A Fleeting Peace

Golden-Age Aviation in the British Empire

CF-BAA Pietenpol Sky Scout CF-BAA R Wong >R Gillis 07.07.36 Stored 31.7.44
CF-BAB Junkers F13 de 732 D-345 P-PALR SP-AAU CF-BAB Bishop G Breynat >A Schneider >BJ Yasinski /Roberval PQ 17.07.36 Wfu 14.7.40
CF-BAC Junkers F13 de 731 D-344 P-PALO SP-AAW CF-BAC Father Schulte >A Schneider >JH St Martin /St Felicien Quebec >A Fecteau 07.01.38 Stored 6.1.39
CF-BAD DH.82C Tiger Moth DHC1772 RCAF8970 CF-BAD T Senior >F Ashton >W Connop >V Francisco 19.06.45 Spun in during aerobatics Brantford Ont 14.12.47
CF-BAE Stinson HW-75 Voyager 7107 NC22527 CF-BSN RCAF3476 CF-CIS CF-BAE Ontario Country FC   Dbf in hangar fire Barker field Ont 17.8.45
CF-BAF Lockheed 10A Electra 1064 CF-BAF RCAF1528 N16222 Canadian AW Ltd >Trans Canada AL >RCAF 29.08.36

Sold to USA


Bob Dunlop came across this photo and kindly sent it to me. He adds "the note on the back indicates that this is the first [Canadian Airways] plane to land at Lethbridge Airport, Alberta". That would date the photo to before 1939.

and John Knops, of Whitehorse, Yukon, wants to believe that this lovely 1938 photo was taken in Whitehorse, "because I live there":


CF-BAG Stinson SR-8DM Reliant 9762 CF-BAG General Airways Ltd >B Yasinski >O Weiben >Superior AW >S Richards 15.08.36 Caught fire during repairs Kopka Lake Ont 2.43 Sold South America
CF-BAH GAL ST.25 Monospar Universal ST25/89 CF-BAH G-AGDN Eastern Canada AL 31.10.36 Sold to UK 2.12.38
CF-BAI GAL ST.25 Monospar Universal ST25/90 CF-BAI Eastern Canada AL 14.11.36 Returned to UK 2.12.38
CF-BAJ GAL ST.25 Monospar Universal ST25/91 CF-BAJ Eastern Canada AL 24.10.36 Nosed up after landing in snow on wheels Moncton NB 2.2.37 to Fairchild but not repaired
CF-BAK GAL ST.25 Monospar Universal ST25/92 CF-BAK Eastern Canada AL 24.10.36 U/c wiped off on landing Parrsboro NS 4.3.37 to Fairchild but not repaired
CF-BAL Fairchild 71C 14 (CF-ATF) CF-OAL CF-BAL VO-AFG H Pasmore >Ont Provincial AS >Great Lakes AW >Fairchild Aircraft >UK Sec of State for Air 19.12.34 Exported to Newfoundland 5.36
CF-BAM Noorduyn Norseman III 5 CF-BAM RCAF694 CF-BZM Noorduyn Aircraft Ltd >MacKenzie AS >RCAF >Johannesson FS 05.09.36  
CF-BAN Noorduyn Norseman IV 8 CF-BAN RCAF697 CF-CRU General Airways Ltd >MacKenzie AS >RCAF >Canadian Pacific AL 26.01.37 Stored 8.5.46
CF-BAO GAL ST.25 Monospar Universal ST25/86 CF-BAO Eastern Canada AL 05.11.36 Dbr in forced landing en route Halifax-St.John NB 4.3.37 to Fairchild but not repaired
CF-BAP Taylor J-2 Cub 797 CF-BAP CF-RCJ P Jackson >Leavens Bros AS >D Fewster >E Smith >E Brooks >M Winans >L Smale >P Scheid >W Johnston >D Knight >D McAlpine >S Misener >A Wikston >D Wilton 28.09.36  
CF-BAQ Stinson SR-8B Reliant 9800 CF-BAQ NR18562 JE Arrowsmith (Maritime AL) /St John >Blocktube Controls of Canada 25.09.36 Sold to USA
CF-BAR Percival P.10 Vega Gull K.35 CF-BAR Toronto FC 12.01.37 Forced landing due engine failure on takeoff Toronto Ont 24.9.39 Dbr
CF-BAS Stinson SR-8E Reliant 9808 CF-BAS A Purvis >Stinson Canadian Sales Co 19.10.36 Engine backfired while taxying on water Toronto Air Harbour 2.8.38 Dbf
CF-BAT Aeronca LC 2046 NC16548 CF-BAT Murray Aero Corp >F Gilbert >Gilberts FS >Brisbane Avn >C Wheadon >R Martyn >E Fleming >V Deeks >Port Alberni AW >A Burnett 06.02.37

Ran into rear of Fleet 80 Canuck CF-EBO during takeoff Vancouver BC 1.8.52 Gift to Oakalla Prison Farm


CF-BAU Noorduyn Norseman IV 6 CF-BAU Noorduyn Aircraft >Canadian AW Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL >Central Northern AW >Arctic Wings 13.11.36

Right ski outrigger failed on landing York Factory Man 20.4.51 Scrapped



CF-BAV Noorduyn Norseman IV 7 CF-BAV RCAF2494 CF-DER Wings Ltd >RCAF >Imperial Oil 12.12.36  
CF-BAW Noorduyn Norseman IV 9 CF-BAW E&M Air Transport >Arrow AW >Canadian Pacific AL 19.03.37 Caught fire in nose hangar Tellowknife NWT 3.1.44
CF-BAX Taylor J-2 Cub C-838 CF-BAX G Munro 20.10.36 Dbf in hangar fire Toronto Flying Club 10.4.37
CF-BAY Taylor J-2 Cub 1100 CF-BAY J Innes 30.10.36 Dbf in hangar fire Toronto Flying Club 10.4.37
CF-BAZ Taylor J-2 Cub C-906 CF-BAZ C LaMothe 08.02.37 Dbf in hangar fire Toronto Flying Club 10.4.37
CF-BBA Stinson HW-75 Voyager 7097 NC22570 CF-BSE RCAF3484 (CF-BBA) CF-BHF S Bernardo 22.06.45 ntu
CF-BBB Beech C17R 113 CF-BBB MacKenzie AS >Aircraft Repair >Northwest Industries >Severn Enterprises >Millard Auto-Air-Marine >P Hoeberg >East Coast AW >LaTuque AS 23.12.36 Stalled on takeoff due incorrect loading Windigo PQ 21.10.55
CF-BBC DH.89A Rapide 6307 CF-BBC Canadian AW Ltd >Quebec AW Ltd 02.11.36 Forced landing on ice nr Mont Joli 18.12.46
CF-BBD DH.90 Dragonfly 7522 CF-BBD CF-MPC RCAF7628 CF-BXU RCMP >RCAF >Johannesson FS 24.10.36 Dbr in forced landing Thorhild Alta 23.12.45
CF-BBE DH.87B Hornet Moth 8052 CF-BBE Consolidated Mining & Smelting >R Laidman >L&M Air Service >T Clark >M Mooney >A Allen >J Love 24.03.37 Wfu 14.3.58
CF-BBF British Aircraft Eagle II 139 CF-BBF A Graydon 15.05.37 Hit wires at edge of field on takeoff Windsor Ont 5.6.37
CF-BBG DH.89A Rapide 6354 CF-BBG The Globe & Mail 10.06.37 Caught fire while refuelling Toronto Air Harbour 21.8.37
CF-BBH DH.89A Rapide 6370 CF-BBH Consolidated Mining & Smelting >Canadian AW Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL 26.08.37 Stalled on takeoff Pentecost 19.3.47
CF-BBI Stinson SR-8C Reliant 9810 CF-BBI Canadian Colonial AW 04.11.36 Sold to USA
CF-BBJ Bellanca P-200 Airbus 702 NC785W CF-BBJ Hennessey AL >British North American AW >Wings Ltd 08.01.37 Lost control due fin mounting bolt failure nr Long Lake Man 23.3.38 (Juptner has BBJ as c/n 722)
CF-BBK Nault Monoplane   CF-BBK M Nault   Dbf after engine backfired on test flight Cartierville PQ 4.1.38
CF-BBL Pietenpol Air Camper 1 CF-BBL M Galbraith 17.12.36 Nft 8.38
CF-BBM Pietenpol Air Camper CF-BBM R Smith 24.11.37 Stalled after takeoff in downdraft Hamilton Ont 23.1.38
CF-BBN Waco ZQC-6 Custom 4470 CF-BBN Wings Ltd 03.12.36 Wfu 7.5.42 Stored
CF-BBO Waco ZQC-6 Custom 4497 CF-BBO Wings Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL >BC AL 12.12.36 Stalled in steep turn after takeoff in harbour Esquimalt BC 20.9.46
CF-BBP Waco ZQC-6 Custom 4499 CF-BBP United Air Transport 01.03.37 Written off landing after ski damaged on takeoff Preston Lake Sask 28.1.41
CF-BBQ Waco ZKS-6 4524 CF-BBQ N330TC Fleet Aircraft Ltd >M&C Aviation >Waite Fisheries Ltd 20.03.37 Wfu 31.8.61
CF-BBR Waco ZQC-6 Custom 4541 CF-BBR Dominion Skyways >Canadian Pacific AL 13.02.37 Stalled due engine failure after takeoff 40m S Denneterre PQ 18.3.44
CF-BBS           allotted to Fleet A/c - ntu
CF-BBT           allotted to Fleet A/c - ntu
CF-BBU Stinson SR-8B Reliant 9793 CF-BBU K Johannesson >R Spooner >K Johannesson >Canadian AW Ltd 28.11.36 Crashed after wings iced up en route Moncton NB-Halifax NS 15.2.40
CF-BBV Stinson SR-8B Reliant 9811 (CF-BBV) CF-BGW Canadian Colonial AW ntu - to CF-BGW
CF-BBW McWilliams Longster   W Whitney   ntu
CF-BBX Taylor J-2 Cub C-909 CF-BBX T Spence >D Perigoe 07.01.37 Dbf in hangar fire Toronto Flying Club Ont 10.4.37
CF-BBY Taylor J-2 Cub C-1091 CF-BBY J Bowman >G Culver >F Gillies >Weston Aircraft >W Warren >D Hill >F Kirkpatrick >D Newhouse 09.02.37 Dbf in hangar fire St.Catherines Ont 9.3.47
CF-BBZ Taylor J-2 Cub C-1083 CF-BBZ H Milligan >R Grant >H Milligan >Cub Aircraft >M Harris >M Forfar >R Henderson >W LeSauvage >J Pringle >E Thomas >Muskoka Air Trails >H MacFarlane >Leavens Bros AS >R Hollister 17.02.37 Wfu 11.8.53
CF-BCH           allotted BC Govt - ntu
CF-BCI           allotted BC Govt - ntu
CF-BCJ           allotted BC Govt - ntu
CF-BCK           allotted BC Govt - ntu
CF-BCL           allotted BC Govt - ntu
CF-BCM           allotted BC Govt - ntu
CF-BCN           allotted BC Govt - ntu
CF-BCO           allotted BC Govt - ntu
CF-BCP           allotted BC Govt - ntu
CF-BCQ           allotted BC Govt - ntu
CF-BCR           allotted BC Govt - ntu
CF-BCS           allotted BC Govt - ntu
CF-BCT           allotted BC Govt - ntu
CF-BCU           allotted BC Govt - ntu
CF-BCV           allotted BC Govt - ntu
CF-BCW           allotted BC Govt - ntu
CF-BCX           allotted BC Govt - ntu
CF-BCY           allotted BC Govt - ntu
CF-BCZ           allotted BC Govt - ntu
CF-BDA Taylor J-2 Cub C-1089 CF-BDA Ottawa FC >G Bradley >J Viau >H Finestone >J Beaubien >H Winter >K MacGregor >H Dyck 26.02.37 Stalled in turn while hunting fox nr Morden Man 19.1.55 Dbr
CF-BDB Taylor J-2 Cub C-1092 CF-BDB O Rouette >Cub Aircraft >J Hiltz >F Gillies >Pulsifer Bros >A Farrell >L Graham >J Cunningham >J MacKay >D Ryan >T Smith >E Poirier 02.04.37 Exported
CF-BDC Noorduyn Norseman IV 10 CF-BDC Canadian AW Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL >Central Northern AW 03.05.37 Wrecked in windstorm Hudson Ont 5.8.47
CF-BDD Noorduyn Norseman IV 11 CF-BDD Canadian AW Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL 22.04.37 Floats torn off and overturned landing on glassy water Tofino BC 29.12.45
CF-BDE Noorduyn Norseman IV 12 CF-BDE RCAF2493 Starratt AW Ltd 06.07.37 To RCAF 23.7.40 Rts 18.3.41
CF-BDF Noorduyn Norseman IV 13 CF-BDF NH Bell >Canadian AW Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL >J Gauthier >A Racicot >Gagnon AS >Dolbeau AS 20.07.37  
CF-BDG Noorduyn Norseman IV 14 CF-BDG Noorduyn AIrcraft Ltd >Canadian AW Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL 13.09.37 Landed on lake after fire in air Dumas Lake NWT 22.2.42
CF-BDH Pietenpol Air Camper CF-BDH H Stokke   Nft .37
CF-BDI Cessna C-34 Airmaster 320 NC15852 CF-BDI W Braid >Prairie AW >Midland AW >R Karels >Superior AW >Nickel Belt AW >Pineland Timber Co >Nickel belt AW >E Cinq-Mars >G Green 12.06.37 Forced landing on McInnie Lake nr Sioux Lookout Ont 13.4.52
CF-BDJ Waco ZQC-6 Custom > AQC-6 4543 CF-BDJ Bishop G Breynat >Peace River AW >McInnes Products >Prairie AW >P Sigurdson >Elk Fish Ltd >M Holden 08.03.37 Dbr in windstorm Lac du Bonnet Man 6.54
CF-BDK Waco ZKS-6 4269 CF-BDK Fleet Aircraft >lsd Skylines Express >Speers AW >Wings Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL >C Van 12.03.37 converted to snowmobile 7.5.42 (also listed by Juptner as YKS-6 c/n 4537)
CF-BDL Waco ZQC-6 Custom 4593 CF-BDL Skylines Express >Fleet Aircraft >Canadian Pacific AL >W Brett >Port Alberni >Associated Air Taxi 14.04.37 Forced landing in trees due engine failure nr Garibaldi Stn BC 13.4.53
CF-BDM Waco ZQC-6 Custom > AQC-6 4594 CF-BDM Skylines Express >Fleet Aircraft >lsd Yukon Southern AT >M&C Aviation >Sask Govt AW >D Lamb >R Gray >Western Airmotive >G Dalziel 14.04.37 Wfu 25.1.54
CF-BDN Waco VKS-7 4672 CF-BDN Austin AW Ltd 06.08.37 Dbr due engine failure 8.1.42
CF-BDO Waco ZQC-6 Custom 4592 CF-BDO N1130 Laurentian AS Ltd >E McEachern 27.04.37 Exported to USA
CF-BDP Waco ZQC-6 Custom 4597 CF-BDP N Irwin >Central Aircraft >Sanderson Aircraft >Associated Air Taxi 04.06.37 Wfu 10.8.52
CF-BDQ Waco ZQC-6 Custom 4595 CF-BDQ Fleet Aircraft >Northland AW >Ont Provincial AS >Doherty AS of Muskoka >Aero Tool Works >Lome AW 22.05.37 Caught fire while heating engine Babine Lake BC 12.2.49
CF-BDR Waco ZQC-6 Custom 4596 CF-BDR United Air Transport 19.05.37 Overturned on landing due gust Wolverine Lake BC 16.6.37
CF-BDS Waco ZQC-6 Custom > AQC-6 4598 CF-BDS Fleet Aircraft >Skylines Express Ltd >Fleet Aircraft >C Wragge >Superior AW 20.05.37 Damaged due engine failure 20m W Fort William Ont 6.1.51 Rts
CF-BDT Waco ZQC-6 Custom 4599 CF-BDT Pacific Airways 03.05.37 Dbr due severe turbulence on landing 7m NW St.James BC 23.5.38
CF-BDU Waco ZQC-6 Custom > AQC-6 4640 CF-BDU Hollinger-Consolidated Gold Mines >H Stirk >Towagmac Exploration >L Bowes >Central Northern AW 15.06.37 Crashed on takeoff due turbulence Sachigo Lake Man 6.7.58
CF-BDV Waco ZQC-6 Custom 4641 CF-BDV A Wicks >Nickel Belt AW 28.07.37 Dbf 13.8.42
CF-BDW Waco ZQC-6 Custom 4643 CF-BDW G Ross >Fleet Aircraft >T Fawcett >Northland Avn >J Tait 26.02.38 Wfu 9.7.62
CF-BDX Fleet 50J Freighter 200 CF-BDX Wings Ltd >Fleet Aircraft -lsd United AT 14.04.38

