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Alex Henshaw's winning Mew Gull, and Ken Waller's Vega


Story of the race:

"From no point of view can this year's race for the King's Cup be described as an outstanding event. If one were asked to classify it as good, bad or indifferent, the reply would inevitably have to be the last-named. Somehow the event entirely lacked 'zip'."

Place the mouse cursor over the pilot's name to see his or her photo:

Pilot Race No
Mr J M Barwick Miles M.14A Hawk Trainer III
G-AEZR 1 18th
Mr L HT Cliff Miles M.2H Hawk Major G-ACYX 2 3rd
Mr C Hughesdon GAL 42 Cygnet 2
G-AEMA 3 8th
F/O A E Clouston B.A. Eagle II
G-AFIC 4 retired - fuel problem
Mr E CT Edwards Percival D.2 Gull Four
G-ADOE 6 15th
Mr C H Tutt Comper Swift G-ABWE 7 12th
Mr S T Lowe Comper Swift G-ABWW 8 9th
Flt-Lt H J Wilson Comper Swift G-ABWH 9 16th
Mr T W Morton B.A. Double Eagle IV
G-ADVV 10 5th
Mr J AC Warren Parnall Heck 2C
G-AEGI 11 10th
Capt H S Broad Parnall Heck 2C
G-AEGH 12 14th
Flt-Lt H Thomas-Ferrand Percival D.3 Gull Six
G-ACUP 14 17th
Mr Ken HF Waller Percival P.10 Vega Gull G-AFAU 16 11th
Mr W Humble Miles M.5A Sparrowhawk G-AFGA 17 7th
Mr Geoffrey R de Havilland de Havilland Technical School T.K.2 G-ADNO 18 4th
Mr L Fontes Miles M.2L Hawk Speed Six
G-ADGP 19 13th
Mr Giles Guthrie Percival P.6 Mew Gull G-AEKL 21 2nd
Mr Alex Henshaw Percival P.6 Mew Gull G-AEXF 22 Winner
Capt E W Percival Percival P.6 Mew Gull G-AFAA 23 6th


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Starters: 19 (from 22 entrants)

Did not start:

Flt-Lt C S Staniland D.H. Comet G-ACSS 20
Wing-Cmdr F W Stent
G-AFCR 5 killed on 28 June