK-AHO) NZ716 ZK-ANE Air Survey & Transport Co >RNZAF >JD Neave 00.00.39 Impressed .9 restored as ZK-ANE 12.12.46 Accident Owaka 29.1.53
ZK-AHO Beech C18S 3691 42-37208 ZK-AHO NZ Aerial Mapping Co/Hastings 00.00.43 Wfu 31.12.80 Preserved MoTaT
ZK-AHP Howard DGA-15P 535 NC22436 44-32667 ZK-AHP NZ Govt 31.07.46 Dbf Wellington 25.09.46
ZK-AHQ Percival P.28 Proctor II H.216 BV654 BV654 G-AHVL ZK-AHQ LE Clark/Otago AC 00.09.46 Crashed Invercargill 5.6.49
ZK-AHR DH.82A Tiger Moth 82232 (ZK-AHR) NZ715 ZK-ARV Air Survey & Transport Co >RNZAF >AJ McIntosh 00.00.39 Impressed .39 restored as ZK-ARV 16.9.48 Accident Rotorua 18.3.49
ZK-AHR Lockheed C-60A Lodestar 18-2490 42-56017 ZK-AHR ZK-AHU Union AW of NZ 'Karoro' 22.10.43  
ZK-AHS DH.89A Dragon Rapide 6423 ZK-AGT NZ558 ZK-AGT ZK-AHS Air Travel (NZ) >NZNAC 'Mokai' >West Coast AW >NZ Tourist Air Travel >Mt Cook & Southern Lakes Tourist Co 02.12.44 Wfu .74 Preserved MoTaT
ZK-AHT DH.84 Dragon 6091 ZK-ADR NZ551 ZK-AHT Air Travel (NZ) 00.03.44 Crashed Mount Hope 30.06.44
ZK-AHU Lockheed C-60A Lodestar 18-2490 42-56017 ZK-AHR ZK-AHU Union AW of NZ 'Karoro' 12.08.44 Crashed after being stolen Auckland 13.5.45
ZK-AHV Percival P.34 Proctor III H.43 R7538 ZK-AHV Public Works Dept 29.01.45 Crashed in Grebe Valley 24.01.47
ZK-AHW DH.86 Express 2331 ZK-AEG NZ553 ZK-AHW Union AW of NZ 'Korimako' >NZNAC >RNZAF 28.02.45 Broken up Palmerston North 11.46
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