Stalled after takeoff from Laird River Lower Post BC 14.8.38



CF-BDY Waco YKS-7 4621 CF-BDY F Wheeler >H Smith 28.05.37 Wfu 21.4.51 Stored till .64
CF-BDZ Waco ZQC-6 Custom 5000 CF-BDZ Northern AW 11.01.38 Dbf after engine fire Carcross YT 7.10.49
CF-BEA Stinson SR-9DM Reliant 5221-S CF-BEA Territories Exploration 13.03.37 Sparks from bush fire ignited fabric 45m S Gordon Lake NWT 24.6.37
CF-BEB Stinson SR-9DM Reliant 5222-S CF-BEB Territories Exploration >Canadian AW Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL 24.03.37 Nosed over after excessive braking y trainee pilot Edmonton Alta 19.8.43
CF-BEC Stinson SR-9DM Reliant 5223-S CF-BEB Territories Exploration >Canadian AW Ltd 24.03.37 Forced landing in back lane after takeoff Prince Albert Sask 9.2.40
CF-BED Taylor J-2 Cub C-1080 CF-BED F Armitage >Cub Aircraft >G Dunbar >P Grant >D Siple >Cub Aircraft >D Merritt >R Street >W Warren >D Hill 02.04.37 Wfu 10.6.47
CF-BEE Taylor J-2 Cub C-1082 CF-BEE Leavens Bros AS >M Spearing >Leavens Bros AS >F Weeks /Waterdown Ont >Kitchener-Waterloo AC >L Kempel >W Siple 03.04.37 Damaged in windstorm at Cartierville PQ 24.9.42
CF-BEF Taylor J-2 Cub C-1103 CF-BEF R Hay >Cub Aircraft >D Gordon >F Cornell >D Gordon >T Gustafson >Western Aircraft >L MacKenzie 10.04.37 Overturned after float dug into rough water S end Minnitaki Lake Ont 24.7.46
CF-BEG Taylor J-2 Cub C-1104 CF-BEG Flying Associates Ltd 21.04.37 Dbf in hangar fire Winnipeg Flying Club 21.3.38
CF-BEH Lockheed 10B Electra 1066 NC16054 CF-BRS RCAF7648 CF-BEH NC16054 N16054 Maritime Central AW 15.05.45 Sold to USA
CF-BEI Stinson SR-9EM Reliant 5212-S CF-BEI General Airways Ltd 28.06.37 Wing separated in flight nr Hudson Ont 12.1.38
CF-BEK DH.82C Tiger Moth DHC1498 USAAF 42-1159 RAF FH646 RCAF1295 CF-BEK N882EK E Hill >J Stanbra >J Grant >B Polack >L Bertrand >A Gaegebeur 25.06.45 Stored 11.64
CF-BEL Burnelli Loadmaster CF-BEL      
CF-BEM Noorduyn Norseman V N29-5 CF-BEM D Cameron Exploration >Artic Wings >Sask Govt AW >La Ronge AS 11.07.45  
CF-BEN DH.82C Tiger Moth DHC480 RCAF4150 CF-BEN C-GWKM T Fox >Associated AW >F Tomkow >D Harrington >B Moore >C Mangus 19.06.45 Dbr in gale New Liskeard Ont 13.1.55 restored
CF-BEO Pietenpol Air Camper CF-BEO J McKay   Not passed as airworthy 3.37
CF-BEP Ford 6-ATS-Special Trimotor 6-ATS-1 G-CYWZ CF-BEP G McConachie >Yukon Southern AT >British Yukon Navigation 24.03.37 Scrapped .41
CF-BEQ Stinson SR-9DM Reliant 5217-S CF-BEQ Imperial Oil >B Paget >lsd R Norwegian NAF >Nickel Belt AW >R Boileau 15.04.37 Groundlooped after ski broke off on landing Sandgirt Lake Labrador 2.2.46
CF-BER Hottie Biplane 2 CF-BER L Hottie >A Sunday 05.04.37 Fire extinguisher fouled ailerons on landing Sudbury Ont Pts used to build CF-BKR
CF-BES Pietenpol Air Camper CF-BES R Francis >A Ewer >W Purdy 19.04.37 Stalled in turn Innisfail Alta 1.7.40
CF-BET Howard DGA-8 78 NC14875 CF-BET Mercury AS >A Mann 28.05.37 Wfu 5.9.53
CF-BEU Taylor J-2 Cub C-1005 CF-BEU Leavens Bros AS >H Thompson 21.05.37 Hit tree whilst low flying down street St.Petersburg Fla 21.3.38
CF-BEV Taylor J-2 Cub C-1006 CF-BEV Cub Aircraft >Kitchener-Waterloo FC >Cub Aircraft >C Houser >Cub Aircraft >F Gillies 28.05.37 Hit boundary wires on approach Barker Field Ont 29.5.41
CF-BEW Taylor J-2 Cub C-1111 CF-BEW W Avison >Cub Aircraft >B Bowden >G Taylor >L Force >Brant-Norfolk AC 25.08.37 Wing broke off after xceeded design limits during loop Brandford Ont 13.10.40
CF-BEX Rearwin 9000L Deluxe 565D CF-BEX L Crawford-Brown >E Hope >St Maurice AW >P Jackson >E McEachern >F Fowler >R Wilson >G Hulland 01.05.37  
CF-BEY Rearwin 9000L Deluxe 570D CF-BEY St Catherines FC 11.05.37 Wfu 31.3.42
CF-BEZ Taylor J-2 Cub C-1105 CF-BEZ Brandon FC >C Leech >J Jeannotte >C Clark >Winnipeg FC >C Clark >J Wood 27.07.37 Wfu 9.11.45
CF-BFA Bellanca CH-300 Pacemaker CV.189 G-CYVG RCAF608 CF-BFA Canadian AW Ltd >Quebec AW Ltd 28.05.37 Drifted into bush on takeoff in crosswind Baie Comeau PQ 23.12.42
CF-BFB Bellanca CH-300 Pacemaker CV.188 G-CYVF RCAF607 CF-BFB Canadian AW Ltd 22.05.37 Hit ditch during landing in field after engine failed Prince Albert Sask 29.11.40
CF-BFC Bellanca CH-300 Pacemaker CV.174 G-CYVA RCAF604 CF-BFC Canadian AW Ltd 05.07.37 Hit snowdrift after heavy landing on glare ice Cumberland Hse Sask 11.12.41
CF-BFD Bellanca CH-300 Pacemaker CV.175 G-CYVB RCAF605 CF-BFD Canadian AW Ltd 08.06.37 Forced landing due engine failure Sophie Lake Sask 4.1.38
CF-BFE Cessna C-37 Airmaster 354 CF-BFE Aircraft Co of Canada >Prairie AW >Canadian Pacific AL 08.05.37 Forced landing after prop broke off nr Stalwart Sask 17.3.43
CF-BFF DH.90 Dragonfly 7543 CF-BFF RCAF7623 CF-BFF Consolidated Mining & Smelting >DHC >lsd Canadian AW Ltd >RCAF >Quebec AW Ltd >DHC >L Sequin >Gold Belt AS 20.07.37

Sank on ice Ottawa River 20.12.49


c. 1938

CF-BFG DH.87B Hornet Moth 8053 CF-BFG Consolidated Mining & Smelting 10.06.37 Dbf after engine backfired on startup Thutade Lake BC 11.10.46
CF-BFH DH.87A Hornet Moth 8030 CF-BFH DHC >Consolidated Mining & Smelting >Trail FC 18.06.37 Stalled in turn after takeoff from Arrow Lake 1.5m N Nakuap BC 12.7.53
CF-BFI DH.87B Hornet Moth 8134 CF-BFI P6787 DHC   Sold RAF 7.39
CF-BFJ DH.87B Hornet Moth 8126 CF-BFJ P6785 G-AHBM DHC 18.08.37 P.A. & E.P.Glidden
CF-BFK DH.87B Hornet Moth 8127 CF-BFK RAF CF-DIP LP Goyette /Montreal >E Bronlund 03.04.38  
CF-BFL DH.89A Rapide 6373 CF-BFL Canadian AW Ltd >Quebec AW Ltd 22.10.37 Stalled after takeoff Matane 23.2.38
CF-BFM DH.89A Rapide 6371 CF-BFM CX-ABI DHC 26.11.37  
CF-BFN DH.87B Hornet Moth 8135 CF-BFN P6786 G-AHBL DHC 17.06.38 H.D.Labouchere
CF-BFO           allotted in error
CF-BFP DH.89A Rapide 6374 CF-BFP Quebec AW Ltd 23.08.38 Caught fire while starting Walker Lake 5.7.45
CF-BFQ DH.94 Moth Minor 94003 CF-BFQ DHC 15.08.39 Central Tech School Toronto 29.4.43
CF-BFR Noorduyn Norseman IV 15 CF-BFR RCAF696 CF-CRT United Air Transport >MacKenzie AS 14.08.37 To RCAF 24.2.40
CF-BFS Noorduyn Norseman IV 16 (CF-BFS) CF-MPE CF-MPF 00.00.38 ntu - to CF-MPE
CF-BFT Noorduyn Norseman IV 17 CF-BFT Hudson Bay AT >Sioux Narrows AW >Parsons AW 15.01.38 Wfu 5.6.61
CF-BFU Noorduyn Norseman IV 18 CF-BFU Metshico >Hudson Bay AT >Sioux Narrows AW >Parsons AW 22.05.39  
CF-BFV DH.82C Tiger Moth DHC1432 USAAF 42-1093 RAF FE229 RCAF1229 CF-BFV Waite Fisheries >Northern AL 06.06.45 Reduced to spares Big River Sask 13.5.50
CF-BFW Taylor J-2 Cub C-1107 CF-BFW R Languerand >G Schwab >G Rice >S Hart >R Hollister >J Low >M Beaudoin 21.06.37 Lost control while taxying on water Riviere des Prairies PQ 11.6.54
CF-BFX Taylor J-2 Cub C-1108 CF-BFX A Merkley >J Delaney >R Redmayne >S Boothby >G Charity >D Walker >Collins Bros 09.06.37 Damaged by vandals in storage Sault Ste.Marie Ont 21.2.48
CF-BFY Taylor J-2 Cub C-1106 CF-BFY Toronto FC >Peterborough AS Ltd /Bridgenorth Ont >Cub Aircraft >H Thomas >P Bernier >B Vanier 25.06.37 Wfu 10.12.47
CF-BFZ Taylor J-2 Cub C-1109 CF-BFZ D Revie >JA Connell >WD Trimble >DR Gill & W Lee >EJ Sanderson /Cranbrook BC 17.07.37 Wfu 7.12.42
CF-BGA Taylor J-2 Cub C-1110 CF-BGA Leavens Bros AS >G Sheridan >D Pontbriand 02.07.37 Stored .50
CF-BGB Taylor J-2 Cub C-1112 CF-BGB E MacDonald >R Dickie 12.10.37 Wfu 13.2.47
CF-BGC Taylor J-2 Cub C-1114 CF-BGC D Cushing >O Rouette 31.07.37 Wfu 16.5.41
CF-BGD Taylor J-2 Cub C-1113 CF-BGD Brant-Norfolk AC >C McIntosh 18.08.37 CoA not issued .44
CF-BGE Taylor J-2 Cub C-1118 CF-BGE FF Gillies >Cub Aircraft Corp Ltd >A Watts >Cub Aircraft Corp Ltd >C Griffin >WC Siple /Montreal 23.10.37 Dbr during windstorm Cartierville PQ 24.9.42
CF-BGF Thompson Bros Hot Air Balloon 136 14828 CF-BGF N Szun jr 08.05.37 Bag caught fire Steinbach Man 1.7.37
CF-BGG Monocoupe 90A A-757 CF-BGG Aviation Service Corp 03.09.37 Dbf in hangar fire while being reconditioned Barker Field Ont 17.8.45
CF-BGH Rearwin 9000L Deluxe 578D   F Finnie   ntu
CF-BGI American Eagle A-129 726 CF-AAZ CF-BGI J Warren >D Rehm 08.06.37 Dismantled 28.7.44
CF-BGJ Stinson SR-9F Reliant 5705 CF-BGJ H McLean >Irving Oil Co >Ont Provincial AS >W Starratt >Ball Lake Transportation >Ontario Central AL >Northland Fish Ltd >Lau-Goma AW >Orleans AS >J Parnham 26.06.37 Fire in engine compartment after landing on lake Orillia Ont 19.6.64 Dbf
CF-BGK Pietenpol Air Camper CF-BGK JS Thornton /Toronto 26.08.39 Wfu 7.42
CF-BGL Heath Parasol   CF-BGL EH Thomas /Drummondville PQ Dbr before licenced Drummondville PQ 6.39
CF-BGM Stinson SR-9FM Reliant 5701 CF-BGM British North America AW >Ont Provincial AS >Dept of Transport >Ball Lake Transportation >Ontario Central AW >Lakeland AW 21.06.37  
CF-BGN Stinson SR-9FM Reliant 5702 CF-BGN British North America AW >Ont Provincial AS >Dept of Transport >G Green >Green AW 25.06.37  
CF-BGO Stinson SR-9CM Reliant 5152-S CF-BGO Canadian Car & Foundry >Canadian AW Ltd 01.06.37 Stored Royal Norwegian AF Toronto 27.3.41
CF-BGP Stinson SR-9EM Reliant 5261-S CF-BGP Canadian Car & Foundry >Canadian AW Ltd 04.08.37 Stored Royal Norwegian AF Toronto 18.7.41
CF-BGQ Arrow Sport F 40 NC18097 CF-BGQ F Baillie   Returned to USA 10.37
CF-BGR Taylor-Young A 192 CF-BGR K Johannesson FS >S Addeman >L Cyr 12.08.37 Wfu 31.10.41
CF-BGS Stinson SR-9F Reliant 5713 CF-BGS AB Purvis >Dept of Transport >Chukuni AW >Ontario Central AL >Sioux AW >H Parsons >J Theriault 21.07.37 Forced landed due fuel starvation 8m E Chapleau Ont 29.6.61 Dbr
CF-BGT Mignet HM.14 Pou-du-Ciel CF-BGT R & R & R Thatcher /Timmins Ont 28.08.37 Damaged on test flight Timmins Ont 18.10.38 repaired but not flown
CF-BGU Taylorcraft     J Innes   ntu
CF-BGV Porterfield CP-40 Zephyr 510 CF-BGV J Dunkelman >P Anten >Ukranian Central FS >W Zaleschook >W Hultay >F Gillies >D Quinn >J White 10.07.37 Wfu 30.8.42
CF-BGW Stinson SR-8B Reliant 9811 (CF-BBV) CF-BGW Lamb AW >M&C Aviation 06.01.38 Dbf Emma Lake Sask 28.6.44
CF-BGX Beech 18A 169   Starratt AW   Dbr before delivery 17.9.37
CF-BGY Beech 18A 172 CF-BGY Starratt AW 30.12.37 Pilot lost control due suspected CO poisoning Bruce Lake Ont 7.1.41
CF-BGZ Fleetwings F-401 Sea Bird F-401 NC16793 CF-BGZ Northern Ventures >lsd E Hale 14.09.37 Sold in USA
CF-BHA Beech E17B 160 CF-BHA Noorduyn Aircraft >Merkley AS >Noorduyn Aviation >Hudsons Bay Co >Noorduyn Aviation 28.08.37 Sold in USA
CF-BHB Cessna C-37 Airmaster 374 CF-BHB Mid-Canadian Aircraft >O Wieben >Superior AW >M Smerchanski 27.08.37 Dbf due air lock in fuel supply 10m E Lac du Bonnet Man 31.10.45
CF-BHC Pietenpol Sky Scout CF-BHC G Frost >G Breckenridge 19.08.37 Dismantled due wartime restrictions 22.9.43
CF-BHD Fairchild 45-80 Sekani 101 CF-BHD Fairchild Aircraft   Wfu .38 Dismantled
CF-BHE Fairchild 45-80 Sekani 102 CF-BHE Fairchild Aircraft >MacKenzie AS 00.01.38 Wfu 23.4.38
CF-BHF           allotted to Fairchild - ntu
CF-BHG           allotted to Fairchild - ntu
CF-BHH           allotted to Fairchild - ntu
CF-BHI           allotted to Fairchild - ntu
CF-BHJ           allotted to Fairchild - ntu
CF-BHK           allotted to Fairchild - ntu
CF-BHL           allotted to Fairchild - ntu
CF-BHM           allotted to Fairchild - ntu
CF-BHN Taylor J-2 Cub C-1115 CF-BHN A Denis >K Hopkinson >C Marshall >K Spratley >J Broadfoot >R Scotten >J Reid 06.01.38 Wfu 22.10.56
CF-BHO Taylor J-2 Cub C-1116 CF-BHO St Catherines FC 05.11.37 Fabric torn from wing after flew into line squall St.Catherines Ont 19.5.40
CF-BHP Taylor J-2 Cub C-1117 CF-BHP Yorkton AW   Structural failure in air Yorkton Sask 29.5.38
CF-BHQ Taylor J-2 Cub C-1120 CF-BHQ St Maurice AW >A Smith 20.01.38 Stalled in turn at low altitude Champlain PQ 11.8.40
CF-BHR Taylor J-2 Cub C-1119 CF-BHR Hamilton AC >Cub Aircraft >G Wilson >D Hossack >O Sitter >M Bolt >H Buchner >LeR Sitzen >J McDonald >J Jackson >R Scotten 14.01.38 Damaged in severe windstorm Toronto Ont 1.52
CF-BHS           allotted to Cub Aircraft - ntu
CF-BHT           allotted to Cub Aircraft - ntu
CF-BHU           allotted to Cub Aircraft - ntu
CF-BHV           allotted to Cub Aircraft - ntu
CF-BHW           allotted to Cub Aircraft - ntu
CF-BHX           allotted to Cub Aircraft - ntu
CF-BHY           allotted to Cub Aircraft - ntu
CF-BHZ           allotted to Cub Aircraft - ntu
CF-BIA Pietenpol Air Camper CF-BIA J Jacobson 08.09.37 Aileron cable broke in flight Vancouver BC 10.3.40
CF-BIB Curtiss-Reid Rambler III 1036 CF-ABR CF-BIB Curtiss-Reid FS >J Smith 20.05.38 Stalled in turn after engine failure on takeoff St.Johns PQ 26.9.46
CF-BIC Taylor-Young A 297 CF-BIC A Finlayson >L Summerhayes 07.10.37 Overshot field during landing St.Marys Ont 13.7.41 Rts
CF-BID Fokker Universal McC-1 CF-BID O Brieve 23.09.37 Build using airframe from c/n 441 Wfu 12.1.40
CF-BIE Taylor-Young A 307 CF-BIE W Nixon >U Powers >London FC >Leavens Bros AS >L Roluf >K Bowes >C Graffo >A Bartlett 06.10.37 Damaged during forced landing and Wfu 5.2.49
CF-BIF Beech C17R 120 CF-BIF Aircraft Industries of Canada >Starratt AW >Canadian Pacific AL 13.10.37 Sold USA and stored Alaska 5.44
CF-BIG Aeronca C-2 Collegian CF-BIG I Nelson >E Skippen >W Siple >C Millard 19.05.38 Stored 10.38
CF-BIH Mignet HM.14 Pou-du-Ciel CF-BIH O Demine 19.10.37 Wfu .37
CF-BII Mignet HM.14 Pou-du-Ciel 1 CF-BII R Bowen   Nft
CF-BIJ Aeronca KC KC-22 CF-BIJ F Gilbert >L Michaud >Fraser FC >L Sherman 18.11.37 Dbr after hit by gust on takeoff Chilliwack BC 7.10.46
CF-BIK Aeronca C-3 Master   C Birchard   Was to be built from imported components - ntu
CF-BIL Aeronca KC KC-15 CF-BIL J Dunkelman >F Fowler 13.11.37 Wfu and converted to snowmobile 15.2.43
CF-BIM Stinson SR-9FM Reliant 5729 CF-BIM McIntyre-Porcupine Mines >Ont Provincial AS >M Shepherd >G Fairley >Northland Avn >J Parnham >Wheeler AL >Wheeler-Northland AW 29.12.37  
CF-BIN Aeronca K K-280 CF-BIN Saskatoon FC >W Hall >T Robinson >L McKenna >R Gatward >R Karels >R Knighton 23.12.37 Wfu 7.7.48
CF-BIO Aeronca KC KC-24 CF-BIO J Scott >Ottawa FC >D Theroux >C Forbell >Halls AS >P Gouroff 23.12.37 Wfu 29.9.52
CF-BIP Piper J-3 Cub C-1126 CF-BIP CF-RIP Aero Club of BC >Royal City Flyers >L Beale >J Dunbar >H Drummond >G Dahlgren 18.03.38 Wfu 11.8.61 and re-reg on rebuild
CF-BIQ Piper J-3 Cub C-1130 CF-BIQ Brant-Norfolk AC >Leavens Bros AS >M Louch >Aviaco 11.07.38 Hit tree during emergency landing approach Fenwick Ont 3.11.46
CF-BIR Piper J-2 Cub C-1123 CF-BIR O Rouette 15.06.38 Hit telephone wires during aproach Shawnigan Falls PQ 7.6.39
CF-BIS Piper J-3 Cub C-1128 CF-BIS Cub Aircraft Corp Ltd >H Gates /Halifax NS 16.04.38 Forced landing due engine failure Halifax NS 26.6.39
CF-BIT Piper J-3 Cub C-1125 CF-BIT C Patterson >Fliers Ltd >Patterson & Hill Aircraft >S Boothby 02.03.38 Crashed after tookoff without pilot during attempted theft Barker Field Ont 6.5.42
CF-BIU Piper J-3 Cub C-1129 CF-BIU O Morris 25.05.38 Stalled and crashed Port Carling Ont 26.8.39
CF-BIV Piper J-3 Cub C-1127 CF-BIV W Avison >Patterson & Hill Aircraft >L Taschereau >R Ogilvie >G Doutre >H Millette >P Lafreniere 30.06.38  
CF-BIW Piper J-2 Cub C-1124 CF-BIW Aviaco >AD Haylett/London Ont >Ottawa FC >G Bradley >R Hollister 11.10.38 Wfu 17.9.46
CF-BIX Piper J-3F-50 Cub C-2370 CF-BIX Cub Aircraft Corp >J Nesbitt >F Cornell >G Beaushene >B Williams >J Jeannotte >N Scutt >G Laurell >N >Scutt >R Dunbar >H Brohm >W Boudah 14.11.38  
CF-BIY Piper J-3F-50 Cub C-2416 CF-BIY F Hartwick >J Sturgeon >H Waye 26.09.38 Stalled during landing Trout Brook NB 17.10.46
CF-BIZ Piper J-3F-50 Cub C-2422 CF-BIZ Kitchener-Waterloo FC >L Niles >T Senior >G Bradley >J Balzer >H Marquett >M Winanas >Pettus & Maynes >D Firby >R Pettus >J Williams >J Madigan >E Dewhurst >Markham-Toronto Apt >J Rutheford 03.09.38 Wfu 3.8.63
CF-BJA Pietenpol Air Scout CF-BJA F Pledge 25.02.38 Wfu .39
CF-BJB Heath Parasol     F Fowler   ntu
CF-BJC Taylorcraft BC 1030 CF-BJC C Skinner >W Cormack >C Cummings >H Koenen >Z Palmer 06.10.38 Wfu 22.2.48
CF-BJD Beech D17S 201 CF-BJD E Champagne >H McLean >Imperial Oil >Northern Wings 16.03.38 Wfu 14.5.56
CF-BJE Fairchild 71C 1203 CF-BJE Canadian AW Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL 29.01.38 Rebuilt using parts from G-CAVV and CF-ACO Forced landing in trees due dry tank nr Franquelin PQ 4.1.43
CF-BJF Taylorcraft A 421 CF-BJF K Johannesson FS >Winnipeg FC >R Belcher >J Jeannotte >H Pankratz >E Thomas 18.02.38 Overturned on takeoff after hitting rock Sylvania Sask 23.8.47
CF-BJG Aeronca K K-302 CF-BJG J Richardson >R Redmayne >F Newman >C Gordon >J Fitzpatrick 08.02.38 Overturned by wind while taxying Three Rivers PQ 13.10.41
CF-BJH Aeronca K K-308 CF-BJH Toronto FC >C Millard >W Burke 08.02.38 Wfu 3.4.43
CF-BJI Aeronca K K-311 CF-BJI Toronto FC >W Bell >C Millard 14.04.38 Wfu 6.7.43
CF-BJJ Aeronca K K-320 CF-BJJ J Dunkelman & S Coffler (Rou-Anda Air Services)/ Toronto > W Siple 30.04.38 Fire broke out in engine while taxying for takeoff Kingston Ont 15.1.40
CF-BJK Aeronca K K-321 CF-BJK Hamilton AC >Malton FC >Peel FC >C Millard 27.04.38 Wfu 11.9.43 Stored
CF-BJL Aeronca K K-322 CF-BJL G Camirand 27.04.38 Stalled on takeoff while barnstorming Port Colborne Ont 4.9.39
CF-BJM Waco ASO A-99 NC8590 CF-ASJ CF-BJM T Envoldsen >Chinook FS 26.10.38 Build from pts of CF-ASJ Gift to Calgary Inst Tech 11.51
CF-BJN Stinson HW-75 Voyager 7259 NC23781 CF-BSO RCAF3475 CF-DTI CF-BJN Curtiss-Reid FS >P Fournier >H Carter >F Brittany 11.05.45  
CF-BJO Taylorcraft A 438 CF-BJO Leavens Bros AS >H Bruton >J Reed >R Galbraith >Peninsula AS >W Davidson >E Goddard >C Wilson >A Patterson >R Hastings >J Williams >R Clark >V Kovachik 26.02.38 Scrapped 7.1.55
CF-BJP Waco ZQC-6 Custom > AQC-6 5031 CF-BJP Dept of Transport 30.03.38 Rts 9.6.48
CF-BJQ Fleet 7B 125 CF-BJQ Winnipeg FC 09.04.38 Stored 8.4.46
CF-BJR Waco AQC-6 Custom 5032 CF-BJR Pacific AW >Ginger Coote AW 16.05.38 Crashed due downdraft on takeoff Salmon Arm BC 25.10.40
CF-BJS Waco AQC-6 Custom 5034 CF-BJS Peace River AW >R Coote >Western Pacific AW >A Danes >Charter AW >Northern AL >G Dalziel 29.05.38 Landed in trees after engine failure on takeoff Liard River Bridge BC 3.8.51
CF-BJT Fleet 50K Freighter 201 CF-BJT United AT 08.02.39 Dbf after engine backfired on startup on delivery flight Chicago Ill 9.2.39
CF-BJU Fleet 50K Freighter 202 CF-BJU RCAF799 CF-BXP Fleet Aircraft >lsd Canadian Pacific AL >RCAF
CF-BJV Waco AQC-6 Custom 5039 CF-BJV Air Trails Ltd/Huntsville 01.05.39 Flew into ice on Lake Ontario in bad weather nr Leamington Ont 27.3.40
CF-BJW Fleet 50K Freighter 203 CF-BJW RCAF799 CF-BJW Fleet Aircraft >lsd Canadian Pacific AL >RCAF >Austin AW 01.09.44 Caught fire when stb engine backfired O'Sullivan Lake Ont 6.10.46
CF-BJX Fleet 10D 241 CF-BJX Fleet Aircraft >St Catherines FC 12.05.39 Wfu 12.8.41 Dbf in Flying Club hangar fire .47
CF-BJY           allotted to Fleet A/c - ntu
CF-BJZ           allotted to Fleet A/c - ntu
CF-BKA Pietenpol Air Scout CF-BKA P White   Wfu 16.3.41
CF-BKB Fairchild 24H 3218 NC16909 CF-BKB H Gauthier >L Street 21.03.38 Forced landing due engine failure 5m S Burks Falls Ont 12.4.64
CF-BKC Taylorcraft A 465 CF-BKC Leavens Bros AS >G Mitchell >H Stirk >P Drolet 06.04.38 Wfu 21.4.43 Dismantled
CF-BKD Johnson Biplane 1 CF-BKD S Johnson/Rodney   Struck bush during takeoff run Rodney Ont 8.5.38
CF-BKE Grumman G-21A Goose 1013 CF-BKE RCAF924 JP Bickwell /Toronto 23.05.38 Gift to RCAF 12.9.39 Sold to USA 1.1.45
CF-BKF Taylorcraft A 534 CF-BKF D Revie >J MacFadden >C Graffo >M Calverley >C Ratz 03.05.38 Wfu 4.10.49
CF-BKG Aeronca K K-330 CF-BKG Brandon FC >C Leech 18.06.38 Spun into ground on instructional flight 6m W Brandon Man 13.7.40
CF-BKH Aeronca KCA KCA-21 CF-BKH Lakehead FC 20.08.38 Wfu 30.4.46
CF-BKI Aeronca K K-332 CF-BKI Montreal Light AC >H Forbell 20.06.38 Forced landing due engine failure 2m N Windsor Mills PQ 30.11.40
CF-BKJ Aeronca K K-333 CF-BKJ Montreal Light AC >JR Hartney & RS Weir /Mount Royal PQ 20.06.38 Damaged in severe windstorm Cartierville PQ 24.9.42 Rts
CF-BKK Aeronca 50C Chief C-1108 CF-BKK R Redmayne >M Gillies >Pulsifier Bros >Halifax FC >Pulsifier Bros >J Shanahan >C Wells 17.09.38 Dbr in rail transit from Sydney NS-Buchans Field .52
CF-BKL Aeronca 50C Chief C-2038 CF-BKL L Hornick >H Stirk >L Tripp >D McLaren >Tripp FS >H Lalone >K Aspden >A Elias >J Hood 01.12.38 Wfu 26.5.65
CF-BKM Taylorcraft A 521 CF-BKM Leavens Bros AS >W Siple 06.05.38 Severely damaged in windstorm Cartierville PQ 24.9.42 dismantled
CF-BKN Beech 18D 177 CF-BKN Prairie AW >Canadian Pacific AL 09.07.38 Sold to TACA Venezuela
CF-BKO Beech 18D 178 CF-BKO Prairie AW >Canadian Pacific AL 19.07.38 Sold to TACA Venezuela
CF-BKP Fairchild 71C 68 CF-BKP Canadian AW Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL >W McDonough >Trans-America Mining Corp 28.05.38 Built using pts from CF-AIW Crashed during takeoff from small lake 10m N Indian NWT 26.9.46
CF-BKQ Beech E17B 227 CF-BKQ J Eaton >J Sponarski >R Daniel >Aero Tool Works >R Green >A Mann 04.07.38 Wfu 31.8.55 (F17D per Juptner)
CF-BKR Hottie Biplane   CF-BKR J Baxter 02.10.39 Built using pts from CF-BER Hit tree attempting landing on ice after engine failure Sudbury Ont 17.3.40
CF-BKS Heath Parasol     H Loney/Moose Jaw ntu
CF-BKT Taylorcraft A 592 CF-BKT K Johannesson & Dr JM Morrow /Fort Smith NT 14.07.38 Lost control in collision with CF-BLW during landing Winnipeg Man 27.6.42
CF-BKU Ryan SCW-145         ntu
CF-BKV Bellanca 66-76 Aircruiser 722 CF-BKV MacKenzie AS >Canadian Pacific AL >Central Northern AW 27.09.38 Overturned in forced landing due weather Smoky Lake Man 6.10.49 (Juptner has c/n 720)
CF-BKW Luscombe 8 806 NC2350 CF-BKW Flying Associates >Winnipeg FC 25.08.38 Stalled in turn during forced landing practice nr Middlechurch Man 25.7.40
CF-BKX Taylorcraft BC 1022 CF-BKX Leavens Bros AS >W Holland 24.09.38 Crashed during aerobatics Tillsonburg Ont 18.4.48
CF-BKY Fairchild 22C-7A 15 CF-BKY St Lawrence Aircraft Assn 06.06.39 Sold to USA 8.45
CF-BKZ           alloted to Beech CF-BLU in error - ntu
CF-BLA Piper J-3 Cub C-2476 CF-BLA Fliers Ltd >Patterson & Hill Aircraft 17.09.38 Dbf in hangar fire Barker Field Ont 17.8.45
CF-BLB Piper J-3C-50 Cub C-2437 CF-BLB W Michaud >Cub Aircraft >Kingston FC >W Narsh >R Peck >D Porter >J Williams >A Burt 26.11.38 Stalled on landing approach to field nr Midland Ont 31.8.52
CF-BLC Piper J-3F-50 Cub C-2477 CF-BLC Flying Club of Kingston >Kingston FC >C Millard >G Reeds 22.02.39 Wfu 7.6.49
CF-BLD Piper J-3F-50 Cub C-2438 CF-BLD A Smith >Leavens Bros AS >J Lome >Chambers Reid & Lome >J Lome >R Wong >R Wallace 30.12.38 Wfu 14.5.48
CF-BLE Piper J-3C-50 Cub C-2681 CF-BLE Algoma AT 01.02.39 Stalled at low altitude Porquis Junction Ont 23.7.41
CF-BLF Piper J-3C-50 Cub C-2739 CF-BLF F Blais >W Davis >Lakeland Skyways >M Mackie >J Roberts >G Smith >J Tsun >A Hawkins >N Kelly >R Pearson >H Brohm >G Barefoot >R Dunbar >D Hale >N Callacott 05.04.39  
CF-BLG Piper J-4 Cub Coupe 4-458 CF-BLG R Fry 10.02.39 Crashed during aerobatics at low altitude Clifford Ont 23.9.39
CF-BLH Piper J-3C-50 Cub C-2727 CF-BLH Kamloops FC >Brisbane Avn >Aero-Delta Holdings >R Rasmussen >J Pettapiece 06.05.39 Dbr during windstorm Altario Sask 12.4.51
CF-BLI Piper J-3C-40 Cub C-2250 CF-BLI St Catherines FC 18.05.39 Dbr in hangar fire St.Catherines Ont .47
CF-BLJ Piper J-3C-50 Cub C-3059 CF-BLJ St Maurice AW >R Demers 08.07.39 Spun into river in bad weather Riviere des Prairies PQ 29.7.45
CF-BLK Grumman G-23 Goblin 143 CF-BLK RCAF340 Canadian Car & Foundry >RCAF 09.09.38  
CF-BLL Douglas DC-2-120 1411 NC14925 (CF-BLL) CF-BPP NC14925 Canadian Colonial AW ntu
CF-BLM Aeronca 50C Chief C-2529 CF-BLM J Dunkelman >W Siple >Leavens Bros AS >Austin AW >F Fowler >Leavens Bros AS >M Phillips >Leavens Bros AS >Georgian Bay AW >A McDonald 04.03.39 Overturned while taxying Dbr during salvage Wasag Beach Ont 17.6.54
CF-BLN Aeronca 50C Chief C-2569 CF-BLN Austin AW 28.02.39 Crashed into trees after runaway during engine start Ramsay Lake Ont 9.2.41
CF-BLO Aeronca 65C Chief C-4539 CF-BLO Austin AW 03.07.39 Hit glassy water while practicing spins Ramsay Lake Ont 11.10.40
CF-BLS Heath Parasol 1 CF-BLS F Hotson 01.05.39 Wfu .41 Rts
CF-BLT Bellanca 66-76 Aircruiser 723 CF-BLT British Yukon Navigation 10.12.38 Dbf in hangar fire Whitehorse YT 9.12.40
CF-BLU Beech D17S 238 CF-BLU Midland AW >Northwest AS >Yukon Southern AT >Canadian Pacific AL 26.09.38 Hit sandbar and overturned on takeoff Camp Canol NWT 16.8.42
CF-BLV Barkley-Grow T8P-1 3 CF-BLV Canadian Car & Foundry >Yukon Southern AT >Canadian Pacific AL >H Peets >Associated AW >Pacific Western AL 04.04.39 Stalled during takeoff Peace River Alta 12.1.60 Dbr
CF-BLW Luscombe 8 823 NC20660 CF-BLW Flying Associates >Edmonton & Northern Alberta AC >Johannesson FS 20.10.38 Collided with CF-BKT during approach Winnipeg Man 27.6.42
CF-BLX Luscombe 8     W Bayer/Montreal   ntu
CF-BLY Taylorcraft BC 1089 CF-BLY L Hornick >Leavens (Northern) >A Sackrider 06.12.38 Stalled during approach and crashed into trees Larder Lake Ont 22.8.47
CF-BLZ Taylorcraft BC 1090 CF-BLZ H Milligan 09.12.38 Wing hit groung while low flying Sudbury Ont 28.6.42
CF-BMA Taylorcraft BC 1196 CF-BMA M Spearing >L Tripp >M Milson >Tripp FS >W Parkinson >A Thompson >R Harrison >O Trunk >J Williams >F Welsh >R Levesque >J Leduc 14.04.39 Wfu 24.7.56
CF-BMB Gregor FDB-1 201 CF-BMB (XB-ABY) Canadian Car & Foundry 27.02.39 Export to Mexico cancelled Wfu and dismantled 7.5.41
CF-BMC Stinson Reliant     Father P Schulte   ntu
CF-BMD Pietenpol Air Camper CF-BMD D Walker 20.03.39 Nft 4.39
CF-BME Fairchild 24R-9 R9-401 CF-BME J Bickell 28.01.39 Exported to USA
CF-BMF Luscombe 8 845 NC20691 CF-BMF M Foss   ntu
CF-BMG Barkley-Grow T8P-1 4 CF-BMG Canadian Car & Foundry >Yukon Southern AT >Canadian Pacific AL 05.04.39 Overturned at moorings in strong wind Port Alberni BC 1.2.47
CF-BMH Curtiss-Reid Rambler II 1037 CF-BMH Curtiss-Reid FS 28.06.39 Stalled on approach Cartierville PQ 29.9.41 Pts used to build CF-BVL
CF-BMI Beech 18D 224 CF-BMI Hudsons Bay Co 28.04.39 Sank at moorings due high wind and waves Richmond Gulf PQ 12.8.41
CF-BMJ DH.82C Tiger Moth DHC1769 RCAF8967 CF-BMJ Inter Provincial AS >Georgian Bay AW 25.05.45 Scrapped Parry Sound 22.8.48
CF-BMK DH.82C Tiger Moth DHC1775 RCAF8973 CF-BMK Inter Provincial AS >A Deachman >D Light 25.05.45 Stalled on overshoot St Catherines Ont 7.11.50
CF-BML DH.82C Tiger Moth DHC1795 RCAF8993 CF-BML Inter Provincial AS >M B Legate AS >L Slivinski >R Wong >G Massey 25.05.45 Sold for spares 9.46
CF-BMT Corben Baby Ace     M Peticlerc   ntu
CF-BMU Beech 18D 267 CF-BMU RCAF1530 CF-BMU J Eaton >RCAF >Algoma AT 18.07.39 Sold to USA
CF-BMV Barkley-Grow T8P-1 5 CF-BMV RCAF758 CF-BMV Canadian Car & Foundry >RCAF >Maritime Central AW 14.09.39 Sank after forced landing on ice due fog nr Angmagssalik Greenland 23.12.42
CF-BMW Barkley-Grow T8P-1 6 CF-BMW Canadian Car & Foundry >Yukon Southern AT >Canadian Pacific AL >Associated AW >Pacific Western AL >Northland AL 18.08.39 Forced landing on lake due engine failure Big Stone Lake nr Netley Man 12.3.65
CF-BMX Taylorcraft BL 1222 CF-BMX Leavens Bros AS 29.04.39 Stalled while low flying over Lake Ontario off Toronto Ont 3.9.45
CF-BMY Taylorcraft BC 1321 CF-BMY Leavens Bros AS >E Cinq-Mars >Y Letellier >L Cayer >W MacNutt >W Dorosh 26.06.39 Dbr in severe winds Edmonton Alta 21.6.51
CF-BMZ Taylorcraft BL 1374 CF-BMZ C Kenyon >A Salter >O Rouette >R Demers >G Newman >E Sharpe >Leavens Bros AS >W Shoop 29.07.39 Dbr in severe windstorm Kinuso Alta 13.4.51
CF-BNA Stinson SR-10P Reliant Jul-58 NC21122 CF-BNA FA Ford /Edmonton >C Newell >MacKenzie AS 25.04.39 Overturned making steep landing on glassy water Fort Vermilion Alta 2.6.41 Dbr
CF-BNB Luscombe 8A 915 CF-BNB L Foggin >Gilberts FS >Johnnesson FS 11.05.39 Forced landing due carb icing 22m NW Winnipeg Man 6.6.45
CF-BNC DH.82C Tiger Moth DHC329 CF-BNC DHC >Hamilton AC >W Martin >A Wells >B Cannon >M Rumball 18.10.39 rebuilt with parts from CF-CGT. Dismantled 8.6.55
CF-BND DH.89A Rapide 6375 CF-BND Quebec AW Ltd >Central Northern AW 08.09.39 Forcelanded in trees out of fuel Digby Island BC 29.7.49
CF-BNE DH.89A Rapide 6376 CF-BNE Quebec AW Ltd 04.11.39 Sank through ice Lake George Man 3.12.43
CF-BNF DH.82C Tiger Moth DHC327 CF-BNF N6387T N82CQ Leavens Bros AS >DHC >C Bennett >J Brown >W MacNutt >R Dawson >F Deschenaux >Leavens Bros >R Hicks >F Thompson >F Ball 04.09.41 John Burson Carrollton GA USA
CF-BNG DH.89A Dominie 6472 CF-BNG DHC >Ginger Coote >Canadian Pacific AL 12.09.40 Forcelanding on ice after engine fire Great Lake 9.3.46
CF-BNJ DH.89A Rapide '89232' CF-BNJ Maritime Central AW >Spartan AS 02.06.42 Wfu 20.8.55
CF-BOA Piper J-3C-50 Cub C-3154 CF-BOA Cub Aircraft Corp Ltd >RH Fawcett >Leavens Bros AS >M Hicks >Hicks & Lawrence >W Cooper >H Trevelyan >J Reid >L Porter >F Diedrich >R Pitman 08.07.39  
CF-BOB Piper J-3F-50 Cub C-3152 CF-BOB Cub Aircraft Corp Ltd >London FC >R Nelson >Leavens Bros AS 11.08.39 Stalled while cropdusting 1m E Corbyville Ont 24.6.46
CF-BOC Piper J-4A Cub Coupe 4-680 CF-BOC Cub Aircraft Corp Ltd >G Rioux >Cub Aircraft 18.09.39 Forced landing due engine failure on takeoff Hamilton Ont 13.9.42
CF-BOD Piper J-3F-50 Cub C-3085 CF-BOD Hamilton AC >Cub Aircraft >F Gillies 02.09.37 Collided with Tiger Moth RCAF1224 while landing Barker Field Ont 22.7.42
CF-BOE Piper J-3F-50 Cub C-3155 CF-BOE London FC 06.10.39 Hit tree while low flying nr Coldstream Ont 31.1.41
CF-BOF Piper J-4A Cub Coupe 4-1129 CF-BOF Brant-Norfolk AC 15.08.40 Dbf in hangar fire Brantford Ont 10.3.41
CF-BOG Piper J-3F-50 Cub C-3060 CF-BOG Hamilton AC >Leavens Bros AS 30.01.40 Wing hit ground while cropdusting Mount Salem Ont
CF-BOH Piper J-3C-50 Cub C-3389 CF-BOH Cub Aircraft Corp Ltd >Kitchener-Waterloo FC >H Lishman >R Kelly >Weston Aircraft >F Gillies >J Ashbee >W Wilson >A Winje >M Berton 10.04.40 Caught fire while under repair Kelvington Sask 5.50
CF-BOI Piper J-3C-65 Cub C-3391 CF-BOI Cub Aircraft Corp Ltd >L Gregory /Hamilton 04.07.40 Crashed while landing on glassy water Hamilton Bay Ont 30.4.42
CF-BOJ Piper J-3C-65 Cub C-3390 CF-BOJ H Milligan /Sudbury Ont 23.05.40 Ran into snowstorm after takeoff 24m N Chapleau Ont 18.12.41 Dbr
CF-BOK Piper J-4A Cub Coupe 4-1140 CF-BOK Cub Aircraft Corp Ltd >AJ Smith /London Ont >GE McAlpine /Parkhill Ont 02.08.40 Overturned during takeoff from field Marchwell Sask 30.7.60
CF-BOL Piper J-4A Cub Coupe 4-1130 CF-BOL JC Stainton >D Revie >Gilberts FS >Vancouvers U-Fly 13.08.40 Wfu 14.11.66
CF-BOM Piper J-4A Cub Coupe 4-1207 CF-BOM Cub Aircraft Corp Ltd >EWJ Waddell /Windsor Ont 30.08.40 Wfu 1.5.67
CF-BON Piper J-4A Cub Coupe 4-1211 CF-BON Cub Aircraft Corp Ltd >GC & J Haun /Welland Ont >HD Asher /Welland Ont 06.09.40  
CF-BOO Piper J-4A Cub Coupe 4-1214 CF-BOO Cub Aircraft Corp Ltd >Air Transport & Training >Patterson & Hill >Hillcraft Industries >Chambers Reid & Lome Ltd 06.09.40 Dbf in hangar fire Barker Field Ont 17.8.45
CF-BOP Piper J-3C-65 Cub C-3392 CF-BOP Cub Aircraft Corp Ltd >St Catherines FC 04.07.40 Hit tree while low flying nr Virgil Ont 13.8.40
CF-BOQ Piper J-3C-40 Cub C-3385 CF-BOQ Cub Aircraft Corp Ltd >Flying Club of Kingston 16.09.40 Forced landing due carb ice Waubaushene Ont 6.7.50
CF-BOR Piper J-3C-40 Cub C-3384 CF-BOR St Catherines FC 18.06.40 Wfu 18.6.41 Dbf in hangar fire St.Catherines .47
CF-BOS Piper J-3C-50 Cub C-3388 CF-BOS Gillies FS >RF Kelly /Mount Dennis Ont >FF Gillies /Toronto >BD Preston /Stouffville Ont 01.08.40  
CF-BOT Piper J-3C-65 Cub C-3387 CF-BOT Cub Aircraft Corp Ltd >WH Woodrow /Orillie Ont >WC Warren /Hamilton >Peninsula AS /Hamilton Ont 13.12.40  
CF-BOU Piper J-3C-40 Cub C-3383 CF-BOU Cub Aircraft Corp Ltd >S Boothby /Toronto >WC Warren /Hamilton >Peninsula AS /Hamilton 10.05.41 Crashed in near vertical dive nr Campbellford Ont 24.10.56
CF-BOV Piper J-3C-50 Cub C-3386 CF-BOV Cub Aircraft Corp Ltd >WC Warren /Hamilton 21.02.41 Stalled on approach and hit tree Hamilton Ont 26.3.45
CF-BOW Piper J-5A Cub Cruiser 5-570 CF-BOW Cub Aircraft Corp Ltd >L Gregory >J Gregory >W Warren >Peninsula AS /Hamilton 07.02.41  
CF-BOX Piper J-5A Cub Cruiser 5-710 CF-BOX FF & M Gillies /Fairbank Ont 27.03.41  
CF-BOY Piper J-5A Cub Cruiser 5-817 CF-BOY JA Pitman /Port Rowan Ont 08.05.41 Stalled after takeoff from farm field 2m W Peterborough Ont 16.10.41
CF-BOZ Piper J-4E Cub Coupe 4-1592 CF-BOZ G Rioux >Cub Aircraft >Kepler Aviation >Cub Aircraft >W Van Allen >Transvision Television >G Scobie >C Hooper 10.09.41 Overturned in high winds onto Seabee N6375K North Bay Ont 3.10.51
CF-BPA Luscombe 8A 925 CF-BPA Flying Associates >J George >L Foggin >W Sylvester >BC Airlines 15.08.39 Hit water hard and sank during takeoff Narvez Bay BC 18.3.48
CF-BPB Elton Monoplane   CF-BPB W Elton >F Swann   Crashed while being flown illegally nr Lundbreck Alta 28.8.42
CF-BPC Luscombe 8A 965 CF-BPC A Martin >General Skycraft Ltd /Montreal 06.07.39 Hit by runaway Rambler CF-BMH Cartierville PQ 29.10.39
CF-BPD DH.90 Dragonfly 7538 CF-MPD CF-BPD RCMP >Noorduyn Aircraft >Leavens Bros AS >Ginger Coote AW >Canadian Pacific AL 02.09.38 Groundlooped on takeoff Edmonton 13.4.43
CF-BPE Stinson HW-75 Voyager 7017 CF-BPE R Goodwin >Patterson & Hill 03.07.39 Dbf in hangar fire Barker Field Ont 17.8.45
CF-BPF Stinson HW-75 Voyager 7031 CF-BPF R Goodwin 18.07.39 Hit trees while low flying pickering Ont 26.9.39
CF-BPG Stinson HW-75 Voyager 7068 CF-BPG R Goodwin 19.08.39 Pilot suffered heart attack in air Toronto Bay Ont 4.2.41
CF-BPH Stinson 10 Voyager 7579 CF-BPH Thousand Island FS >Curtiss-Reid FS >Northern Wings >Curtiss-Reid FS >L Messenger >J Viau >Montreal FC >Leavens >R Scotten >J Carter >K Hopkinson >G Gloin >D Orchard 21.09.40 Wfu 31.8.53
CF-BPI Stinson HW-75 Voyager 7246 CF-BPI R Redmayne >Curtiss-Reid FS >Air Services (Canada) >Curtiss-Reid FS >H Lefebvre >H Goulet >R Sigouin >P Cote >G Reeves >G Underbakke 16.05.40 Stored 21.5.64
CF-BPJ Stinson 10 Voyager 7596 CF-BPJ Hamilton AC >H Clegg >H Dale >W MacNutt >D Coyle >J Cockerline >G Carswell 05.07.40  
CF-BPK Pietenpol Air Camper   H Stanley   ntu
CF-BPP Douglas DC-2-120 1411 NC14925 (CF-BLL) CF-BPP NC14925 Canadian Colonial AW 26.08.39 Sold to USA 9.42
CF-BPQ           allotted to Leavens Bros - ntu
CF-BPR Taylorcraft BC-65 1409 CF-BPR Leavens Bros AS >M Lindsay >M Winans >J Saunders >B Dodson >G Rowswell >C McDonald >D Moore >J Logan >P Kolanski >J Svardala >R Moore >O Charsley >N Graves 11.09.39  
CF-BPS           allotted to Leavens Bros - ntu
CF-BPT Geneau Homebuilt   CF-BPT O Geneau/Montreal Forced landing on first flight due engine failure Cartierville PQ 3.8.40
CF-BPU Can-Car Maple Leaf II 4 CF-BPU Canadian Car & Foundry 08.01.40 Sold to USA 10.40
CF-BPV Travel Air 6-B 6B-2041 NC14974 CF-BPV British Yukon Navigation 07.09.39 Forced landing due engine failure nr Fox Lake YT 3.7.41 Dbr
CF-BPW Aeronca 65C Chief C-5679 CF-BPW FW & RA Gilbert /Vancouver 20.11.39 Crashed while low flying Lulu Is BC 31.7.40
CF-BPX Noury T-65 Series 1 1 CF-BPX J Noury >W Crozier >J Noury 01.02.40 Went into spin at 200' over airport while parachute testing Hamilton Ont 21.9.42 Dbr
CF-BQE Grumman G-21A Goose 1061 CF-BQE RCAF941 JP Bicknell /Toronto 29.01.40 To RCAF 1.11.40 Exported to USA 2.45
CF-BQF Luscombe     L Prosser/Vancouver ntu
CF-BQG Beech A-18A 291 CF-BQG Canadian AW Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL >Rimouski AL >Gulf Avn 07.05.40 Wfu 20.6.52
CF-BQH Beech A-18A 318 CF-BQH Canadian AW Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL >H McConachie >L&M Air Service >H Mann >Pacific Western AL >R Laidman 08.05.40 Forced landing due fire in cabin nr Port Hardy BC 29.9.61 Dbf
CF-BQI Taylorcraft BL 1761 CF-BQI Leavens Bros AS >T Pallister >J Broughton 01.05.40 Stalled and hit tree after seat fastening failed Mount Salem Ont 15.5.50
CF-BQJ Taylorcraft BL 1835 CF-BQJ London FC 01.06.40 Overturned after wing hit ground London Ont 17.7.42
CF-BQK Taylorcraft BL-65 1836 CF-BQK Leavens Bros AS 01.06.40 Stalled on takeoff after engine failure Barker Field Ont 18.1.48
CF-BQL Fairchild 24W-40 W40-118 CF-BQL R Kiehlbauch >R Andrews >W Brett 10.05.40 Stalled on takeoff after floats broke off Powell Lake BC 26.4.44
CF-BQM Barkley-Grow T8P-1 8 CF-BQM MacKenzie AS >Canadian Pacific AL >Associated AW >Pacific Western AL >F Baker >Sioux Narrows AW >Parsons AW >Northland Wild Rice >Northland AL 26.08.40  
CF-BQN Curtiss T-32C Condor 32 NC12371 NC34? CF-BQN XA-DOA British Yukon Navigation >Yukon Southern AT >Canadian Pacific AL 12.06.40 Sold to USA
CF-BQO Stinson 10 Voyager 7502   F Common   ntu
CF-BQP Fleet 60K Fort 600 CF-BQP RCAF3627 Fleet Aircraft Ltd 18.05.40 ntu To RCAF 5.3.42
CF-BQQ Beech A-18A 290 NC18780 CF-BQQ Canadian AW Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL >Northern Wings 08.08.40 Dbr nr Lake Manitou PQ 11.4.53
CF-BQR Taylorcraft BL-65 1890 CF-BQR P Sigurdson >M&C Aviation >Prince Albert FC >H Wilson >J LaClaire >J Lukan >R Hodgins >J LaClaire >Nipawin AS 08.08.40  
CF-BQW Lockheed 10B Electra 1040 NC14962 CF-BQW RCAF7634 CF-BXQ N8723R N228M N239PB Maritime Central AW >Matane AS Sold USA 30.7.63
CF-BRA Lockheed 12A Junior Electra 1241 NC18947 CF-BRA RCAF7641 (CF-BZN) NC18947 N18947 CF-HRN McInnes Products   Sold USA .45
CF-BRM Boeing 247D 1946 X12272 NR92Y NC2666 CF-BRM RCAF7635 CF-BVZ NC41819 Quebec AW Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL Sold USA 4.45
CF-BRQ Lockheed 12A Junior Electra 1222 NC18125 CF-BRQ RCAF7837 (CF-BZM) NC18125 N18125 McInnes Products   ntu due wing corrosion 4.45
CF-BRS Lockheed 10B Electra 1066 NC16054 CF-BRS RCAF7648 CF-BEH NC16054 N16054 Maritime Central AW Sold to USA
CF-BRZ Stinson HW-75 Voyager 7212 NC23753 CF-BRZ RCAF3488 CF-BRZ Dept of Transport >G Dingwall >F Welsh >G Herrmann >Page et Cie 15.11.40 Hit wire fence on takeoff from field Courcelles PQ 22.5.60
CF-BSD Stinson HW-75 Voyager 7072 NC21199 CF-BSD RCAF3485 CF-BSD C Cooper >R Deviney >Patterson & Hill >W Hutchinson >H May >C Millard >L Crews >A Foord >H Metsloff >G Schmidt >D Sherk 26.06.41 Overturned landing in deep snow Breslau Ont 22.2.55
CF-BSI Stinson HW-75 Voyager 7190 NC23724 CF-BSI RCAF3479 CF-BSI P Sigurdson >Aircraft Services (Western) >Winnipeg FC >G Grahame >D Bredin >E Friesen 26.06.41  
CF-BSQ Stearman 4-D Junior Speedmail 4014 CF-CCH CF-BSQ Dept of National Defence >L Coughtry >R Page >L Fletcher 17.06.39 Sold to USA
CF-BSR Luscombe 8C 1470 CF-BSR V Harris >W Sylvester >BC Airlines >North Fraser FC >F Fitzpatrick >Skyway AS >H Bahnman >K Davenport >A Forbes >H Lugt >A Duff >P Sirois 17.10.40 Forced landing due carb ice Lac Louise PQ 22.3.64
CF-BST Stinson HW-75 Voyager 7055 NC21175 CF-BST RCAF3468 CF-BST Superior AW >Leavens Bros AS >K Orr >H Thomson >B Dodson >L Embury >J Martin 24.07.45 Wfu 29.5.66
CF-BSU Stinson HW-75 Voyager 7044 NC21192 CF-BSU RCAF3469 CF-BSU Johannesson FS >H Pollock >E Cummings >W Johnston >C Graffo >W Loftus >M Muloin >O MacRae >B Hendrickson >W Borys 04.08.45  
CF-BSV Stinson HW-75 Voyager 7250 NC23789 CF-BSV RCAF3470 CF-BSV Johannesson FS >M Torbiak 17.05.41 Wfu 13.7.49 Dismantled
CF-BTB Boeing 247 > 247D 1729 NC13347 CF-BTB RCAF7839 CF-BTB N13347 Maritime Central AW Ltd 24.12.41 Sold USA 3.45
CF-BTR Aeronca 65CA Super Chief C-11000 CF-BTR F Gilbert >Gilberts FS >Vancouvers U-Fly Ltd >J Foder >J Harris >A West >Williams Lake FC >J Brooks 11.12.40 Forced landing due engine failure on takeoff nr Black Creek BC 25.2.58
CF-BTT Waco SRE 5084 NC5069 (CF-BTT) RNoAF501    
CF-BTU Aeronca 65TC Tandem Trainer C-6610T CF-BTU F Gilbert >Gilberts FS >Brisbane Avn >D Bamford 11.12.40 Forced landing in mountains due engine failure Salmo BC 8.10.46
CF-BTV Schreck FBA 17 HT4 125   H Barrot/Quebec   Built from G-CAJN and CF-AEF ntu (c/n presumably 1258.125)
CF-BTW Bellanca 66-75 Aircruiser 721 NPC-41 CF-BTW MacKenzie AS >Canadian Pacific AL >Central Northern AW >Transair >Hooker AS 09.09.43  
CF-BTX Barkley-Grow T8P-1 11 NC26496 CF-BTX MacKenzie AS >Canadian Pacific AL 07.04.41 Forced landing after engine failure on takeoff Lake Porcupine Alta 10.10.45
CF-BTY Lockheed 18-40 Lodestar 2084 NC18818 CF-BTY Yukon Southern AT 15.04.41 Returned to USA 9.41
CF-BTZ Lockheed 18-40 Lodestar 2085 NC18822 CF-BTZ Yukon Southern AT 15.04.41 Returned to USA 9.41
CF-BUA American Pilgrim 100-B 6608 712Y CF-BUA British Yukon Navigation >Yukon Southern AT >Canadian Pacific AL 01.04.41 Exported to Honduras 1.44
CF-BUB Moss M.A.2 Mosscraft M.A.2 G-AFMS CF-BUB G-AFMS Moss Bros Aircraft 28.04.41 Exported to UK
CF-BUC Piper J-5A Cub Cruiser 5-863 CF-BUC J Hamilton >Leavens Bros AS >A Winje 28.05.41 Stalled after takeoff Kelvington Sask 24.3.51
CF-BUD Piper J-3C-65 Cub C-7018 CF-BUD F Cybulskie >L Tripp >A Martin >R Page >H Fournier >R Martel >E Tanguay >J Bonard >Eastern AW 26.07.41 Crashed during aerobatics St.Come de Beauce PQ 18.7.49
CF-BUE Piper J-3C-65 Cub C-7017 CF-BUE St Catherines FC 19.08.41 Wfu 22.8.43 Dbf in hangar fire St.Catherines .47
CF-BUF Piper J-3C-65 Cub C-7015 CF-BUF Hamilton AC >Leavens Bros AS >T Pallister >W Norton >H McKay >L Mitchell >W Holland >R Hines >P Davis >R McCredie >W McDonald >G Vary >R Courville 11.10.41  
CF-BUG Piper J-3C-65 Cub C-7016 CF-BUG Cub Aircraft Corp Ltd >Bras d'Or AW >R Graham >G Newman >W Greer 11.10.41 Stalled during aerobatics Tween Rivers PEI 17.5.53 Dbr
CF-BUH Piper J-3C-65 Cub 7947 CF-BUH F Lambert >E Anger >K Hadley >J Maynes 21.03.42 Stalled in turn after takeoff St.Thomas Ont 13.8.53
CF-BUI Piper J-3C-65 Cub 2360A CF-BUI G Boulanger >Quebec City FC 13.10.44 Dbr in windstorm Chateau Richer PQ 24.3.48
CF-BUJ Piper J-3C-65 Cub 2359A CF-BUJ Inter Provincial AS >H Richardson >C Baker >Windsor FC >Millard Auto-Aero >J Irwin >H Brohm >J Craib >L Head >W Goodwins >W Woodill >N Beelick 11.11.44  
CF-BVA Aeronca 65TL Tandem Trainer L-9911T CF-BVA Kitchener-Waterloo FC 20.06.41 Stalled in steep turn and hit water Shand Dam nr Fergus Ont 1.5.42
CF-BVB Barkley-Grow T8P-1       ntu
CF-BVC Beech S-18D 265 NC3250 CF-BVC British Yukon Navigation Crashed during familiarisation flight 2m S Pelley River YT 11.9.41
CF-BVD           not allotted
CF-BVE Barkley-Grow T8P-1 1 NC18388 CF-BVE Canadian Car & Foundry >Prairie AW >Canadian Pacific AL 02.11.42 Sold to USA 2.45
CF-BVF Boeing 247 > 247D 1706 NC13325 CF-BVF NC33172 British Yukon Navigation >Yukon Southern AT >Canadian Pacific AL 30.10.41 Sold to USA 7.45
CF-BVG Curtiss Kingbird D-3 2016 NC11816 CF-BVG British Yukon Navigation >Yukon Southern AT 30.10.41 Wfu 30.10.42 Sold to USA
CF-BVH Fairchild 71B 763 G-CYVY RCAF634 CF-BVH 42-88617? F Wheeler >USAAF 08.10.41 Sold USA 12.42
CF-BVI Fairchild 71 674 G-CYWE RCAF640 CF-BVI Wings Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL >Austin AW 22.12.41 Sank after floats wiped off in downwind takeoff English Lake Ont 17.7.49
CF-BVJ Fairchild 71 690 G-CYWH RCAF643 CF-BVJ Wings Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL >H Hennessy 11.12.41 Stalled in turn due carb ice on takeoff Collins Lake Ont 27.10.44
CF-BVK Fairchild 71C 625 G-CYXB RCAF644 CF-BVK Dominion Skyways >Trans-America Mining Corp >North Inca Gold Mines >Dunsford Securities >Central BC AW 13.02.42 Float hit deadhead on takeoff - overturned under tow Ocean Falls BC 13.11.55
CF-BVL Curtiss-Reid Rambler II   Curtiss-Reid FS   Rebuild of CF-BMH not completed
CF-BVM Beech 18D 169 NC18578 CF-BVM Hudsons Bay Co   Dbf while under repair Pagwa Ont 23.1.42
CF-BVN Grumman G-44 Widgeon 1240 CF-BVN J Bickell >O Barrett >G Godsall >Century Motor Sales >Dept of Game & Fisheries >Trans Gaspesian AW >Trans Aircraft Co >McAvoy AS >Wunder Machine Co 08.01.42 Sold to USA 12.67
CF-BVO Aeronca 65LB Super Chief LB-18322 CF-BVO Kitchener-Waterloo FC >G Munro >K Hopkinson >M Powell >D Crocker >R Goodfellow >C McCabe >R Gooderham 28.04.42 Hit tree on takeoff from small field Shelburne Ont 24.5.58
CF-BVP Fairchild 51   RCAF (CF-BVP) Austin AW   ntu
CF-BVQ Fairchild 71 645 G-CYWB RCAF637 CF-BVQ 42-88618 M&C Aviation >USAAF 20.12.41 Sold USA 2.43
CF-BVR Fairchild FC-2 > 51 19 G-CYYV G-CYWU RCAF625 CF-BVR Patricia Lumber >G Grant >J Mathieu 26.11.41 Torn from moorings and wrecked during windstorm Fort Frances Ont 24.6.46
CF-BVS Fairchild 71B FAC-7 RCAF182 RCAF646 CF-BVS Canadian AW Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL 24.12.41 Landed on rough ice after engine failed Fort McMurray Alta 28.3.43
CF-BVT Boeing 247 > 247D 1732 NC13350 CF-BQV RCAF7639 CF-BVT NC41812 Yukon Southern AT >Canadian Pacific AL 01.10.43 Sold USA 2.45
CF-BVU Fairchild 71B 688 G-CYWC RCAF638 CF-BVU Canadian AW Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL 03.02.43 Dbf while heating engine Fort Vermillion Alta 25.3.44
CF-BVV Boeing 247 > 247D 1725 NC13343 CF-BQT RCAF7637 CF-BVV NC41813 Yukon Southern AT >Canadian Pacific AL 01.10.43 Sold USA 3.45
CF-BVW Boeing 247 > 247D 1735 NC13353 CF-BTC RCAF7840 CF-BVW NC41814 Quebec AW Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL 01.10.43 Sold USA 4.5.45
CF-BVX Boeing 247 > 247D 1699 NC13318 CF-BQS RCAF7638 CF-BVX NC41809 CF-JRQ Quebec AW Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL 01.10.43 Gift to Natl Aero Colln Ottawa Ont .66
CF-BVY Fairchild 51 23 G-CYYT RCAF627 CF-BVY Austin AW 03.03.42 Wfu 18.12.47 Scrapped
CF-BVZ Boeing 247D 1946 X12272 NR92Y NC2666 CF-BRM RCAF7635 CF-BVZ NC41819 Quebec AW Ltd >Canadian Pacific AL 01.10.43 Sold USA 4.45
CF-BWA           not allotted
CF-BWB           not allotted
CF-BWC           not allotted
CF-BWD           not allotted
CF-BWE           not allotted
CF-BWF           not allotted
CF-BWG           not allotted
CF-BWH           not allotted
CF-BWI           not allotted
CF-BWJ           not allotted
CF-BWK           not allotted
CF-BWL           not allotted
CF-BWM           not allotted
CF-BWN           not allotted
CF-BWO           not allotted
CF-BWP           not allotted
CF-BWQ           not allotted
CF-BWR           not allotted
CF-BWS           not allotted
CF-BWT           not allotted
CF-BWU           not allotted
CF-BWV           not allotted
CF-BWW           not allotted
CF-BWX           not allotted
CF-BWY           not allotted
CF-BWZ           not allotted
CF-BXA Longster Monoplane CF-BXA S Johnson   Unlicenced due wartime restrictions 20.5.42
CF-BXB Noorduyn Norseman IV 61 RCAF2488 (CF-BXB) Dominion Skyways   ntu-returned to RCAF
CF-BXC Noorduyn Norseman IV 73 RCAF3529 (CF-BXC) Dominion Skyways   ntu-returned to RCAF
CF-BXD Fairchild FC-2W2 513 NC8016 CF-BXD Northern AW 15.04.43 Spiralled into pond after rudder failed nr Carcross YT 7.9.48
CF-BXE Lockheed 10A Electra 1076 42-38342 CF-BXE Maritime Central AW >Dept of Transport >Eastern Provincial AW >Trans Gaspesian AL 07.04.43  
CF-BXF Fairchild FC-2W2 > 71 523 NC8036 CF-BXF Northern AW >H Thomas >W Sylvester >Sechelt AS 28.10.44 Struck submerged object on takeoff Jervis Inlet BC 27.6.63
CF-BXG Fairchild 71 > 71C FAC-8 RCAF183 RCAF647 CF-BXG Canadian Pacific AL 09.02.44 U/c collapsed when wing hit ice on landing Cliff Lake Man 13.3.45
CF-BXH Fairchild 71 655 NC117H CF-BXH Northern AW >Whitehorse FS 22.11.43 Caught fire in air 4m W Quiet Lake YT 7.8.50
CF-BXI Fairchild 71 > 71C 662 NC145H CF-BXI Northern AW >Central BC AW >Pacific Western AL 02.01.45 Overturned after hitting sandbar on landing run Kitimat BC 8.8.56
CF-BXK Noorduyn Norseman VI 455 CF-BXK Eldorado Mining & Refining 01.05.44 Hit shore while landing in snowstorm Great Slave Lake NWT 17.3.45
CF-BXL Noorduyn Norseman VI 456 CF-BXL Eldorado Mining & Refining >Canadian Pacific AL 01.05.44 Sank through ice indin Lake BC 9.12.46
CF-BXM Stinson 10 Voyager 7554 NC26273 CF-BSW RCAF3471 CF-BXM VP-JAL L Densham 13.05.44 Sold Jamaica .44
CF-BXN Noorduyn Norseman VI 479 CF-BXN McIntyre Porcupine Mines 07.06.44 Dbf at dock South Porcupine Ont 16.5.48
CF-BXO Supermarine Stranraer CV.209 RCAF920 CF-BXO Labrador Mining & Exploration >E Lando >Queen Charlotte AL >W Slye >Stranraer Aerial enterprises 24.05.44  
CF-BXP Fleet 50K Freighter 202 CF-BJU RCAF799 CF-BXP Labrador Mining & Exploration Crashed 23.06.44 Gift to Natl Aero Colln Ottawa Ont .65
CF-BXQ Lockheed 10B Electra 1040 NC14962 CF-BQW RCAF7634 CF-BXQ N8723R N228M N239PB Maritime Central AW >Matane AS 06.03.45 Sold USA 30.7.63
CF-BXR Grumman G-21A Goose 1059 NC2788 RCAF797 CF-BXR Laurentian AS 19.12.44  
CF-BXS Lockheed 12A Junior Electra 1240 NC18946 RCAF1531 CF-BXS Maritime Central AW 13.03.45 Sold USA 7.45
CF-BXT DH.82C Tiger Moth DHC1691 RCAF8889 CF-BXT Superior AW >H Parsons >Superior AW >W Lanktree >E Richards >R Ferring >R L'Esperence >J McTaggart 06.12.44  
CF-BXU DH.90 Dragonfly 7522 CF-BBD CF-MPC RCAF7628 CF-BXU Johannesson FS >A Danes 30.05.45 Dbr in forced landing Thorhild Alta 23.12.45
CF-BXV DH.90 Dragonfly 7557 RCAF7624 CF-BXV Johannesson FS 22.02.45 Groundlooped landing Winnipeg 3.4.45
CF-BYA Supermarine Stranraer CV.209 RCAF919 CF-BYA W Siple 05.01.45 Sold USA 1.45
CF-BYB Supermarine Stranraer CV.227 RCAF948 CF-BYB W Siple 05.01.45 Sold USA 1.45
CF-BYC Supermarine Stranraer CV.232 RCAF953 CF-BYC W Siple 06.04.45 Sold USA 6.45
CF-BYD Supermarine Stranraer CV.210 RCAF921 CF-BYD W Siple 13.02.45 Sold USA 6.45
CF-BYE Supermarine Stranraer CV.187 RCAF910 CF-BYE W Siple 17.07.45 Sold USA 9.45
CF-BYF Supermarine Stranraer CV.190 RCAF913 CF-BYF W Siple 06.04.45 Sold USA 7.45
CF-BYG Supermarine Stranraer CV.212 RCAF923 CF-BYG W Siple 01.10.45  
CF-BYH Supermarine Stranraer CV.204 RCAF914 CF-BYH W Siple 17.07.45 Sold USA 9.45
CF-BYI Supermarine Stranraer CV.184 RCAF907 CF-BYI W Siple >Splisbury & Hepburn >Queen Charlotte AL 03.12.45 Forced landed due fire 5m NW Rock Bay BC 25.1.48 Dbf
CF-BYJ Supermarine Stranraer CV.205 RCAF915 CF-BYJ W Siple >Morris Summit Gold Mines >Queen Charlotte 20.11.44 Overturned on landing Belize Inlet BC 24.12.49
CF-BYK Supermarine Stranraer CV.222 RCAF936 CF-BYK W Siple 01.10.45 Sold USA .45
CF-BYL Supermarine Stranraer CV.186 RCAF909 CF-BYL W Siple >Splisbury & Hepburn 27.03.46 Disappeared enroute Prince Rupert-Stewart BC 31.8.46
CF-BYM Supermarine Stranraer CV.228 RCAF949 CF-BYM W Siple 31.10.46 Flew into trees at side of lake on takeoff Sovereign Lake BC 1.10.57
CF-BYN Supermarine Stranraer   W Siple   ntu
CF-BYO Supermarine Stranraer   W Siple   ntu
CF-BYP Supermarine Stranraer   W Siple   ntu
CF-BYQ Supermarine Stranraer   W Siple   ntu
CF-BYR Supermarine Stranraer   W Siple   ntu
CF-BYS Supermarine Stranraer   W Siple   ntu
CF-BYT Supermarine Stranraer   W Siple   ntu
CF-BYY Lockheed 12 Junior Electra (CF-BYY) E Ahr 22.03.45 ntu
CF-BYZ Lockheed 12 Junior Electra (CF-BYZ) E Ahr 22.03.45 ntu
CF-BZJ Stinson HW-75 Voyager 7177 NC23730 CF-BSF RCAF3483 CF-BZJ Winnipeg FC >C Graffo >S Agarand >N Lowe >R Taylor >Virden Aviation >L Heroux 20.05.45 Wfu 3.12.66
CF-BZK Stinson HW-75 Voyager 7081 NC22505 CF-BSX RCAF3472 CF-BZK Winnipeg FC >C Graffo >E Johnson 12.06.45 Hit rock and overturned on landing Sylvan Man 9.5.56
CF-BZL Stinson HW-75 Voyager 7175 NC22578 CF-BSJ RCAF3480 CF-BZL Winnipeg FC >C Graffo >W Davidson >G Johnson >N Chadderton 11.08.45  
CF-BZM Lockheed 12A Junior Electra 1222 NC18125 CF-BRQ RCAF7837 (CF-BZM) NC18125 N18125 McInnes Products 00.04.45 ntu due wing corrosion 4.45
CF-BZN Lockheed 12A Junior Electra 1241 NC18947 CF-BRA RCAF7641 (CF-BZN) NC18947 N18947 CF-HRN McInnes Products 00.04.45 Sold USA as NC18947 .45
CF-BZO Cessna T-50 Crane     E Ahr 13.04.45 ntu
CF-BZP Cessna T-50 Crane     E Ahr 13.04.45 ntu
CF-BZQ Cessna T-50 Crane     E Ahr 13.04.45 ntu
CF-BZR Cessna T-50 Crane     E Ahr 13.04.45 ntu
CF-BZS Cessna T-50 Crane 1141 RCAF7698 CF-BZS E Ahr >Algoma AT >Inter Provincial AS >Lawrence Motors >W Easton 27.04.45 Wfu 28.1.51 Dismantled
CF-BZT Cessna T-50 Crane 2282 42-13618 RCAF8732 CF-BZT E Ahr >Algoma AT >Inter Provincial AS >W Easton 27.04.45 Scrapped 10.12.48
CF-BZU Cessna T-50 Crane     E Ahr 13.04.45 ntu
CF-BZV Cessna T-50 Crane     E Ahr 13.04.45 ntu
CF-BZW Noorduyn Norseman VI 825 45-41741 CF-BZW Eldorado Mining & Refining 20.04.45 Overturned in slush on landing Leith Point NWT 20.11.48
CF-BZX DH.82C Tiger Moth DHC1761 RCAF8959 CF-BZX T Senior 19.06.45 Stalled and crashed nr Brantford Ont 21.11.45
CF-BZZ DH.82C Tiger Moth DHC1768 RCAF8966 CF-BZZ T Senior >C Lee >J Lee >W Johnston >R Robson >A Watson 19.06.45 Dbf London Ont 12.2.55
CF-CAA DH.60M Moth 729 CF-CAA Dept of National Defence -Toronto FC 08.05.29 Dbr landing Toronto 23.10.40
CF-CAB DH.60M Moth 730 CF-CAB Dept of National Defence -Montreal Light AC 19.04.29 Crashed Montreal 8.7.29
CF-CAC DH.60M Moth 752 CF-CAC Dept of National Defence -Winnipeg FC 20.05.29 Dbr Winnipeg 18.8.30
CF-CAD DH.60M Moth 732 CF-CAD Dept of National Defence -Hamilton AC 19.04.29 U/c collapsed Hamilton 15.6.33
CF-CAE DH.60M Moth 733 CF-CAE Dept of National Defence -Regina FC 16.05.29 Dbr Regina 18.10.31
CF-CAF DH.60M Moth 753 CF-CAF Dept of National Defence -Saskatoon FC 16.05.29 Crashed landing Saskatoon 29.12.29
CF-CAG DH.60M Moth 754 CF-CAG Dept of National Defence -Moose Jaw AC 16.05.29 Crashed landing Moose Jaw 26.6.37
CF-CAH DH.60M Moth 731 CF-CAH Dept of National Defence -Calgary AC 14.05.29 Dbr Calgary 24.4.29
CF-CAI DH.60M Moth 755 CF-CAI Dept of National Defence -Granby AC 10.05.29 Dbr Granby 12.5.29
CF-CAJ Avro 594B Avian IVM R3/CN/289 CF-CAJ Dept of National Defence -Ottawa FC 01.06.29 Rudder jammed in turn due support failure nr Ottawa Ont 8.5.30
CF-CAK DH.60G Gipsy Moth 861 CF-CAK Hamilton AC >E Ferguson >A Elmhirst >R Deachman 28.01.29  
CF-CAL DH.60M Moth 773 CF-CAL Moose Jaw FC >W Betts >Moose Jaw FC >G Burroughs 15.05.29 to Tech school as inst a/f .41
CF-CAM DH.60M Moth 774 CF-CAM Regina FC 16.05.29 Crashed on landing Regina Sask 16.12.29
CF-CAN DH.60M Moth 775 CF-CAN Saskatoon AC 16.05.29 Collided with car Saskatoon 5.7.29
CF-CAO DH.60M Moth 776 CF-CAO Dept of National Defence -Calgary AC >Calgary AC >A Berry >Beaulieu Yellowknife Mines 15.05.29 Derelict Yellowknife 6.2.47
CF-CAP DH.60M Moth 766 CF-CAP Border Cities AC >A Elmhirst >A Johnston >C Roper 13.05.29 Hit shoal landing on lake nr Torrance Ont 15.8.41
CF-CAQ Avro 594 Avian IV R3/CN/221 CF-CAQ Ottawa FC 30.04.29 Dbr Ottawa Ont .30 pts used to build CF-CAR
CF-CAR Avro 594 Avian IV R3/CN/222 CF-CAR Ottawa FC 16.04.29 Dbr Ottawa Ont 28.6.31
CF-CAS DH.60M Moth 1303 CF-CAS Dept of National Defence -Fort William FC 27.05.29 Stalled landing Fort William 17.2.30
CF-CAT DH.60M Moth 1305 CF-CAT Dept of National Defence -Fort William FC 27.05.29 Dbr Fort William Ont 9.9.30
CF-CAU DH.60M Moth 1306 CF-CAU Dept of National Defence -Kingston FC 06.06.29 Stalled on overshoot Kingston 3.7.30
CF-CAV DH.60M Moth 794 CF-CAV Dept of National Defence -Saint John FC 06.06.29 Dbr Saint John 14.6.31
CF-CAW DH.60M Moth 1307 CF-CAW Dept of National Defence -St Catherines FC >M Gain >G Schuyt >Kitchener-Waterloo FC >Cub Aircraft >L Gregory 08.06.29 Hit trees nr Acton Ont 9.8.42
CF-CAX DH.60M Moth 1308 CF-CAX Dept of National Defence -Kingston FC 08.06.29 Crashed nr Kingston Ont 4.10.30
CF-CAY Avro 594B Avian IVM R3/CN/285 CF-CAY Dept of National Defence -Cape Breton FC 06.07.29 Rts for CF-CAZ 1.6.32
CF-CAZ Avro 594B Avian IVM R3/CN/284 CF-CAZ Dept of National Defence -Cape Breton FC 06.07.29 Dbr in heavy landing nr Sydney NS 28.6.37
CF-CBA Avro 594B Avian IVM R3/CN/293 CF-CBA Dept of National Defence -Brant-Norfolk AC 27.07.29 Ground looped on landing run Brantford Ont 16.7.31
CF-CBB Avro 594B Avian IVM R3/CN/301 CF-CBB Dept of National Defence -Brant-Norfolk AC >Ottawa FC 29.07.29 Wfu 21.5.39 Rts
CF-CBC Avro 594B Avian IVM R3/CN/300 CF-CBC Dept of National Defence -Brandon Aero Assn >Brandon FC 16.08.29 Wfu 18.5.37 Dismantled
CF-CBD Avro 594B Avian IVM R3/CN/298 CF-CBD Dept of National Defence -Brandon Aero Assn >H Austin >R Joberty >P Atkin 16.08.29 Wfu 16.6.41
CF-CBE DH.60M Moth 1318 CF-CBE Dept of National Defence -Border Cities AC 24.06.29 Stalled Walkerville Ont 1.6.30
CF-CBF DH.60M Moth 1319 CF-CBF Dept of National Defence -St Catherines FC 28.06.29 Dbr St Catherines Ont 29.4.34
CF-CBG DH.60M Moth 1311 CF-CBG Dept of National Defence -Saint John FC 15.08.29 Fuselage corroded 4.33
CF-CBH DH.60M Moth 1326 CF-CBH Dept of National Defence -Halifax AC 17.10.29 Lost control in cloud nr Halifax NS 26.9.30
CF-CBI Curtiss-Reid Rambler I 1039 CF-CBI Dept of National Defence -Montreal Light AC 16.04.30 Stalled in turn after engine failure on takeoff Montreal PQ 6.12.30
CF-CBJ Avro 594B Avian IVM 322 CF-CBJ Dept of National Defence -Ottawa FC >J Noury >L Ethier 21.05.30 Wfu due wartime restrictions 3.10.39 (Ottawa Car Mfg Co built)
CF-CBK DH.60M Moth 1489 CF-CBK Dept of National Defence -Toronto FC 05.05.30 Crashed nr Fisherville Ont 31.10.34
CF-CBL DH.60M Moth 1490 CF-CBL Dept of National Defence -Regina FC >Kitchener-Waterloo FC >Brant-Norfolk AC >Cub Aircraft >P Anten >A Watts >Patterson & Hill >I Nelson 09.05.30 Wfu 8.4.43
CF-CBM DH.60M Moth 1492 CF-CBM Dept of National Defence -Fort William AC >E Farlinger 02.05.30 Donated to Dept National Defence 24.7.40
CF-CBN DH.60M Moth 1499 CF-CBN Edmonton & Northern Alberta AC >L Shears >W Seddon >C Graffo >Winnipeg FC >C Graffo >F Powell >O Erickson 25.04.30 Stalled after takeoff Rice Lake Man 29.6.47
CF-CBO DH.60M Moth 1498 CF-CBO Saskatoon AC 02.05.30 Stalled on approach Saskatoon 5.5.40
CF-CBP DH.60M Moth 1497 CF-CBP Fort William AC 30.04.30 Stalled in forced landing Fort William Ont 30.6.36
CF-CBQ DH.60M Moth DHC128 CF-CBQ Halifax AC 22.04.31 Stalled during forced landing nr Elgin 21.6.35
CF-CBR DH.82A Tiger Moth 3478 CF-CBR Dept of National Defence -Moose Jaw FC 05.08.36 to Dir of Youth Training as inst a/f 6.12.41
CF-CBS DH.82A Tiger Moth 3481 CF-CBS Dept of National Defence -Calgary AC >Moose Jaw FC 17.08.36 to Saskatoon Tech College as inst a/f 15.8.41
CF-CBT DH.82A Tiger Moth 3479 CF-CBT Dept of National Defence -Hamilton AC 24.07.36 Dbf on engine start Hamilton Ont 16.4.40
CF-CBU DH.82A Tiger Moth 3480 CF-CBU Dept of National Defence -Kingston FC >Toronto FC >Kingston FC >Dept of Transport >Johannesson FS >B Bjornson 17.08.36 Overturned landing on lake in snow nr Elliott Lake Man 20.2.46
CF-CBV           not allotted
CF-CBW Avro 594B Avian IVM 323 CF-CBW Dept of National Defence -London FC 09.09.30 Stalled on takeoff during training flight nr London Ont 19.3.34 (Ottawa Car Mfg Co built)
CF-CBX DH.60M Moth DHC124 CF-CBX Dept of National Defence -Edmonton & Northern Alberta AC 28.05.30 to 16EFTS as Inst a/f 19.3.40
CF-CBY DH.60M Moth DHC123 CF-CBY Dept of National Defence -Saskatoon FC 28.05.30 Stalled and spun nr Saskatoon 15.11.33
CF-CBZ Desoutter II D.33 G-ABCV CF-CBZ Dept of National Defence -Winnipeg FC 08.11.30 Dbf in hangr fire Winnipeg Man 21.3.38
CF-CCA Beech D17S 203 CF-CCA(2) Dept of Transport >Bradley AS >Spartan AS >I Sanders 14.04.38 Wfu 7.12.58
CF-CCA DH.75A Hawk Moth 343 G-AAFW CF-CCA G-CYVD Dept of National Defence -Controller of Civil Avn >RCAF 16.07.30 SOC 8.10.35
CF-CCB Curtiss-Reid Rambler I 1041 CF-CCB CF-AUO Dept of National Defence -Controller of Civil Avn >Fleet Aircraft 15.07.30 Rebuilt as CF-AUO
CF-CCC DH.80A Puss Moth DHC216 CF-CCC Dept of National Defence -Controller of Civil Avn 27.05.31 Reduced to spares 28.7.36
CF-CCD DH.60M Moth DHC110 RCAF154 CF-CCD RCAF154 CF-CFT RCAFA.105 Dept of National Defence -Controller of Civil Avn >RCAF 09.02.33 SOC 21.12.44
CF-CCE Fairchild KR-34C 802 CF-AMW CF-CCE CF-AMW Dept of National Defence -Controller of Civil Avn 21.07.30  
CF-CCF DH.80A Puss Moth DHC204 RCAF172 CF-CCF Dept of National Defence -Controller of Civil Avn 25.09.33 Dbf during refuelling Edmonton 3.9.34
CF-CCG Stearman 4-C Junior Speedmail 4013 CF-CCG Dept of National Defence -Controller of Civil Avn 03.04.30 Hit soft spot on landing and overturned Salmo BC 1.5.34 Rts for CF-CCH
CF-CCH Stearman 4-C Junior Speedmail 4014 CF-CCH CF-BSQ Dept of National Defence -Controller of Civil Avn >L Coughtry 03.04.30  
CF-CCI DH.80A Puss Moth DHC203 RCAF171 CF-CCI Dept of National Defence -Controller of Civil Avn 25.10.32 Forcelanded on Lake Matchi-Manitou 28.3.35
CF-CCJ DH.80A Puss Moth DHC209 RCAF177 CF-CCJ Dept of National Defence -Controller of Civil Avn 28.06.33 Destroyed in hangar fire Toronto 12.11.35
CF-CCK DH.80A Puss Moth DHC210 RCAF178 CF-CCK Dept of National Defence -Controller of Civil Avn 28.03.34 Reduced to spares 8.4.36
CF-CCL DH.80A Puss Moth DHC207 RCAF175 CF-CCL Dept of National Defence -Controller of Civil Avn 25.01.35 Reduced to spares 6.36
CF-CCM DH.80A Puss Moth DHC213 RCAF181 CF-CCM Dept of National Defence -Controller of Civil Avn 26.11.34 to Calgary Inst of Tech 9.36
CF-CCN Fairchild 24C-8E 2801 CF-CCN Dept of National Defence -Controller of Civil Avn >Leavens Bros AS >Maritime Central AW 19.05.36 Sold USA 1.11.43
CF-CCO Fairchild 24C-8E 2802 CF-CCO Dept of National Defence -Controller of Civil Avn 10.06.36 Sold USA 6.43
CF-CCP Waco YKS-6 4410 CF-CCP Dept of National Defence -Controller of Civil Avn 09.04.36 Damaged in fire Edmonton Alta 7.4.39 Gift to Calgary Inst Tech
CF-CCQ Waco YKS-6 4411 CF-CCQ Dept of National Defence -Controller of Civil Avn >Zodiac Mining >Fleet Aircraft 30.03.36 Sold to USA as NC34214 7.8.43
CF-CCR Stinson SR-7B Reliant 9695 CF-CCR Dept of National Defence -Controller of Civil Avn 28.03.36 Stalled on landing and u/c collapsed South River Airport Ont 11.5.37
CF-CCS Waco YKS-6 4530 CF-CCS Dept of Transport 19.11.36 Dbf in hangar fire Winnipeg Man 21.3.38
CF-CCT Lockheed 12A Junior Electra 1219 CF-CCT Dept of Transport 10.05.37 Natl Aviation Museum Ottawa Ont 22.10.63
CF-CCU Waco ZQC-6 > AQC-6 4591 CF-CCU CF-ECQ Dept of Transport >Superior AW 03.04.37  
CF-CCV Waco ZQC-6 4590 CF-CCV Dept of Transport 03.04.37 Dbf in hangar fire Ottawa Ont 9.9.37
CF-CCW Waco ZQC-6 > AQC-6 4646 CF-CCW Dept of Transport >J Murray >W Malpass >BC Airlines >H Pickup 13.10.37  
CF-CCX DH.60M Moth 1309 G-CYWY RCAF212 CF-CCX RCAFA.128 Dept of Transport >RCAF 18.12.37  
CF-CCY DH.60M Moth 1334 RCAF117 CF-CCY RCAFA.113 Dept of Transport >RCAF 18.12.37 SOC 19.9.47
CF-CCZ           not allotted
CF-CDA DH.60M Moth DHC129 CF-CDA Dept of National Defence -McGill Light AC 06.05.31 Dbf nr Montreal 13.9.32
CF-CDB Desoutter         ntu
CF-CDC DH.60M Moth DHC131 CF-CDC Dept of National Defence -Halifax AC 05.05.31 Fuselage corroded 23.10.33
CF-CDD DH.60X Moth 485 G-CYYS CF-CDD Dept of National Defence -Border Cities AC 02.08.31 Seaplane. Dbr on takeoff Walkerville 4.11.32
CF-CDE Avro 594B Avian IVM R3/CN/310 RCAF129 CF-CDE Dept of National Defence -Cape Breton FC 22.07.33 U/c collapsed on landing when bolt failed New Glasgow NS 10.6.37
CF-CDF Avro 594B Avian IVM R3/CN/297 RCAF125 CF-CDF Dept of National Defence -Cape Breton FC 21.10.31 Stalled on landing Sydney NS 24.3.34
CF-CDG Avro 594B Avian IVM R3/CN/307 RCAF126 CF-CDG Dept of National Defence -Cape Breton FC 21.10.31 Dbr in hard landing by student Sydney NS 15.8.37
CF-CDH Avro 594B Avian IVM R3/CN/309 RCAF128 CF-CDH Dept of National Defence -Brandon FC 21.10.31 To 19EFTS Virden Man as inst a/f .41
CF-CDI Avro 594B Avian IVM R3/CN/296 RCAF132 CF-CDI Dept of National Defence -Brandon Aero Assn 05.11.31 Dived too close to ground for recovery Brandon Man 6.6.33
CF-CDJ Avro 594B Avian IVM R3/CN/313 RCAF133 CF-CDJ Dept of National Defence -Brant-Norfolk AC 07.10.31 Dbf Brandon Man 22.5.33
CF-CDK Avro 594B Avian IVM 319 RCAF142 CF-CDK Dept of National Defence -Ottawa FC >J Noury >F Cybulskie >W Galbraith >J Belway 10.12.31 Hit tree in forced landing due engine failure Blue Sea Lake PQ 17.3.40 (Ottawa Car Mfg Co built)
CF-CDL Avro 594B Avian IVM 321 RCAF144 CF-CDL Dept of National Defence -Brant-Norfolk AC >Ottawa FC >R Marchand >J Berry >J Noury >W Sparrow >G Levy 07.10.31 Wfu 15.7.40 (Ottawa Car Mfg Co built)
CF-CDM DH.80A Puss Moth DHC219 CF-IOL CF-CDM Imperial Oil >Toronto FC 28.03.34 Hit by Dragonfly CF-BBD Toronto 19.4.37 cv snowmobile
CF-CDN DH.80A Puss Moth DHC212 RCAF180 CF-CDN Dept of National Defence -Toronto FC 24.03.34 to Central Tech School as inst a/f 24.8.40
CF-CDO DH.60M Moth 739 RCAF85 CF-CDO Dept of National Defence -Fort William AC >Lakehead FC >W Collins 01.08.34 Wfu 11.3.42
CF-CDP DH.60M Moth 746 RCAF86 CF-CDP Dept of National Defence -Brant-Norfolk AC 01.08.34 Stalled and spun Brantford Ont 21.7.35
CF-CDQ Avro 594B Avian IVM R3/CN/314 RCAF134 CF-CDQ Dept of National Defence -Moose Jaw FC >Winnipeg FC >M Helfrich >C Graffo 25.07.32 Gift Natl Avn Mus Ottawa Ont .68
CF-CDR Avro 594B Avian IVM R3/CN/315 RCAF135 CF-CDR Dept of National Defence -Winnipeg FC 25.07.32 To 14EFTS Portage la Prairie Man as inst a/f 11.6.38
CF-CDS Curtiss-Reid Rambler I 1024 RCAF148 CF-CDS Dept of National Defence -Border Cities AC 17.02.33 Hit ditch and overturned in downwind takeoff Walkerville Ont 14.5.33
CF-CDT Avro 594B Avian IVM 317 RCAF138 CF-CDT Dept of National Defence -London FC >H Fowler 02.02.33 Crashed into trees on takeoff after engine failure St.Thomas Ont 28.1.40 (Ottawa Car Mfg Co built)
CF-CDU Avro 594B Avian IVM R3/CN/308 RCAF127 CF-CDU Dept of National Defence -Toronto FC >Ottawa FC 20.03.33 To Ottawa Tech School as inst a/f 25.10.39
CF-CDV Avro 594B Avian IVM 316 RCAF137 CF-CDV Dept of National Defence -Calgary AC >Calgary AC >K Pollock 09.10.33 Wfu 7.9.43 to Western Canada Pioneer Mus (Ottawa Car Mfg Co built)
CF-CDW Avro 594B Avian IVM 318 RCAF141 CF-CDW Dept of National Defence -London FC 14.11.33 Dbr London Ont 11.34 (Ottawa Car Mfg Co built)
CF-CDX Avro 594B Avian IVM 320 RCAF143 CF-CDX Dept of National Defence -Regina FC 12.10.33 Lost elevator control and dived into ground Regina Sask 20.9.35 (Ottawa Car Mfg Co built)
CF-CDY Curtiss-Reid Rambler 1003 G-CYXC CF-CDY Dept of National Defence -Brandon AC 07.03.32 Stalled during takeoff from farm field Napinka Man 12.7.34 (Ottawa Car Mfg Co built)
CF-CDZ Curtiss-Reid Rambler I 1021 RCAF145 CF-CDZ Dept of National Defence -Border Cities AC 13.10.33 Engine failed on overshoot Kitchener Ont 7.7.34
CF-CEA Curtiss-Reid Rambler I 1026 RCAF150 CF-CEA Dept of National Defence -St Catherines FC >J Crapp >C Millard >W Stewart 25.10.33 Damaged on landing in field nr Thistletown Ont 8.5.41
CF-CEB DH.60X Moth 486 G-CYYR CF-CEB Dept of National Defence -Edmonton & Northern Alberta AC 17.08.34 Seaplane. new fuselage c/n 1344. Crashed nr Calgary 25.7.35
CF-CEC DH.60M Moth 760 G-CYYY CF-CEC Dept of National Defence -Winnipeg FC 26.10.34 Dbr Winnipeg 22.11.36
CF-CED DH.60X Moth 488 G-CYYL CF-CED Dept of National Defence -Cape Breton FC 06.09.34 Seaplane. Stalled Sydney NS 17.6.40
CF-CEE           not allotted
CF-CEF DH.60X Moth 490 G-CYYJ CF-CEF Dept of National Defence -Saint John AC 06.09.34 Seaplane. Hit truck landing Saint John NB 31.7.36
CF-CEG DH.60X Moth 757 G-CYXE CF-CEG Dept of National Defence -Hamilton AC >Leavens Bros AS >W Steele 05.10.34 Cat A Demaine 21.1.30 but rebuilt
CF-CEH DH.60M Moth 747 RCAF87 CF-CEH Dept of National Defence -Halifax AC 17.10.34 Collided with G-CALE landing Halifax NS 19.1.38
CF-CEI DH.60M Moth 749 RCAF89 CF-CEI Dept of National Defence -Kingston FC 20.10.34 Hit trees landing Kingston Ont 27.2.39
CF-CEJ DH.60M Moth 750 RCAF90 CF-CEJ Dept of National Defence -London FC 25.05.35 Crashed in snowstorm Port Burwell Ont 12.2.36
CF-CEK DH.60M Moth 751 RCAF91 CF-CEK Dept of National Defence -Brant-Norfolk AC 12.10.35 Destroyed in hangar fire Brantford Ont 10.3.41
CF-CEL DH.60M Moth 738 RCAF84 CF-CEL Dept of National Defence -St Catherines FC >H Halliday >C Gordon 21.10.35 Overturned in forced landing Compton PQ 20.7.39
CF-CEM Fleet 7B 62 CF-CEM Dept of National Defence -AC of BC >Moose Jaw FC 26.05.36 To Moose Jaw Tech Coll as inst a/f 15.8.41
CF-CEN Fleet 7B 66 CF-CEN Dept of National Defence -Edmonton & Northern Alberta AC >lsd 2AOS Edmonton >DND 13.06.36 To 12 Air Cadet Sqn Edmonton 20.5.34
CF-CEO Fleet 7B 65 CF-CEO Dept of National Defence -Regina FC >Moose Jaw FC 12.06.36 To Dept Education Calgary Alta 7.8.41
CF-CEP Fleet 7B 64 CF-CEP Dept of National Defence -Winnipeg FC 01.06.36 Dbf in hangar fire Winnipeg Man 28.9.37
CF-CEQ Fleet 7B 68 CF-CEQ Dept of National Defence -London FC >Toronto FC >R Chesney >T Fawcett >Severn Enterprises >E Richards >D Allen >E Richards 15.06.36 Wfu 14.4.50
CF-CER Fleet 7B 67 CF-CER Dept of National Defence -Montreal Light AC >Brandon FC >Moose Jaw FC >Edmonton & Northern Alberta AC 15.06.36 To Letherbridge Coll Inst as inst a/f 15.1.42
CF-CES Fleet 7B 63 CF-CES Dept of National Defence -Halifax AC >Moncton FC 01.06.36 Stalled in turn after engine failure on takeoff Moncton NB 7.4.41
CF-CET Fleet 7B 61 CF-CET Dept of National Defence -Toronto FC 02.05.36 To Central Tech School as inst a/f 13.8.41
CF-CEU DH.60M Moth 734 RCAF80 CF-CEU Dept of National Defence -Regina FC 24.05.36 Crashed on takeoff Regina Sask 1.5.36 rts
CF-CEV Avro 594B Avian IVM 65259 CF-CEV Dept of National Defence -Ottawa FC 23.05.36 Stalled during aerobatics at low altitude nr Inkerman Ont 1.5.37
CF-CEW Avro 594B Avian IVM 65252 CF-CEW Dept of National Defence -Ottawa FC 29.05.36 To Ottawa Tech School as inst a/f 14.4.41
CF-CEX Avro 594B Avian IVM 65254 CF-CEX Dept of National Defence -Border Cities AC 25.07.36 Nosed over on landing Walkerville Ont 6.5.39 to Galt A/c School as inst a/f 4.6.41
CF-CEY Avro 594B Avian IVM 65255 CF-CEY Dept of National Defence -Border Cities AC 21.07.36 Nosed over during engine runup Walkerville Ont 17.1.39 to Galt A/c School as inst a/f 4.6.41
CF-CEZ Avro 594B Avian IVM 65256 CF-CEZ Dept of National Defence -Saskatoon AC >F Glass 29.06.36 Wfu 6.2.43 Rts
CF-CFA Avro 594B Avian IVM 65257 CF-CFA Dept of National Defence -Saskatoon AC >F Glass 17.06.36 Ran into fence after passenger hit throttle Prince Albert Sask 19.5.40
CF-CFB Avro 594B Avian IVM 65258 CF-CFB Dept of National Defence -St Catherines AC 13.08.36 To Galt A/c School 28.6.39
CF-CFC Avro 594B Avian IVM 65249 CF-CFC Dept of National Defence -St Catherines AC 31.07.36 To Galt A/c School 1.2.41
CF-CFD Fleet 7B 77 CF-CFD Dept of National Defence -Fort William AC >Lakehead FC 29.09.36 Stored 11.3.42 Dbf Fort William Ont .47
CF-CFE Fleet 7B 78 CF-CFE Dept of National Defence -Cape Breton FC 03.10.36 Pilot lost control and baled out in snowstorm nr Moncton NB 20.3.41 Rebuild abandoned
CF-CFF Fleet 7B 79 CF-CFF Dept of National Defence -Saint John FC >Moncton FC >Dept of Transport >E MacDonald >P Arsenault >V Kelner 28.10.36  
CF-CFG Fleet 7B 80 CF-CFG Dept of National Defence -Brant-Norfolk AC 07.10.36 Dbf in hangar fire Brantford Ont 10.3.41
CF-CFH Avro 594B Avian IVM 65250 CF-CFH A.129 Dept of National Defence -Brandon FC 04.06.37 To 19EFTS Virden Man 9.6.40 To inst a/f
CF-CFI Avro 594B Avian IVM 65251 CF-CFI Dept of Transport-Brandon FC >W Smith 25.06.37 Wfu due wartime rstrictions 24.5.40
CF-CFJ DH.82A Tiger Moth DHC321 CF-CFJ Dept of Transport-Kitchener-Waterloo FC >Toronto FC >Dept of Transport >L Tripp >H Wilston >Ranger Red Lake Mines 27.01.38 Wfu 21.11.46
CF-CFK DH.60M Moth DHC114 RCAF164 CF-CFK Dept of Transport-Brandon FC 05.04.38 Crashed at fair Moosomin Sask 1.7.38
CF-CFL           not allotted
CF-CFM DH.60M Moth 719 RCAF70 CF-CFM RCAFA.111 Toronto FC >RCAF 03.08.39 SOC 13.9.46
CF-CFN DH.60M Moth 715 RCAF65 CF-CFN RCAFA.119 CF-CFN Winnipeg FC >RCAF >E Richards >H Evans 02.10.39 Wfu 5.2.47
CF-CFO DH.60M Moth DHC104 RCAF160 CF-CFO RCAFA.110 Halifax AC >RCAF 14.08.39 SOC 13.9.46
CF-CFP DH.60M Moth DHC116 RCAF166 CF-CFP RCAFA.121 Montreal Light AC >Kitchener-Waterloo FC >RCAF 27.07.39 SOC 14.9.44
CF-CFQ DH.60M Moth DHC117 RCAF167 CF-CFQ RCAFA.118 Regina FC >RCAF 20.07.39 SOC 9.9.44
CF-CFR DH.60M Moth 716 RCAF67 CF-CFR RCAFA.123 CF-CFR Hamilton AC >RCAF >Leavens Bros AS >E Baxter >Rocky Point AW 02.08.39 Dbr in forced landing nr Dorset Ont 18.9.46
CF-CFS DH.60M Moth 721 RCAF72 CF-CFS RCAFA.107 Calgary AC >RCAF 27.07.39 SOC 12.4.45
CF-CFT DH.60M Moth DHC110 RCAF154 CF-CCD RCAF154 CF-CFT RCAFA.105 Aero Club of BC >RCAF 25.10.39 SOC 21.12.44
CF-CFU DH.60M Moth DHC111 RCAF155 CF-CFU RCAFA.106 Aero Club of BC >RCAF 25.10.39 SOC 25.5.44
CF-CFV DH.60M Moth DHC102 RCAF158 CF-CFV RCAFA.112 then A.158 Toronto FC >RCAF 03.08.39 SOC 12.12.42
CF-CFW DH.60M Moth 788 RCAF120 CF-CFW RCAFA.124 CF-CFW RCAFA.136 Hamilton AC >RCAF >Patterson & Hill >RCAF 12.03.40 SOC 16.6.42
CF-CFX DH.60M Moth 714 RCAF64 CF-CFX RCAFA.109 Halifax AC >RCAF 16.08.39 SOC 1.9.44
CF-CFY DH.60M Moth DHC115 RCAF165 CF-CFY RCAFA.122 Montreal Light AC >Hamilton AC >RCAF 04.08.39 SOC 9.11.44
CF-CFZ DH.60M Moth 724 RCAF75 CF-CFZ RCAFA.108 Calgary AC >RCAF 14.08.39 SOC 15.5.48
CF-CGA DH.60M Moth DHC101 RCAF157 CF-CGA RCAFA.117 Regina FC >RCAF 18.08.39 SOC 9.9.44
CF-CGB DH.60M Moth DHC133 CF-AVF RCAF223 CF-CGB RCAFA.120 then A.223? CF-CGB Winnipeg FC >RCAF >C Feeney 02.10.39 Wfu 6.8.46
CF-CGC DH.60M Moth 722 RCAF74 CF-CGC Halifax AC 11.07.39 sold 3.41
CF-CGF Fleet 7B Fawn I 12 RCAF191 CF-CGF RCAF191 A.207 Edmonton & Northern Alberta AC >RCAF >loan Curtiss-Reid FS >RCAF 31.10.39  
CF-CGG Fleet 7B Fawn I 16 RCAF195 CF-CGG RCAF195 A.210 St Catherines FC >RCAF >loan Patterson & Hill >RCAF 21.11.39  
CF-CGH Fleet 7B Fawn I 17 RCAF196 CF-CGH RCAF196 A.211 Saskatoon FC >RCAF >loan Leavens Bros AS >RCAF 22.11.39  
CF-CGI Fleet 7B Fawn I 18 RCAF197 CF-CGI RCAF197 A.212 Brant-Norfolk AC >RCAF 13.11.39  
CF-CGJ Fleet 7B Fawn I 21 RCAF200 CF-CGJ RCAF200 A.213 Moose Jaw FC >RCAF >loan Moose Jaw FC >RCAF 16.11.39  
CF-CGK Fleet 7B Fawn I 23 RCAF202 CF-CGK RCAF202 Kingston FC >Brant-Norfolk FC >RCAF 15.11.39  
CF-CGL Fleet 7B Fawn I 26 RCAF205 CF-CGL RCAF205 A.214 Cape Breton FC >Moncton FC >RCAF 05.11.39  
CF-CGM Fleet 7B Fawn I 29 RCAF208 CF-CGM RCAF208 A.216 London FC >RCAF >loan Curtiss-Reid FS >RCAF 00.10.39  
CF-CGN Fleet 7B Fawn I 30 RCAF209 CF-CGN RCAF209 A.217 Kitchener-Waterloo FC >RCAF >loan Leavens Bros AS >RCAF >loan Patterson & Hill >RCAF 27.11.39  
CF-CGO Fleet 7C Fawn II 84 RCAF230 CF-CGO Ottawa FC >Patterson & Hill 09.12.39 Dbr Toronto Ont 19.10.40
CF-CGP DH.82A Tiger Moth DHC302 RCAF240 CF-CGP RCAF240 Calgary AC >RCAF 28.10.39  
CF-CGQ DH.82A Tiger Moth DHC303 RCAF241 CF-CGQ RCAF241 Brandon FC >RCAF 13.11.39  
CF-CGR DH.82A Tiger Moth DHC304 RCAF242 CF-CGR Regina FC >Leavens Bros AS >Ranger Red Lake Mines 16.11.39 Wfu 11.1.47
CF-CGS DH.82A Tiger Moth DHC306 RCAF244 CF-CGS Winnipeg FC 13.11.39 Spun in during aerobatics nr Balmoral Man 17.9.40
CF-CGT DH.82A Tiger Moth DHC307 RCAF245 CF-CGT Hamilton AC 16.11.39 Wfu 26.8.43. Parts used to rebuild CF-BNC in 1950
CF-CGU DH.82A Tiger Moth DHC309 RCAF247 CF-CGU Montreal Light AC >Curtiss-Reid FS 02.12.39 Wfu 24.11.44
CF-CGV DH.82A Tiger Moth DHC312 RCAF250 CF-CGV Halifax AC >Patterson & Hill >Canadian Pacific AL >Curtiss-Reid FS 04.11.39 Wfu 9.9.46
CF-CGW DH.82A Tiger Moth DHC316 RCAF254 CF-CGW Toronto FC 25.10.39 Mid air collision with CF-BKX Toronto 8.5.42
CF-CGX DH.82A Tiger Moth DHC317 RCAF255 CF-CGX RCAF255 Moncton FC >RCAF 02.11.39  
CF-CGY DH.82A Tiger Moth DHC318 RCAF256 CF-CGY RCAF256 Border Cities AC >RCAF 16.11.39  
CF-CGZ DH.82A Tiger Moth 3348 (G-ADHA) CF-AVG RCAF238 CF-CGZ RCAF238 Aero Club of BC >loan Edmonton & Northern Alberta AC >loan Moose Jaw FC >RCAF 27.12.39 Reduced to produce Trenton 9.2.44
CF-CHA DH.82A Tiger Moth DHC324 RCAF277 CF-CHA RCAF277 St Catherines FC >RCAF >loan Patterson & Hill >RCAF 00.11.39  
CF-CHB DH.82A Tiger Moth DHC322 RCAF275 CF-CHB RCAF275 Brandon FC >RCAF 20.01.40  
CF-CHC DH.82A Tiger Moth DHC320 RCAF258 CF-CHC RCAF258 then A.362 Ottawa FC >loan Winnipeg FC >loan Brandon FC >RCAF 10.01.40  
CF-CHD DH.82A Tiger Moth DHC310 RCAF248 CF-CHD RCAF248 Moose Jaw FC >RCAF >loan Patterson & Hill >RCAF 15.03.40  
CF-CHE Fleet 7B Fawn I 25 RCAF204 CF-CHE Kingston FC >Brant-Norfolk FC >Patterson & Hill >J Hawthorne 13.03.40 Dbf in hangar fire Toronto Ont 17.8.45
CF-CHF Fleet 7C Fawn II 58 RCAF220 CF-CHF RCAF220 A.195 Saskatoon FC >loan Leavens Bros AS >RCAF 02.05.40  
CF-DTA Waco ZQC-6 Custom > AQC-6 5033 CF-DTA Dept of Transport >M Petitclerc >J Gauthier >Gold Belt AS 15.07.38 Landed in field on floats due engine failure 5m N Amos PQ 2.7.52
CF-DTB Waco AQC-6 Custom 5035 CF-DTB Dept of Transport >G Whissell >E Callison >Associated AW 15.09.38 Hit tree on takeoff Lesser Slave Lake Alta 7.2.52
CF-DTC Waco AQC-6 Custom 5036 CF-DTC Dept of Transport 10.03.39 Rts 25.7.43
CF-DTD Waco AQC-6 Custom 5037 CF-DTD RCAF CF-DTD N2849D Dept of Transport >loan RCAF >G Dalziel 05.04.39 Sold USA as N2849D 8.56
CF-DTE Beech D17S 403 CF-DTE Dept of Transport >Orillia AS >G Clarke >L Cross >Ferland Construction >Cargair 02.04.40 Stored Calgary 19.6.63 Displayed Reynolds Alberta Museum
CF-DTF Beech D17S 404 CF-DTF Dept of Transport >Okanagan Broadcasters >J Capozzi >West Coast AS >Courier Corp 08.04.40 Pilot jumped when fuel ran dry 1m SE Northfield Minn 5.5.60
CF-DTG Stinson HW-75 Voyager 7129 NC22547 CF-BSG RCAF3482 CF-DTG RCAF3482 Dept of Transport >RCAF 04.04.41  
CF-DTH Stinson HW-75 Voyager 7193 NC23742 CF-BSB RCAF3487 CF-DTH Dept of Transport >P Huot >Bradley AS >C Bertrand >A Penchuk >A Wells >H Meiteen 04.04.41 Wfu 12.1.57
CF-DTI Stinson HW-75 Voyager 7259 NC23781 CF-BSO RCAF3475 CF-DTI CF-BJN Dept of Transport 04.04.41  
CF-DTJ DH.82C Tiger Moth DHC681 RCAF4351 CF-DTJ Dept of Transport >A Cote >F Lavoie 20.09.43 Failed to recover from spin St Francois de Sales-Sud 23.7.53
CF-DTK Fleet 16B Finch 275 RCAF4408 CF-DTK Dept of Transport >S Squires >J Franklin 21.12.43 Wing hit ground in forced landing due engine failure nr Summerside PEI 28.12.52
CF-DTL DH.82C Tiger Moth DHC724 RCAF4394 (CF-DTL) CF-FGL Dept of Transport   ntu-poor condition
CF-DTM Avro 652A Anson V   RCAF12321 CF-DTM RCAF12321 Dept of Transport >RCAF 16.03.44  
CF-DTN DH.82C Tiger Moth DHC661 RCAF4331 CF-DTN RCAF4331 Dept of Transport >RCAF 15.06.44  
CF-DTO Avro 652A Anson V   RCAF12278 CF-DTO Dept of Transport 05.10.44 Ran off runway on landing - u/c collapsed Ottawa Ont 15.10.48
CF-IOL DH.80A Puss Moth DHC219 CF-IOL CF-CDM Imperial Oil 30.06.31 Hit by Dragonfly CF-BBD Toronto 19.4.37 cv snowmobile
CF-MAA Vickers Vedette Va CV.149 G-CYZF CF-MAA Manitoba Govt AS 02.06.32 Wfu 15.4.37 Burned
CF-MAB Vickers Vedette II CV.71 G-CYYD CF-MAB Manitoba Govt AS 02.06.32 Wfu 9.5.34 Rts
CF-MAC Vickers Vedette II CV.76 G-CYYA CF-MAC Manitoba Govt AS 02.06.32 Wfu 23.5.35
CF-MAD Vickers Vedette II CV.90 G-CYXZ CF-MAD Manitoba Govt AS 02.06.32 Wfu 23.5.35
CF-MAE Vickers Vedette II CV.72 G-CYYC CF-MAE Manitoba Govt AS 02.06.32 Wing ignited after engine shutdown at dock Cranberry Portage Man 28.7.32
CF-MAF Vickers Vedette II CV.93 G-CAUT CF-MAF Canadian Vickers >lsd Western Canada AW >Manitoba Govt AS 14.05.35 Wfu 16.4.37 Burned
CF-MAG Vickers Vedette V CV.147 CF-AIS CF-MAG Manitoba Govt AS 21.07.34 Dbr 7.9.37
CF-MAH Fairchild FC-2 97 NC5576 G-CARE CF-MAH Northern Aerial Minerals Exploration >L Stewardson >Manitoba Govt AS 02.04.35 Spark ignited gasoline while at dock Lac du Bonnet Man 28.5.43
CF-MAI Fairchild 82 > 82A 37 CF-MAI Manitoba Govt AS >Central Northern AW >Associated Air Taxi >Granduc Mines 17.08.35 Hit downdraft while dropping supplies Salmon Galcier nr Stewart BC 28.7.56
CF-MAJ Stinson SR-9DM Reliant 5252-S CF-MAJ Manitoba Govt AS >J Tait >L Rogerson >R Downing 07.07.37 Engine caught fire on takeoff Lower Twin Lake Ont 17.7.54 Dbf
CF-MAK Fairchild 82D 64 CF-AXO CF-MAK Manitoba Govt AS >Northland Fish >C McAvoy >McAvoy AS 25.03.38 Disappeared on local flight nr Contwoyto Lake NWT 9.6.64
CF-MPA DH.90 Dragonfly 7530 CF-MPA RCAF7626 RCMP >RCAF 01.05.37 Reduced to spares 28.1.43
CF-MPB DH.90 Dragonfly 7531 CF-MPB RCAF7627 CF-BZA RCMP >RCAF 29.05.37 Dismantled 8.10.49
CF-MPC DH.90 Dragonfly 7522 CF-BBD CF-MPC RCAF7628 CF-BXU RCMP >RCAF 15.07.37 Dbr in forced landing Thorhild Alta 23.12.45
CF-MPD DH.90 Dragonfly 7538 CF-MPD CF-BPD RCMP >Noorduyn Aircraft 26.06.37 Groundlooped on takeoff Edmonton 13.4.43
CF-MPE Noorduyn Norseman IV 16 (CF-BFS) CF-MPE CF-MPF RCMP 18.08.38 Rebuilt with new fuselage as CF-MPF
CF-MPF Noorduyn Norseman IV 27 CF-MPF RCMP >Halls AS >A Racicot >Gold Belt AS >Kapuskasing FS >White River AS >Ignace AW 28.06.40 Wfu 10.5.68
CF-OAA DH.60X Moth 535 G-CAJW CF-OAA Ont Provincial AS 23.02.29 Crashed on takeoff Twin Lake Ontario 19.6.46
CF-OAA DH.60M Moth 761 CF-OAA Ont Provincial AS 10.06.29 used to rebuild CF-OAA c/n 535. Stalled after takeoff Twin Lakes Ont 19.6.46
CF-OAB Vickers Vedette V CV.129 CF-OAB Ont Provincial AS 07.08.29 Damaged East Bay on Lake Nipigon 30.8.40 Further damage on landing at Orient Bay Ont Used to rebuild G-CAND
CF-OAC DH.60M Moth 762 CF-OAC Ont Provincial AS 10.06.29 Dbr Fort William Ont 8.6.36
CF-OAD DH.60M Moth 765 CF-OAD Ont Provincial AS 17.07.29 Capsized taxying Cross Lake Ont 4.5.44
CF-OAE DH.60M Moth DHC120 CF-OAE Ont Provincial AS >A Guest >A Berry 01.05.30 Reduced to spares 18.5.45
CF-OAF DH.60M Moth DHC122 CF-OAF Ont Provincial AS >W Millar >Mercury AS >M Millar >R Hayashi 14.05.30 Dbr in hurricane Toronto 14.12.54
CF-OAG DH.60M Moth DHC121 CF-OAG Ont Provincial AS 01.05.30 Dbr in forced landing Pinei Lake to White River Ont 21.7.34 parts to c/n DHC134
CF-OAH Hamilton H-47 Metalplane 61 CF-OAH Ont Provincial AS 09.05.30 Sold to USA 7.45
CF-OAI Hamilton H-47 Metalplane 67 CF-OAI Ont Provincial AS 09.05.30 Dbr nr Fort Frances Ont 18.8.31
CF-OAJ Hamilton H-47 Metalplane 65 CF-OAJ Ont Provincial AS 11.08.30 Sold to USA 7.45
CF-OAK DH.61 Giant Moth DHC141 CF-OAK Ont Provincial AS 14.06.32 Built using parts from G-CARD. Hit rock on landing Gander Lake Ont 23.5.35
CF-OAL Fairchild 71C 14 (CF-ATF) CF-OAL CF-BAL VO-AFG H Pasmore >lsd Ont Provincial AS >Great Lakes AW >Fairchild Aircraft >UK Sec of State for Air 09.07.32  
CF-OAM Fairchild 71C 10 CF-ATB CF-OAM Ont Provincial AS 07.06.32 Crashed on takeoff at Rankin location nr Sault Ste.Marie Ont 6.3.35 Rebuilt as CF-OAP
CF-OAN Fairchild 71C 21 CF-OAN CF-AWN R Irvine 08.08.33  
CF-OAO DH.60M Moth DHC134 CF-OAO Ont Provincial AS 03.05.35 Rebuild of CF-OAG c/n DHC121. Stalled on takeoff White Otter Lake Ont 31.8.42
CF-OAP Fairchild 71C 1204 CF-OAP Ont Provincial AS >Twin City Industrial Equipment 18.05.35 Rebuild of CF-AOM with new fus Wfu 15.4.49 Rts
CF-OAQ Buhl CA-6M Standard Airsedan 1 CF-OAQ Ont Provincial AS 08.05.37 Capsized during severe windstorm Caribou Lake Ont 23.7.45
CF-OAR Buhl CA-6M Standard Airsedan 2 CF-OAR Ont Provincial AS >L Fletcher 08.05.37 Floats parted in heavy landing due gust Mishabashu Lake Ont 23.10.45
CF-OAS Buhl CA-6M Standard Airsedan 3 CF-OAS Ont Provincial AS >A Mann >M Richards 15.05.37 Wfu 27.4.49 Scrapped .51
CF-OAT Buhl CA-6M Standard Airsedan 4 CF-OAT Ont Provincial AS 14.06.37 Crashed while landing n small lake at night Haw Lake Ont 22.6.40
CF-OAU DH.60X Moth 508 G-CAPC CF-OAU Ont Provincial AS 14.06.37 Wfu
CF-OAV Stinson SR-9FM Reliant 5703 CF-OAV Ont Provincial AS 10.07.37 Overturned after wing dug during takeoff Severn River Ont 27.5.48
CF-OAW Stinson SR-9FM Reliant 5704 CF-OAW Ont Provincial AS >E Dale >Airdale Ltd >Ptarmigan AW 20.07.37  
CF-OAX Stinson SR-9FM Reliant 5731 CF-OAX Ont Provincial AS 28.04.38 Wfu 3.5.45 Rts
CF-OAY Stinson SR-9FM Reliant 5732 CF-OAY Ont Provincial AS >Chukuni AW >Northern Canada Evangelical Mission >Ontario Central AL >A Gaffray 28.04.38  
CF-OAZ Stinson SR-10F Reliant Jul-41 CF-OAZ Ont Provincial AS 01.10.40 Stalled on approach and overturned in water Biscotasing Ont 23.8.43
CF-PEI DH.80A Puss Moth 2019 CF-AGV CF-PEI CF-AGV H Marpole >E Jenkins >Canadian AW Ltd >DHC >E Hale >J Copeland >Kitchener-Waterloo FC 13.02.32 to Galt A/c Training School as inst a/f 10.11.39
CF-SAA Vickers Vedette II CV.52 G-CYZK CF-SAA Govt of Saskatchewan 01.06.33 Wfu 23.5.35
CF-SAB Vickers Vedette II CV.50 G-CYZM CF-SAB Govt of Saskatchewan 01.06.33 Wfu 28.5.37
CF-SAC Vickers Vedette V CV.125 G-CYYZ CF-SAC Govt of Saskatchewan 19.08.33 Wfu 21.5.36
CF-SAD Vickers Vedette II CV.34 G-CYGY CF-SAD Govt of Saskatchewan 05.05.36 Wfu 5.5.37
CF-SAE Vickers Vedette II CV.53 G-CAGA G-CYGA CF-SAE Govt of Saskatchewan 27.09.34 Pilot baled out after a/c inverted due turbulence Stony Lake Sask 27.5.36
CF-TCA Lockheed 10A Electra 1112 CF-TCA RCAF1526 CF-TCA CF-BTD NC79237 N79237 N1285 N79237 CF-TCA Trans Canada AL >RCAF >Dept of National Defence >RCAF 06.10.37 Preserved
CF-TCB Lockheed 10A Electra 1113 CF-TCB RCAF1527 CF-TCA RCAF1527 Trans Canada AL >RCAF >Dept of National Defence >RCAF 09.10.37 Rts 17.8.44
CF-TCC Lockheed 10A Electra 1116 CF-TCC N3749 Trans Canada AL >Dept of Transport >Matane AS 28.10.37 Sold to USA 8.3.69
CF-TCD Lockheed 14-H2 Super Electra 1429 CF-TCD G-AKPD Trans Canada AL >Montreal AS 12.05.38 Sold to UK 6.47
CF-TCE Lockheed 14-H2 Super Electra 1430 CF-TCE PT-AKT Trans Canada AL >Photographic Survey Co >Kenting Avn 12.05.38 Sold 11.51
CF-TCF Lockheed 14-H2 Super Electra 1450 CF-TCF Trans Canada AL 24.06.38 Dbr nr Moncton NB 27.2.45
CF-TCG Lockheed 14-H2 Super Electra 1451 CF-TCG N66577 OB-LBV-296 OB-QAG-338 Trans Canada AL >Photographic Survey Co >Kenting Avn 24.06.38 Sold to USA 16.5.52
CF-TCH Lockheed 14-H2 Super Electra 1471 CF-TCH N66578 CF-TCH Trans Canada AL >British American Oil >USA >Kenting Avn >Photographic Survey Co >Hunting Survey Corp 30.08.38 Wfu 5.1.62 Rts
CF-TCI Lockheed 14-H2 Super Electra 1472 CF-TCI Trans Canada AL >H Morris >Argosy Oil and Gas >H Fuller >Sparling Tank >Associated AW 30.08.38 Crashed on test flight due overloading nr Winterburn Alta 7.6.55
CF-TCJ Lockheed 14-H2 Super Electra 1473 CF-TCJ Trans Canada AL 07.09.38 Dbf nr Turtle Creek NB 2.9.46
CF-TCK Lockheed 14-H2 Super Electra 1474 CF-TCK Trans Canada AL >Photographic Survey Co >Kenting Avn 07.09.38 Swung during takeoff for survey operation Palisadoes Jamaica 22.3.49
CF-TCL Lockheed 14-H2 Super Electra 1475 CF-TCL Trans Canada AL 21.09.38 Hit ground landing in poor visibility nr Regina Sask 18.11.38
CF-TCM Lockheed 14-H2 Super Electra 1476 CF-TCM OO-APM SE-BTW Trans Canada AL >Montreal AS 21.09.38 Sold 5.47
CF-TCN Lockheed 14-H2 Super Electra 1499 CF-TCN Trans Canada AL >Montreal AS >G Fairley >Central Northern AW >Argosy Gas and Oil >Commander Avn >G Godsall Equipment >G Moore >Execaire (Quebec) 27.05.39 Wfu 27.3.66 Rts
CF-TCO Lockheed 14-H2 Super Electra 1500 CF-TCO N14126 Trans Canada AL >Photographic Survey Co >Kenting Avn >Photographic Survey Co >Hunting Survey >Kenting Avn 24.07.39  
CF-TCP Lockheed 14-H2 Super Electra 1501 CF-TCP Trans Canada AL 24.07.39 Crashed on approach Armstrong Ont 6.2.41
CF-TCQ Lockheed 14-H2 Super Electra 1502 CF-TCQ Trans Canada AL 02.08.39 Crashed after engine failure nr Winnipeg Man 17.1.47
CF-TCR Lockheed 14-H2 Super Electra 1503 CF-TCR CF-CPC NC41815 Trans Canada AL >Yukon Southern AT 14.08.39 Reregistered 17.11.42
CF-TCS Lockheed 14-H2 Super Electra 1504 CF-TCS CF-CPD Trans Canada AL 18.08.39 Crashed Mt.William Knight 20.12.42
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